Sharing My Childhood Disney Memories With Toddler L

N.B. I am a DisneyLife Brand Ambassador and this post was created in partnership with DisneyLife who have provided me with a free 12 month DisneyLife membership.  At just over two, Toddler L is now at an age where she’s understanding things that bit more. Each week, her comprehension, vocabulary and memory are improving at what […]

Things You Can Do As A Baby But Not As An Adult

I hate to come across as jealous, bitter and spiteful – although I’m sure I will – but I reckon babies have it pretty good when compared to us parents. Not only do they have a really easy life due to people doing everything for them, but they can do anything they want without repercussion. If you compare […]

The Sleep-Deprived Lives Of Parents With Young Kids

Parenting can be tough. Sorry to break the news to you so bluntly if you’re yet to figure that out. I could list all of the things that make it difficult, but I’ll spare you that – for now. Instead, this post is going to focus on just one of the ‘challenges’ associated with babies and […]

A Family Day Out To Bekonscot Model Village And Railway

The other weekend, we visited Bekonscot Model Village and Railway in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. It’s been a family day out we’ve been meaning to do for quite a while now, but for whatever reason, it just hadn’t happened. However, some friends said that they’d recently gone and enjoyed it, so we thought we’d jump on the […]

Review: Sengled Pulse Pair LED Bulbs With JBL Wireless Speakers

Smart home technology is slowly starting to become more mainstream. We’re not quite at the point of having our own consciousness implanted into a Cookie to control our homes – as per the White Christmas episode of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror – however, we’re probably not too far away. I’ve dabbled in smart home tech […]

Dads, Daughters, Footballs And Decisions

Toddler L started nursery part-time this week. It’s the first time in her life that she’s spent time with people that aren’t her family. Considering that she usually spends all of her time with me, it’s been a pretty big adjustment for us both. The thing though, is that kids grow up and time goes […]

Deciding To Send Toddler L To Nursery

We were driving home the other day and the topic of sending Toddler L to nursery / preschool came up. It’s something we’ve talked about previously, but it’s not been properly considered until now. The plan was always to send her to nursery, but this was going to be in the future – probably as she approached three […]

An Autumnal Family Photoshoot In The Woods

Being a blogger – AKA someone who shares way too much about our lives – I’m never too far away from my camera or phone. This is pretty cool because it means that we have sooooo many photos of Toddler L growing up. Everything interesting – and not so interesting – has been captured as memories. […]

Review: Johnson Cleaners Click Clean Deliver Service

As a stay-at-home dad, modern man, househusband, kept man or whatever else you want to call me, the majority of the domestic tasks fall firmly at my feet. Whilst the missus is out earning the money, I *should* be looking after the sprog whilst doing all of the household chores. The truth though, is that with […]

Trying To Be A Couple When You’re Parents

Just like a boxer landing a knock-out punch with his first blow, let me hit you with an uncomfortable home truth. Having a kid can be incredibly hard on your relationship with your partner. Babies create extra stresses and strains on your lives, which can manifest in different ways between you both as a couple – friction, […]