Competition: Win Portable Photography Kit For Your Mobile Phone

Being a dad and a blogger, you’ll never find me too far away from my mobile phone. Updating social media, obsessing over my blog stats and snapping hundreds of photos of the sprog takes up a hell of a lot of my time. You never know when your little one will do something cute, funny or weird, so my phone really […]

Baby L’s 1st Birthday ‘Cake Smash’ Photoshoot

To mark her first birthday in early August, Baby L did her first ever cake smash. Now, to clarify, ‘cake smash’ is not street slang for cocaine. Nor is it when a group of obese people descend upon a bakery to eat everything in sight. It is, in fact, exactly what it sounds like – […]

Review: Water Babies Baby Swimming Lessons

I used to really enjoy going to the swimming pool when I was a kid. I remember that my dad, brother and I used to go to a local pool on a Sunday to burn off a bit of steam, whilst my mum cracked on with cooking Sunday dinner. I was never a great swimmer or […]

Win A Waltons Playhouse For Your Kids

How do you fancy winning an awesome wooden playhouse for your kids? Not only would you win parent-of-the-year, but you’d also have the added bonus of being able to send your little one(s) somewhere when they’re getting a little too rowdy, annoying or argumentative. How’s that for a win win scenario! Well, Waltons – who specialise in providing […]

The Changing Face Of Baby L During Her First Year

I’ve been a pretty crap dad blogger as of late. You see, my daughter had her first birthday on 11th August, but nearly two weeks later, there is no sign of it on my blog. Until now… I wanted to write something about it to mark the occasion, but truth be told, I couldn’t really […]

I’m A Dad And Dads Don’t Babysit (Unless We’re Paid)

“So, are you babysitting today then?” A question which hadn’t been posed to me until today when an ignorant woman working at a high-street bank uttered this sentence. Maybe she was trying to acknowledge the fact that I had a baby strapped to my chest. Maybe she was trying to deliver ‘exceptional customer service’ by engaging […]

Baby L Gets Papped As She Models for Honey and Archie

Back in May, Baby L took her first tentative steps – or should that be crawl – into the world of baby modelling when she posed for Lilly and Sid’s Spring Summer 2016 catalogue. It was great to see the actual workings behind a photoshoot and Baby L seemed to really enjoy being in front of the […]

Giveaway: Win A Set Of Four Personalised Photo Mugs & Coasters

There’s nothing I like better than personalised gifts and presents – having the ability to add your own photos, messages and designs makes products so much more entertaining, funny and thoughtful. I’ve therefore teamed up with personalised gift suppliers Printster to offer you the chance to win a set of four photo mugs and matching coasters […]

Review: Things To Do On A Family Holiday In Hampshire

Having already been on holiday twice this year – Bluestone in Wales and Berlin for my birthday – we assumed that our gallivanting for 2015 was done…much to the missus’ despair! Imagine our delight then, when the awesome folk at Hampshire’s Top Attractions got in touch with me to ask if we’d be interested in visiting […]

5 Gross Things I Didn’t Think I’d Do Before Becoming A Dad

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always pictured myself as a dad. As a young scamp growing up in the slums of Scunthorpe, I just kind of took it for granted that one day I’d become an adult, get married and have a kid. It’s only as you get older though that you realise not […]