Review: Munchkin Designer Nappy Change Kit

Preparing for all eventualities when out and about with the little one is always a difficult task. You can pack loads of stuff and think you’re ready until you’re in the middle of a shopping centre and a double poonami strikes followed by an explosion of half digested breastmilk. I recently wrote about what I […]

Learning To Be A Dad From My Dad

N.B. This post is quite long. Apologies for the length (I can assure you that’s the first time I’ve said that). Since becoming a dad, I often find myself reflecting on things that haven’t ever really crossed my mind before. One of these recent contemplations has been around how my parenting style has, and will […]

Review: A Day Out With The CuddleCo Doona Car Seat

I don’t want to tar all Dads with the same brush, but if there’s something that we all have in common, it’s our love for gadgetry, technology and Sci-Fi / Action / Superhero films. So imagine my excitement when I was sent a real life Transformer for review. No, it wasn’t Optimus Prime or Bumblebee, […]

A Baby Spider’s First Halloween Experience

At 11-weeks old, we felt that Halloween came round a bit too soon for Baby L this year. I strongly considered sending her out Trick or Treating to bring back some sweets or handing her a knife to carve some pumpkins, but then I realised the missus wouldn’t be too happy if Social Services came a-knockin’. What […]