3 More Alternative Days Out With Your Toddler

Earlier in the year, I wrote about three places I’ve taken Toddler L as part of a day out. “That sounds a pretty boring post, Dave”, I hear you say. Well, you might be right. However, the difference was that these were alternative days out. We’re not talking about the normal stuff – you know, soft […]

Review: Cut Out Heart Fingerprint Necklace From Hand On Heart Jewellery

It’s no secret that I struggle to buy presents – I’ve mentioned it multiple times on this blog before. It’s not that I don’t want to buy gifts for my loved ones, I just struggle for inspiration – particularly after all the special occasions during our 11 years together as a couple. As such, I always […]

Cooking Up A Veggie Storm In The Kitchen With Kalettes

I like to think that I’ve got a pretty decent general knowledge. Sure, I know more about certain topics – football and CBeebies spring to mind – but I reckon I could hold my own on The Chase or Tipping Point. It was therefore with a furrowed brow that I recently read an email about […]

My Top 5 Unexpected Benefits Of Being A Parent

Parenting can be bloody tough. It can be undoubtedly awesome too, but it’s those challenging days which really make you (occasionally) question why you created life. Sometimes then, it’s important to try to focus on the little things. Those minor wins – no matter how inconsequential to others – which stop you from rocking in the corner and crying […]

Review: Diono Radian 5 Extended Rear Facing Car Seat (Group 0, 0+, 1, 2)

When it comes to buying stuff for your baby, one of the most important purchases is the car seat. Not only is it a big lump of cash to pay out, but it’s the thing that protects your little one when driving. BUT, they can be confusing. As an expectant dad, I remember not knowing where […]

Review: Xbox One S Games Console With Minecraft Favourites Bundle

These days, technology forms an integral part of family entertainment. We play with toys, engage in messy play, go to toddler classes and spend time outside, however tech is pretty crucial too. When we’re in the house, it’s not uncommon to have the TV on (live, catch up or streaming), be listening to music (radio, […]

Review: Drayton Manor Magical Christmas 2016

I’m going to mention the ‘C word’. No, not that one, I’ll save that for a different post. I’m obviously talking about Christmas. As we approach the end of November, we’re a little over a month away from the day that Santa breaks into our houses like the petty thief he is. He may bring […]

Making The Most Of My Toddler-Free Time

As a stay-at-home dad, time to myself is at a premium. Having your kid clinging to your leg, using you as a trampoline or watching you on the toilet are everyday occurrences. I don’t intend to complain though – having the chance to be with Toddler L everyday is awesome…BUT, a bit more toddler-free time would […]

Is That A Toy Pig In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Pleased To See Me?

Back in the summer, I wrote a post about things that remind me that I’m a parent even when I’m childfree. As the title would suggest, this highlighted four particular points which snap me back to the reality of being a dad when I don’t have Toddler L with me. One of these points was around […]