Review: Little Kickers ‘Little Kicks’ Toddler Football Classes

We’ve tried a number of different baby and toddler classes over the last two years. What I’ve found is that Toddler L much prefers active ones – those where she can move around, explore and blow off steam, rather than things like listening to stories or singing nursery rhymes. With this in mind – and being the footy-loving […]

(Reluctantly) Dropping A Nap And Starting A New Routine

The day has arrived. I’m far from happy about it, but I’ve finally admitted defeat. I’ve fought it for so long, but now I need to concede. It’s time for Toddler L to drop a nap. From now on, she’ll only be heading to bed once during the day, not the two I’ve become accustomed to. *Sobs uncontrollably* […]

Landscaping Our Garden: Furnishings And Accessories Part 2

It’s been a while since I wrote about the garden after our recent landscaping project, so I thought I better put that right. After all, I imagine you’ve been wondering about how my wood is doing and how big my bush has grown… The last garden-related post I wrote mainly talked about the furnishing and […]

Giveaway: Win Four Sessions At Gravity Force Trampoline Park, St Albans

In an attempt to keep the family active, I’m always on the lookout for new, varied and different things to do. The sprog and I go to a lot of toddler classes, spend a fair bit of time being outside and enjoy playing at the park, however I think I may have found our newest activity – trampolining! To share […]

4 Mistakes To Avoid When Swimming With A Toddler

The sprog and I have been swimming with Water Babies pretty much every week for the last 1.5 years. During this time, I’ve learnt a lot – both in terms of what to do and what not to do before, during and after swimming. I hate to jinx myself, but things are going pretty bloody […]

Review: Vax Dual Power Pro Carpet Cleaner (W85-PP-T)

Since moving into our house nearly six years ago, we’ve decorated – and in some instances, renovated – the majority of the rooms. This has included things like ripping out fitted wardrobes, buying new flooring, painting walls, installing a new bathroom and landscaping the garden. We’ve not managed to do everything though. One of the bigger jobs […]

Review: Turtle Wax Car Washing, Cleaning And Care Products

Being an adult can suck. One of the suckiest parts is having to do stuff you don’t want to do, but know you have to do it because no-one else will. Take household chores – washing, hoovering, cleaning, ironing bla bla bla. I doubt many people really enjoy doing them, but unless you can afford […]

Teaching Toddler L My Bad Habits

You know how they say kids learn by watching and mimicking your actions? Well, I’ve been finding this happening more and more recently. It’s obviously fantastic to see Toddler L picking stuff up quickly – actions, songs, activities, words etc – but the slightly worrying thing is that it always seems to be the bad habits I wouldn’t necessarily […]