Getting Our BBQ On This Summer

Since having our garden landscaped earlier in the year, we’ve made a lot of use of our new outdoor space. Although the weather hasn’t always been great, this hasn’t stopped us from playing, relaxing, socialising and hanging out as a family in the back garden. Something we’ve done with more frequency than any other year before is […]

Finding BFG Dream Jars On The Persil Wild Explorers Trail

There’s plenty of famous sayings about ‘chasing your dreams’, but I don’t recall ever hearing one about chasing other people’s. Well, in a kind of way, this is what Toddler L and I got up to recently when we went into London on the hunt for the BFG’s Dream Jars. Let me explain… To mark the 100th anniversary […]

Are We There Yet? Distracting A Toddler On A Car Journey!

If there’s one thing that strikes fear into the heart of any parent, it’s the thought of a car journey with their kid(s). All of that time trapped in a metal box with the inevitable crying, moaning, whinging, arguing and “are we there yets?”. And that’s just the missus. At this time of year – by which […]

Frolicking In The Lavender Fields At Hitchin

I rarely do spontaneity, but the other day I displayed a significant amount of reckless abandon – well, for me anyway. It all started from this observation – and subsequent tweet – about lavender fields… I feel like a really crap parent blogger as I’ve not been to, or taken photos of, lavender fields. Would […]

Review: A Family-Friendly Holiday To Dartmoor

The missus and I have always enjoyed seeing different places together. Although a little more difficult now that we have a toddler, I think we still do a decent job of finding new places to visit as a family – be it day trips or short breaks. As we’ve ruled out big holidays abroad – for now, at least […]

My Top 5 Most Common Injuries Since Becoming A Dad

As you’d imagine, people often worry about the health and safety of their kid. They do what they can to prevent injuries – stopping them climbing on the windowsill so that they don’t fall, baby-proofing to reduce the risk of the TV being pulled off and squishing them or chopping up food to minimise choking. I’m […]

Review: Silentnight Bedding – Duvet, Pillows, Protectors And Bed Linen

I love sleep. In fact, alongside things like breathing and eating, my association with sleep is one of my longest relationships. Including my time in the womb, you’re looking at a good 32 years worth of being in the Land of Nod. As a rough estimate, that’s got to be around 140,000 hours of sleep – 100,000 […]

Revealing Some Of My Moving House Fails

During my 31 years on the planet, I’ve moved house a total of eight times. With all of this experience, you could be forgiven for thinking that I love moving house. The truth though, is that I hate it. The stress, the hassle, the frustration, the mess and the arguments. There’s very little to like […]

4 Reasons To Go On A Family Break To Center Parcs

I bloody love a good holiday. Although I’m usually pretty stressed in the run up to it and leave a lot of the actual planning to the missus – thanks Hay – it’s nice being able to get away. The chance to see a new place, have different experiences and just escape the mundanity of everyday life. […]

Preparing For Toddler L’s 2nd Birthday Party

Although next week sees Toddler L’s 2nd birthday, it will actually be her first proper birthday party. Before you wag your accusatory finger, it’s not like we ignored her last year – we just chose to mark the occasion by doing other stuff. Before her birthday, we had a cake smash photoshoot and met up with both […]