Surviving 4 Month Sleep Regression

Sleep regression is a bitch. At five and a bit months old, we’ve spent the last month trying to do what we can to not throw our otherwise perfect baby girl out of the bedroom window. But we survived, just. I don’t know how, but we did. When I sat down to write this post, […]

Review: Danish Design Dog Bed, Red Dingo Collar & Nina Ottosson Treat Maze From Feedem

You’ve got to feel sorry for dogs sometimes, particularly when a baby joins their pack. One minute they are the centre of attention getting all of the strokes, play and treats that the fury little beings can handle. The next they are relegated into second place, required to feed off the scraps of interaction that […]

Words I Discovered During Pregnancy – Part 2

A few weeks ago, I wrote the first of two posts about words I didn’t know the meaning of until the missus became pregnant. Part 1 covered A to M in the alphabet and included some bobby dazzlers like Episiotomy, Hyperemesis Gravidarum and Mucus Plug. After the shock of Googling the latter and being greeted with images of […]

Giveaway: Win a Baker Days Personalised Valentine’s Day Letterbox Cake

Are you struggling to find a Valentine’s Day gift for your better half this year? Are you flying the single flag and looking for something to ease the pain on Valentine’s Day? Do you just really like delicious cake? If one, or more, of the above sounds like you, then you’ll want to enter this yummy […]

Choosing Our MILFs and DILFs Sexual Freebie List

Being the progressive, honest and respectful couple that we try to be, the missus and I were talking the other day about other people we’d like to sleep with. This raised the question about our Freebie List, or Celebrity Free Pass as it is also known. You may not recognise the name, but the idea is […]

Review: Doona Next-Generation Car Seat With Isofix Base

At the start of November, I wrote a review of the CuddleCo Doona showing how easy it makes life when out and about. During our day out with the next-generation car seat, I highlighted some of the benefits of the Doona, particularly when you don’t have much boot space and when you’re quickly popping in […]

8 Things To Consider If Having Sex In The Same Room As A Baby

Let’s cut straight to the chase and be adults about it. Sex is an important part of any relationship, both before and after the little bundle of joy enters the world. But, being parents comes with it’s own complications when trying to get down and dirty with your loved one, particularly during the first six […]

Looking Back On My First Year Blogging

It’s pretty crazy that today is New Year’s Eve. 2014 really has flown by. It’s probably gone quicker for us this year than in previous years because we spent the first eight months counting down the days before we became parents. As you read this, it is probably a year to the day that I sowed […]

5 People I Hate Now That I’m A Dad

I like to think that I’m a pretty easy going type of fella who doesn’t let much get to me. I’ve realised though that this part of me died, or at least left home, when Baby L disembarked the mothership nearly five months ago. Whatever the reasons, I’m now more annoyed, wound up and pissed […]