The NeverEnding Trousers

As I swapped Baby L out of her sleep suit into her normal gear this morning, I realised that despite all of the change of the last seven months, one thing had remained constant. You’d maybe expect me to say something profound like ‘change has been the only constant’ or ‘the one constant has been my ever […]

Review: Munchkin Click Lock Cup and White Hot Safety Spoons & Bowls

Weaning can be a bit of a minefield. There are so many different schools of thought and products available that the newbie parent can feel a little overwhelmed. After going to a really useful talk on weaning, we decided that we wanted to try baby led weaning – i.e. give bits of different food for them to […]

Dodgy Search Terms And A Perverted Blogging Audience

Since the start of the year, I’ve written a couple of posts that are a bit more risqué in content. There wasn’t really any logic or hidden motive behind my ramblings, but I’ve since noticed that the less ‘family friendly’ (but still relevant!) content has had a surprising – and perhaps unwanted – benefit on my blog. […]

Review: Hippychick Bumkins Sleeved Bib and Splat Mat

If you’re not aware, babies can be VERY messy. I’m also learning that the older they become, the messier they get. In between the poonamis that explode out of their nappies and the projectile vomit that reaches you on the other side of the room, there is the ‘fun’ of weaning. Weaning basically translates as “I’m going to put […]

Scrapbooking Pregnancy, Birth And Baby’s First Year

I’ve always enjoyed capturing memories so I’ve got something to look back on. Nothing too loserish or weird like saving ketchup-stained napkins from our first date or holding on to the first condom we ever used, but more in terms of taking loads of photos of places we’ve been and things we’ve seen. This has become even […]

Review: BabyBjorn Baby Carrier We And Teething Pads

One of the things that I’ve discovered I enjoy the most since having a sprog is babywearing. To clarify, that is the practice of holding a baby in a sling or carrier as opposed to anything else that the word suggests – such as dressing up as a baby, which I only do on very special occasions. I always […]

Looking Back On 6 Months As A Dad

Baby L is six months old today. Six. Bloody. Months. If the word ‘bloody’ doesn’t give it away, I think it has gone pretty quickly. It feels like just the other day that she made her gory entrance into the world as she was pushed through the missus’ genitals in super quick time. In what was […]

My Thoughts On Labour’s Proposed Changes To Paternity Leave

For once, I’m going to *attempt* to write a serious post, so please bare with me… Yesterday, Labour announced plans to improve paternity leave should they win the upcoming general election in May. This would see statutory paternity leave for dads increase from the measly two weeks to a slightly improved four weeks, as well as the weekly […]

The Many Sounds Of A Talented Baby

I reckon Baby L is a bit of an impressionist with some of the sounds she makes. I wouldn’t quite say that she’s the standard of Michael Winslow just yet – you know, the man of 10,000 sound effects who played Sgt. Larvelle “Motor Mouth” Jones in the Police Academy movies – but she’s definitely impressing […]

Review: The Little Green Sheep’s SnuzPod Bedside Crib And Bedding Set

I like to think that Hay and I were pretty prepared for the little one’s arrival. We’d been to the classes, we’d read the books and we’d bought the stuff. But one of the areas that we were a bit unclear about was the sprog’s sleeping arrangements. We’d bought her a cot bed which was […]