My First Weekend Left Alone To Hold The Baby – Day 1

The date and time will always stick in my mind… Friday 24th October 2014 at 9.08am… That’s the day my wife left me and left our new family… OK, that might be embellishing the truth slightly. She did leave me alone with the baby and dog, but she’d only temporarily left whilst she went on a […]

Review: Routes To Reading’s Baby Book Club – Month 2

Last month, I wrote about how we hope to instil Baby L with a love of reading from an early age and that we are being helped to achieve this through a three-month trial with Routes to Reading’s Baby Book Club. This is a subscription service which delivers expertly-picked books to your door each month which […]

An Open Apology To The Missus

Hay, I apologise for being a dick. Whilst I’m at it and am talking about male genitalia, I may as well apologise for being a cock, a prick and a big old ball sack too. I realise I’ve been a bit irritable recently, but the truth is I’m not really sure why. I don’t mean to make […]

Considering Long Distance Grandparents

Growing up, my grandparents were always a big part of my life. We’d see them at least a couple of times a week, be it trips to the seaside, dinners at their house, them watching me play football or me going to theirs on a Monday to watch WWF on Sky Sports. This already close […]

All Star Mr & Mrs Labour & Birth Q&A

A few weeks before Baby L came into the world, Hay and I did a joint post on our experiences of pregnancy with a Q&A. This went down pretty well with those that read it, with many commenting that it was cool to see both the male and female perspective on the same question. With this […]

Review: SewLomax Pink Safety Pin Towel & Flannel Set

Bath-time can be an amazing time for a new parent. The chance to bond with your little one as they discover the freedom and sensory overload that water and bubbles can bring. It can also be a nightmare as the little one cries and screams as if they have just been placed into a watery grave. It […]