5 Tips To Encourage Your Toddler To Read

All of the recent back to school chat – and subsequent posting of uniformed kids standing in front of doors – has seen me reluctantly consider the future. You see, in two years’ time, that’ll be my just-turned-four-year old posing in her oversized school clobber ready to head off into the big, bad world. With a mid-August […]

Sharing My Top 5 CBeebies Hotties

OK, I realise that this is a VERY shallow post. I promise that I’m not normally a superficial person, however I understand if I’ve now fallen so far in your estimations that I never recover. For that, I am sorry. I will not apologise though for being a virile, red-blooded male who is at the peak […]

Protecting The Home With Smart Technology

I hate to make sweeping statements, but technology is pretty bloody awesome. With the amount of tech we use these days, you have to wonder how people used to cope – let alone live – without all the gadgets and gizmos we own these days. Remember when you had to physically arrange a place and time to meet up […]

5 Tips When Planning A Babymoon

The things I’ve learnt since becoming an expectant – and then an actual – dad are staggering. Nipple confusion, anyone?! Parenting opens up an entirely different world of terms, concepts and knowledge that you don’t comprehend until you know there’s a bun in the oven. Take something like a ‘babymoon’. You may think that a babymoon happens […]

Celebrating Dad And Daughter Bonds Through Football

As Toddler L gets older, I’m starting to get an insight into the type of girl – and woman – she’ll become. Her personality is developing, as are things like her interests. Even at two-years old, it’s already clear that she is headstrong, confident and has a love for being active. A dangerous combination! I don’t want to hold her back or […]

Trying To Find Time When You Have A Toddler

For something so small, a toddler takes up a disproportionate amount of my time. I have these grand plans of being a Pinterest parent (aka doing crafts and shit), being a male version of Mary Poppins with household chores, a great husband as well as a successful freelance writer. The truth though is that I am […]

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

As I get older, I’m noticing that there’s more occasions to buy a gift for – not a week goes by without having to get something for someone for some reason. I guess this is just a consequence of being an adult and a parent. There’s the usual birthdays, Christmases and anniversaries, but I’ve also reached […]

My First Tandem Skydive Experience Day. Geronimo!

Blogging has given me some pretty awesome experiences. For instance, last year I got the chance to attend the FA Cup semi-final to watch my boyhood club – Aston Villa – beat Liverpool at Wembley. Not only this, but I was given the VIP treatment with backstage access and a walk around the pitch before […]

A Spontaneous Train Journey To Brighton For A Family Day Out

I’m a planner – I like to know what we’re doing, where we’re going and how long it’ll take, well in advance. I’m learning though that life with a toddler doesn’t always allow you to be so structured in your ways. As such, I’m trying to be more spontaneous when it comes to days out […]