Reaching The End Of My Dad Blogger Journey

That’s it. Done. Over. Finito. *Checks online thesaurus* Stopped. Ceased. Finished. Discontinued. That’s right, I’ve reached the end of my dad blogging journey, and, from now on, I’m officially retired. Although, having not posted since July, I was arguably already semi-retired so this should come as no shock! It’s been a difficult decision to make, […]

Review & Giveaway: Playmobil Scooby-Doo Toy Bundle

It’s giveaway time! I’ve teamed up with Playmobil to offer one lucky winner the chance to get their hands on Playmobil’s latest range of Scooby-Doo toys. To enter the giveaway, simply login to Rafflecopter below and follow the instructions. Zoinks! We’re huge fans of Playmobil in The DADventurer household. We have playsets, vehicles and figures […]

Coronavirus Diaries: Our Third Month In Lockdown

Hello and welcome back to the third instalment of the Coronavirus Diaries – a place where I share what’s been happening in our (very mundane) daily lives whilst living in lockdown thanks to covid-19. If you missed previous entries, you can read about our first month here and our second month here. It’s nearly 3.5 […]

(Don’t) Shut The Front Door!

Prior to the coronavirus lockdown, I had what was probably one – if not the most – awful parenting moment to date. The actual incident was very mundane, but it was the cocktail of panic, dread, fear, uncertainty and hopelessness that it created in me which makes me think of it in this way. I […]

One Million Not Out

I was looking at my blog stats the other day after noticing that my organic traffic has dropped by two-thirds for some unknown reason – yeah, thanks for that Google. Although pretty bloody annoying for someone making money online, my eyes were drawn to something else which made me feel better – my all time […]