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As well as writing for my own blog, I’ve appeared in magazines, on podcasts, on the radio, on other blogs and on various other places around the web as both The DADventurer and a freelance writer. Below, you’ll find a list of some of the places I’ve appeared outside of the blog (please note that not all links are still live).

If you’d like me to provide content or opinion on anything you’re planning, you can email me on or visit my work with me page to learn more about how I collaborate with brands.

Rankings And Awards:

The DADventurer ranking and award badges

The DADventurer has consistently been recognised as a top dad and parenting blog since 2015. Notable rankings and awards include:

  • Vuelio: Winner of best Daddy Blog at the Vuelio 2018 Blog Awards (December 2018).
  • Britmums: Winner of best Family and Lifestyle blog in the Britmums Brilliance in Blogging Awards (BiBs). (October 2018)
  • Vuelio: Named as number 4 Daddy Blog in the UK by Vuelio on their top 10 list (June 2020). Previously number 2 (June 2016), number 3 (June 2017), number 1 (June 2018) and number 3 (June 2019).
  • Tots100: Named as number 5 Baby & Toddler Blog in the UK by Tots100 (May 2018).
  • Tots100: Firmly established in the top 100 UK parent blogs according to the Tots100 index.
  • Tots100: Named as number 2 dad blog on the Tots 100 Top 10 Dad Blogs list (October 2016). Previously number 5 (May 2015) and number 6 (December 2015).
  • Vuelio: Named as number 4 Parent Blogger in the UK by Vuelio on their top 10 list (October 2018). Previously number 4 (November 2016) and umber 4 (October 2017).
  • BritMums: A finalist in the ‘Family’ category of the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Awards (BiBs) (May 2016).
  • Closer Magazine: A finalist in Closer Magazine’s Blogger Dad Of The Year 2016 awards (June 2016).
  • Vuelio: A finalist in the Dad Blog category of the Vuelio 2016 Blog Awards (September 2016).
  • The Digital Awards: A finalist in the Blog category of the Hertfordshire Digital Awards 2017 (August 2017).
  • Vuelio: A finalist in the Parenting blog category of the Vuelio 2017 Blog Awards (September 2017).
  • Thirty Plus Awards: A Finalist in the Community Star category of the Thirty Plus Awards 2017 (October 2017).

Media – Print & Online:

The DADventurer as featured on magazines 1

As someone with one or two things to say about parenting, I’ve featured in a number of publications in the form of quotes, interviews, articles and even a ‘Page 3’ appearance. This has included:

  • The Telegraph: Contributed my experiences and recommendations to an article about babywearing and choosing the best carrier (August 2018).
  • Huffington Post: Had my Life Lesson To My Daughter post included on Huff Post (October 2017).
  • The Guardian: Shared my experiences of balancing childcare with work for a piece on how having children impacts your career (September 2017)
  • Blogosphere Magazine: Featured as one of five bloggers in the Parenting section of the magazine along with my post Watching Her Imagination Run Wild (June 2017).
  • The Sun / Fabulous Magazine: Interviewed and featured in an article called The Rise Of The Daddy Bloggers which appeared in the magazine supplement and online (June 2017).
  • Gazette Newspaper: My ‘Page 3 debut’ in the local newspaper talking about being shortlisted for a BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Award (BiBs) (May 2016).
  • Kin Magazine: Wrote an article about our first day trip with a baby in the ‘The First Time’ section of the Mamas&Papas publication (February 2016).
  • Very Magazine: Shared my tips on things to do with a toddler at half-term for the magazine supplement which comes with OK! Magazine (February 2016).
  • Very Magazine: Featured in the ‘Bloggers’ Corner’ discussing my fashion choices for Toddler L (January 2016).
  • Kin Magazine: Wrote a step-by-step guide in the ‘How To Make’ section about how to paint a canvas with your baby (November 2015).
  • Mother & Baby Magazine: Featured and quoted in an article providing a dad’s views on the SnuzPod Bedside Crib (August 2015).

The DADventurer as featured on magazines 2

Media – Radio:

As featured on dadventurer radio logos.jpg

I’ve been invited onto radio a couple of times to provide my perspective on different parenting topics. This has included:

  • LBC Radio: A phone guest on Tom Swarbrick’s Sunday Afternoon Show to talk about the perceptions of fatherhood and whether the role of dads has changed.
  • BBC Local Radio: A phone guest on BBC Local Radio across 40 different stations to discuss parenting advice on Georgey Spanswick’s show (recording below).

 Features, Profiles & Republished Content:

The DADventurer as featured on websites

Freelance Writing:

As a freelance writer, I’m regularly asked to produce content for brands, whether this is featured pieces, guest blogs or quotes. Examples include:

  • Baby Centre: Wrote a number of sponsored posts for the Baby Centre website (2018/19).
  • Npower: Filmed and featured in the npower Super Powers campaign (October 2017).
  • Compare The Market: Wrote a Letters Of Life post for the CTM campaign which featured on their website alongside Giovanna Fletcher (September 2017).
  • Metro: Penned an opinion piece called Why Dads Shouldn’t Get Extra Praise For Fatherhood (March 2017).
  • Audi: Wrote a guest post for the Audi blog about whether the Audi TTS is a kid-friendly car (January 2017).
  • Baby Swimming Shop: Wrote about my experiences of swimming with a toddler for the Aquatic Autumn Baby Swimming Campaign (October 2016)
  • Bensons For Bed: Took part in a sleep experiment with sleep expert Dr Guy Meadows (October 2016).
  • Compare The Market: Shared my babymooning tips alongside Giovanna Fletcher (September 2016).
  • Holts: Provided various input to articles like best breakdown story and learning to drive. (2016)
  • Hippychick: A regular guest writer for the nursery brand (June 2016 onwards).
  • Red Letter Days: Shared a past ‘Dadventure’ I had with my dad (June 2016)
  • Woman&Home: Contributed to a post on drinks real dads want for Father’s Day (June 2016).
  • SMA: Shared my thoughts about the traits of a good dad (June 2016).
  • Izziwotnot: Provided my thoughts on my first Father’s Day (June 2015).
  • Ashton & Parsons: Wrote a guest post about Reflecting On My First Father’s Day (June 2015).
  • UNIQLO: Contributed tips to the Field Guide For The Metropolitan Man (May 2015).
  • One Chic Mom: Penned a number of posts for the lifestyle magazine to provide a dad’s voice to their mums-centric content (March / April 2015).

Podcast Appearances:

As featured on dadventurer podcast logos 1

I’ve appeared on a number of parenting-based podcasts over the years to discuss various different dad-related topics. This has included: