Huevos Rancheros Spicy Mexican Brunch Recipe

For me, a weekend brunch is one of my favourite meals. Sure, breakfast, dinner and tea – yes, I’m Northern – rightly have their place as the three main meals, but they can all be very meh and samey. Enter brunch, the rebellious, black sheep of mealtimes. Brunch allows you to mix things up, eat […]

The Negatives Of Technology When Parenting In The Digital Age

The other day, I wrote a post about how I think technology can help when it comes to parenting. You can have a full read of the post here, but for those too lazy to click, I basically said that you have loads of information at your fingertips, it helps give you ideas (recipes, messy […]

Having A Kickabout With The SSE Wildcats Girls’ Football Team

Never has women’s football been so popular. The FA Women’s Super League continues to go from strength to strength, England’s women are putting the men to shame on the internationals stage and the stars of the women’s game – Karen Carney, Toni Duggan, Ellen White, Fara Williams etc – are increasingly high profile. As a […]

The Sexual Innuendos Hiding In Our Nursery Rhymes

We were in the car the other day as we were going away for the weekend. As has become customary on long journeys, we were blasting out nursery rhyme after nursery rhyme as one of the ways to keep Toddler L entertained. As each of the earworms burrowed into my brain and made me seriously consider whether to […]

Review: Beko SteamXtra SmartStation Steam Generator Iron (SGA7126P)

There’s nothing that says you’re an adult more than having to do housework. Growing up, your food magically gets cooked and plated up, clothes mysteriously reappear clean in your wardrobe and the disappearing skidmarks you left in the toilet could only be explained by wizardry. Then we grow up. We fly the nest and soon […]

Seven Seas Omega-3 Experiment: Introduction, Test And Results 1

Something slightly different from me today. You see, the missus and I are putting our bodies on the line in the name of science. Over the next few months, we’re working with vitamin and supplement specialists Seven Seas on an experiment to see whether we can increase the omega-3 in our diet. I don’t wish to […]

The Positives Of Technology When Parenting In The Digital Age

I was watching Terminator Genisys the other day and it got me thinking about how much we use technology in our daily lives as parents. I don’t want to give the story away, but in this particular film, we learn that Genisys – which later becomes AI system Skynet – is a global operating system designed to […]

From Dad Bod To Rad Bod (The Bigger And Better Sequel)

So for those that have read my blog for a while, this may all feel a bit familiar. In fact, I can probably guess what you’re thinking – “Oi, Dave, I recognise this blog post title. Are you so out of ideas that you’re now having to regurgitate your own content? You dick.”. Well, you’re partly […]

Celebrating Real Dogs For Being Real Dogs (Plus Wagg Foods Giveaway)

He may not take centre stage that regularly on the blog, but our miniature sausage dog Dax is always on the periphery. I’ve never been one of those people to call him a “Furbaby” or say that we’re his “HuMum and HuDad” *shudders* but he’s an important part of the family nonetheless. If you’ve ever […]