A Dad’s View On The SnuzPod 3-In-1 Bedside Crib

I don’t know whether you’ve noticed, but most baby-related things tend to be targeted at ‘mums’ rather than ‘parents’. As a dad, this gets pretty tiresome as it automatically makes you feel excluded from the whole parenting game. After all, I did have a pretty big small part to play in the conception.

Truth be told, I’m as involved as the missus in Baby L’s life – in fact, and she won’t mind me saying this, I’m actually more involved as I get to spend each day with the little one in my new ‘role’ as a stay-at-home dad. So, imagine my annoyance when companies call on old fashioned stereotypes as a means to sell their products.

Hell, it’s not just companies though. I found out today that my own Grandma – repeat, my own Grandma – innocently said to my brother, “Ooooh, isn’t Dave a good dad…it’s like he’s a mum.” Obviously no malice was intended – in fact, quite the opposite – but the point is that these stereotypes do no-one any good.

From a company perspective, some are probably even missing out on identifying extra benefits or making additional sales by only targeting the females of the species. Yes, some stuff like breast pumps or maternity pads are always only ever going to be sold to mums – or curious dads – but pretty much everything else can be used by either parent.

It’s therefore pretty refreshing when companies actively look to include dads and seek out their views. This is exactly what The Little Green Sheep did with me recently as part of a new campaign looking at how their award winning SnuzPod 3-in-1 bedside crib can make life easier in the early days for both parents.

We used and reviewed the SnuzPod when Baby L had outgrown her Moses basket, but wasn’t yet ready for the cot bed in her room. We used it for a couple of months attached to our bed in our bedroom and loved the experience of having the little one so close to us, safe in the knowledge that she was safe in her own little crib.

One of the main benefits of the SnuzPod was undoubtedly related to breastfeeding and was therefore in the missus’ domain – there’s a lot I can do, but producing milk from my nipples is not one of them. I’d do the feed before bed with expressed milk, but we’d decided it was the lessor of two evils for the missus to breastfeed during the night.

As the SnuzPod’s mesh wall zips down, this allowed the missus to get to the sprog quickly and easily to give her a feed during the early hours. Considering that the little one was feeding every 1.5 hours when she’d hit four-month sleep regression, having the little one so close and accessible helped us out massively during a pretty rough patch.

SnuzPod 3 in 1 bedside crib baby and dad

That’s really where the ‘mum only’ benefits end though and it becomes ‘parent benefits’. Things such as being able to check on her, provide comfort and bond with her all from your own bed can be done by mum or dad. In fact, the missus and I would often swap sides of the bed so that I’d be next to the little one – this gave me the chance to look at, play with and comfort the sprog whilst the missus was able to catch up on some much needed zzzzzz’s.

Particularly for a breastfed baby, the dad can often feel left out during the early days as the mum looks after all the feeding related things. This means that you can also miss out on other related activities such as having a little snuggle as you put the little one down to sleep or comfort them in the night. When our default option was for the missus to feed the sprog when she was crying, on reflection, I did miss out on a bit of daddy daughter time during this stage.

Therefore, being able to look at the little one through the SnuzPod mesh wall or zip it down and interact with her really helped me to bond and feel involved. Plus, the storage shelf underneath the SnuzPod was great for hiding all of my dirty clothes that I usually throw on the floor!

Have you used the SnuzPod bedside crib before? As a bloke, did you find any dad-specific benefits from your little one using it? Ladies, did your fella benefit from the SnuzPod like I did?

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