Baby L Gets Papped As She Models for Honey and Archie

Back in May, Baby L took her first tentative steps – or should that be crawl – into the world of baby modelling when she posed for Lilly and Sid’s Spring Summer 2016 catalogue. It was great to see the actual workings behind a photoshoot and Baby L seemed to really enjoy being in front of the camera.

Neither the missus or I want to become *those* parents who are chasing every opportunity to pimp their baby out, but we’ve always said that it’d be pretty cool if opportunities came up for the sprog to do more baby modelling work. Not only would it be awesome for her to actually start paying her way in life as she’s cost us a fair bit of money already, but we’d also be doing a public service by showing the world just how cute she is!

Well, Baby L got another chance to strut her stuff in front of the camera when we were asked if we’d be able to attend a photoshoot for children’s clothing company Honey and Archie. Having worked with them previously, we were chuffed that Baby L was asked to model their adorable cotton animal print leggings for an upcoming magazine feature.

Although I usually try to avoid London, having left the smog for the clean country air a few years ago, I decided to suck it up and take the little one to the Capital. We got in to Euston, then made the short walk to Regent’s Park where we met up with Laura from Honey and Archie, as well as Ash from Ash Mahmood Photography.

As the clothing company is centred around nature, the photoshoot was pretty simple in terms of location, setup, props etc. The sprog was basically just popped down on the grass and then the photographer papped away as Baby L did her thing. This included crawling around, trying to stand up, playing with tree bark, attempting to eat grass and making a prolonged effort to climb a tree.

During the photoshoot, the sprog wore each of Honey and Archie’s cute animal leggings – this included the fox print in both white and cappuccino, as well as the bright yellow rabbit print. The little one was on top form and seemed to love being the centre of attention once again, which resulted in some pretty cool snaps. A few of my favourite are below:

Baby L Honey and Archie Cappuccino fox leggings 1

Baby L Honey and Archie Cappuccino fox leggings 2

Baby L Honey and Archie Cappuccino fox leggings with dad

Baby L Honey and Archie white fox leggings 3

Baby L Honey and Archie white fox leggings 1

Baby L Honey and Archie Yellow Rabbit leggings

Baby L Honey and Archie Yellow Rabbit leggings 2

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  • sugar&rhubarb

    those leggings are on the wishlist!! gorgeous pictures!

    • Thanks! It’s nice to have some professional ones done. Haha – well I think they’re on sale at the mo actually! 🙂

  • Beau is Blue

    Awww look how cute she is! A total diva in the making 😉 nah really cute shots and I love the leggings and kind of wishing they came in a size 10!

    • Thanks dude! Let’s hope not! Haha, who knows, put in a request and they might do you some adult sizes. Either that, or buy loads of the kid ones and sew them together 🙂

  • Renee Rispin

    Ahhh a little beauty. Makes me want those leggings, great legs. Do they do Mummy size? X

    • Thanks Renee! They are pretty funky – unfortunately not, but that doesn’t mean they won’t take requests! 🙂