Baby L Strikes A Pose For Lilly And Sid’s Spring Summer 2016 Catalogue

Those of you who have followed my parenting journey since the start may recall me jokingly mentioning that I had a cunning plan. Some may call it exploitation, but I like to think of it as being smart.

The plan was to turn the cuteness that is my daughter into my meal ticket. The idea came when we did a newborn photoshoot with the sprog when she was just ten days out of the womb. The words I wrote that day are still as pertinent today…

“It [the photoshoot] was also an investment. Considering how cute Baby L is, it won’t be too long before the photos are with the UK’s leading model agencies and she would be appearing as “Baby Girl 1″, “Crying Child” or “Toddler Eating Cereal” in TV adverts, blockbuster films and designer brand campaigns. Whilst she goes out to work to earn her keep, I’d be laughing all the way to the bank. Or more likely, I’d be laughing whilst sipping mojitos on my own exotic holiday as our butler went to the bank.”

Well my friends, I’m happy to report that the taste of rum and mint is getting closer and closer to my dry and thirsty mouth as Baby L was recently picked to do a photoshoot for boutique baby and childrenswear brand Lilly and Sid.

The funky clothes company were looking for models for their Spring Summer 2016 promotional catalogue and online store, so they put a shout-out on Facebook for aspiring baby models – I replied with a few photos of my little cutie and she was deemed to be a little cutie. No thanks to my DNA, I’m sure.

After arranging the various details of the shoot, we headed to Peterborough in early May to meet Emma and Imran, who are the brains behind Lilly and Sid. We weren’t quite sure what to expect, but were soon put at ease and given a couple of cute outfits from the new range to try on (Baby L, not me).

I’ll admit, we kind of expected a Baby L meltdown. We’d been to a wedding the day before and she pretty much cried hysterically every time someone interacted with her. I know that models are known for their diva-esque strops, but the last thing needed was a baby allergic to people when her photo was trying to be taken. With my chance of early retirement and a life of luxury on the line because of my little human’s temperament, we gritted our teeth and hoped for the best…

Luckily, everything went off without a hitch and the little one was in super cute form. The main challenge was keeping her in an upright position – having just started to crawl, she was pretty interested in exploring the room, so we all had to create as many distractions as we could in order to get her looking at the camera. That included clapping, squeaking toys, calling her name and banging stuff together – you pretty much need to do anything you can to get that money shot!

Baby L was in such good form that she actually did five separate outfit changes when the expectation was only three. I can’t give away too many secrets in advance of the photos being published, but she modelled some really cute and colourful baby grows from next years Spring Summer collection.

Although I can’t publish any of these actual photos just yet, what I can share are a couple of behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot to show the effort required behind the camera. This was the fifth outfit that she modelled on the day – a cool little watermelon inspired number with matching hat.

lilly and sid photoshoot behind the scenes 1

lilly and sid photoshoot behind the scenes 3

lilly and sid photoshoot behind the scenes 2

Keep an eye out for a future post when I can share the results of the shoot and introduce you to the awesome Lilly and Sid Spring Summer 2016 collection.

In the meantime, I’m off to teach Baby L how to perfect the ‘Blue Steel’ pose from Zoolander