Baby L’s Favourite Foods After 6 Weeks Of Weaning

Six weeks into the messy process that we call weaning, I’ve had chance to reflect on how far Baby L has come. Once a milk guzzling, boob loving terror, she now has transformed into a milk guzzling, boob loving, food chomping terror!

We’ve really enjoyed weaning so far. Seeing her suss things out whilst watching her facial expressions is pretty awesome. It’s also been great to see her develop to a point where she can pick food up, pass it between her hands and place it in her own mouth. Sometimes you have to pinch yourself to remember that she is actually the same baby that was pushed through the missus’ nether regions.

Weaning is not all fun though as it massively tests your patience. I’ve discovered that I’m not a fan of messy food, repeatedly picking the same thing up off the floor or the change in the contents of her nappy. Still, I guess these things are designed to test us and Baby L isn’t doing it on purpose (Note: She so does it on purpose!).

During the weaning process so far, we’ve tried to introduce Baby L to a wide range of foods and get her into the habit of three mealtimes a day. This seems to be going pretty well, but we’re starting to notice certain traits forming. This includes things like hating breakfast but loving dinner, wanting food off our plate even if she has exactly the same and screaming if we don’t give her the spoon to hold. To summarise, she’s pretty bloody annoying!

I’m sure I’ll be writing (aka complaining) about weaning a lot more as we progress, but for now I thought I’d start on a positive and share some of Baby L’s favourite foods.

Homemade And Shop-Bought Purees

Baby eating puree weaning

Baby L loves a good puree. We’ve bought quite a few different purees to get her used to the flavours, textures, smells and colours, as well as started making some of our own. During this time, she’s tried different purees from Ella’s Kitchen, Mamia from Aldi and Heinz, which have had a varying success – anything that contains fruit and / or vegetables is downed in one sitting, whereas she’s a bit unsure about the older ones which are a bit more lumpy and based on adult food. Her favourites so far seem to be the Smoothie Fruits from Ella’s Kitchen which were devoured in seconds.

We’ve also been making a few purees recently, although not all of these have been a success as it has been difficult to find the right consistency. Baby L has also decided she doesn’t want to eat out of a bowl / container at the moment which has added an additional complication. Therefore, the missus came up with an ingenious plan of buying reusable food pouches which we put the purees in, then feed her out of them with a spoon, just like the shop-bought purees. So far, the plan to trick a seven month old baby seems to have worked!



Baby eating bread weaning

We’re big fans of a good sandwich in The DADventurer household and Baby L seems to be following suit, albeit her sandwiches consist of no filling just yet. I’d imagine she’s a fan because bread doesn’t really have a strong flavour and it is pretty easy to pick it up. It would also appear that she’s taking after my brother who used to get bored of eating as a kid and just suck the bread! He may have got the looks, but I got the intelligence.

So far, we’ve figured out that Baby L is a big fan of white soft baps and onion bagels, but the harder stuff – by which I mean toast and baguettes rather than cocaine – are often thrown on the floor instead of being placed into her mouth. The next step is to see whether she’ll actually want some cheese or meat with her bread, but as she’s pretty annoying, the likelihood is that she’ll just pick out the filling and eat the bread.


Homemade Mini Banana And Apple Muffins

Baby homemade muffin weaning

In a recent attempt to eat better, the missus has been baking some different recipes which are a bit ‘healthier’. I’m sure muffins aren’t the healthiest thing in the world, but this recipe for mini banana and apple muffins from Change4Life Wales uses just a bit of butter and is mainly fruit based. Originally created to help with mine and the missus’ food cravings in the evening, Baby L spotted these one lunchtime and has since fallen in love with them – this is great as she is eating solids, but slightly annoying as it means I’m one muffin short! They work really well for Baby L because not only do they have fruit (the missus also throws in some raisins), but they are solid enough for her to hold but also break up quite easily when in her toothless mouth. They may not all look ready for a shop (sorry Hay!) but they do taste pretty damn good.



Baby eating porridge weaning

I’m not a massive fan of porridge myself, so Baby L seems to have taken after the missus in her liking for this gloopy, bland stuff. Usually Hay will make porridge for herself each morning and put a bit aside for Baby L to eat. We’ve heard about adding breast milk or using special baby porridge, but the sprog has been absolutely fine eating proper, grown-up adult porridge with semi-skimmed milk. Depending on her mood, the missus will throw in a bit of jam, some raisins, a spoonful of Nutella (so she tells me but I’m pretty sure it is half a jar!) or some fruit puree.

The funny thing though is that Baby L doesn’t really like eating the porridge out of her own bowl. We’ve tried letting her eat it with her hands, with a spoon or even making porridge pancakes so it can be handled a bit better, but she just cries. But as soon as the missus starts eating her porridge, the little one is eager to join in and loves the stuff, as long as it is from Hay’s bowl. Weird baby.


So those are Baby L’s favourite foods so far. What foods did your little one(s) like when they started weaning? Was there any foods he/she didn’t like but became a favourite as they grew older?