Baby L’s Weaning Update At Nearly 14 Months Old

You may have seen the other week that I wrote about stopping our breastfeeding journey. After being exclusively breastfed for 13.5 months, the time felt right to try putting the sprog down for the night without her pre-bedtime feed. Nearly two weeks later, Baby L has been doing absolutely fine without any boob milk and we’ve noticed no difference at all, which suggests that our decision was right.

Stopping breastfeeding was made easier by the fact that the little one loves her food. Like proper loves it and has done since she started eating solids. For someone who’s consistently been on the 9th percentile, you’d think that she’d be on the 99th considering her food intake.

This is pretty awesome. We don’t really need to think about what to give her or create ‘special’ meals because she tends to just eat whatever we give her. This means that, on the whole, she eats whatever we eat. We always wanted to eat together as a family and only prepare one meal, so that plan is going pretty smoothly at the moment. I have memories of my mum making different meals for her and my dad, my bro and I. I can categorically state that this will not be happening in my house as I’m too lazy.

The recent purchase of a slow cooker has massively helped with this. We tend to use the slow cooker three or four times a week and it just makes life so much easier. We bung all the ingredients into it in the morning, leave it to cook all day, then it’s ready to eat at tea time. Healthier food, less hassle and eating together as a family.

Yes, like all kids, she can be a bit fussy at times, particularly if she’s over-tired or particularly hungry. So, we find that timing and routine becomes quite important, as well as the odd creative weaning hack. Breakfast tends to be around 8am, lunch around 12.30pm and tea around 6.30pm. This helps to ensure that the sprog knows what’s happening, that we know what’s happening and that sitting down together to eat is a normal thing.

Bar a bit of mess and the occasional hissy fit, the only ‘challenge’ we’re really having is with figuring out the size of the portions. It’s a little hard to ascertain how much is a 14-month old sized amount. Sometimes she wolfs her way through a generous portion of food, then continues to eat from our plates, however other times she only has a few mouthfuls, seemingly still full from her earlier meal or snacks. The biggest impact we’ve found though is on our bank balance – when out for a meal, we need to actually buy food for her rather than give her bits from our plate!

The other thing we’re slightly worried about is her milk intake. She has full fat milk in certain meals, such as Weetabix or an omelette, but doesn’t drink milk from a bottle or cup. She gets additional calcium from the likes of cheese and yoghurt, so I don’t think we have anything to be concerned about, but maybe we just need to swap the cup of water for milk sometimes.

Whilst I’m thinking about things we need to do, we also need to get into the habit of relinquishing control a bit. Because it’s less messy, depending on the food she’s eating, I tend to feed her with a spoon or fork. However, we’ve been passing it to her more and more recently, and she’s proved that she’s more than capable of finding her mouth with the fork.

Gave the sprog a fork for the first time tonight and this happened…!

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In the interests of sharing, and getting some reassurance from those who have been there before, below is Baby L’s food menu at nearly 14 months of age:



One of the following:

  • 1.5 x Weetabix (or to be more accurate, a cheap supermarket knock off), with full fat milk, a few spoonfuls of yoghurt and a handful of fruit (strawberries / blueberries / raspberries).
  • Porridge with full fat milk and fruit (strawberries / blueberries / raspberries).
  • 2 x scotch pancakes with jam
  • 2 x crumpets with jam / butter

Usually followed by a few spoonfuls of my cereal, then a few spoonfuls of the missus’ porridge.



One of the following:

  • 1 x egg omelette with full fat milk, cheese and meat (chorizo / ham / chicken)
  • 1 x slice of toast with cheese and beans
  • 1 x slice of bread with meat (chorizo / ham / chicken / tuna)
Baby Eating Sandwich

Tucking into a slice of toast and chorizo (left) and a tuna mayo sandwich (right).


One of the following:

  • Paella (rice, chicken, chorizo, haddock, pepper, onion, peas)
  • Chilli con carne (rice, minced beef, kidney beans, tomatoes, pepper, onion, peas)
  • Pasta bake (pasta, pork, tomatoes, pepper, mushrooms, onion, cheese)
  • Tuna mayo pasta (pasta, tuna, mayo)
  • Stew (white potatoes, sweet potatoes, stewing steak, carrots, onion, peas)
  • Gammon and mashed potatoes (gammon joint, potatoes, carrots, peas)
  • Toad in the hole (sausages, Yorkshire pudding, carrots, peas)
  • Pulled pork and wedges (pork shoulder, potatoes, beans)
  • Stir fry (pork, noodles, pepper, mushrooms, onion)

Or, if we’re having something she ‘shouldn’t’, like a Dominos, then she’ll have

  • Pasta with tomato puree / mayo



Mixture of the following in-between mealtimes:

baby eating snacks

The sprog tucking into some blueberries on a picnic (left) and eating a Fruit Heroes snack bar (right).

What do you reckon? Does the above sound good / bad for a 14 month old? Did you have any concerns around food when your little one gave up the boob? Let me know below!

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