A Halloween-Themed Baby Sensory Class

At 11-weeks old, we felt that Halloween came round a bit too soon for Baby L this year. I strongly considered sending her out Trick or Treating to bring back some sweets or handing her a knife to carve some pumpkins, but then I realised the missus wouldn’t be too happy if Social Services came a-knockin’.

What we did manage to do though was attend a ‘Baby Pumpkin’ themed Baby Sensory class. We’ve been to a few different baby classes over the last few weeks and this one has been by far our favourite class to date. They consist of simple activities which are designed to stimulate the little one’s senses and help with their development. Baby L seems to love it (in between the occasional cry and whinge) and is enchanted by the different sounds, lights, textures and smells each week.

Halloween gave the perfect opportunity for the organiser to put on a ‘baby pumpkin’ themed session which explored things associated with the Autumn harvest. Most importantly though, it gave us the chance to dress Baby L in fancy dress which no parent can ever turn their back on. We chose a cute spider outfit which consisted of a green and white stripy baby grow with a thick vest thing complete with dangly legs!

The class was really good and it was obvious that a lot of work had been put into creating a special experience for the little ones. Activities included songs with sign language, rattles with LEDs, flash cards and different autumnal fruit and veg which all gave Baby L the opportunity to explore, learn and develop. There was also a break in the middle of the session for supervised play and a much needed feed (the sprog, not me), prior to the bonfire and firework spectacular which included a fibre optic light show, bubbles, music and an inflatable pumpkin patch – Baby L was as mesmerised as I was!

It’s incredible to see the change in Baby L each week. When we first went to the class, she was alert and interested but would often become a bit too over stimulated which would end in the inevitable cry. Just a few weeks on though, she’s very keen to take in everything that happens and has a particular fondness of anything and everything that emits light. This has helped massively when at home if she’s crying because I can pop her in front of the TV in her car seat and that keeps her entertained for ages! It’s also really nice going along to a class where we bond and play as a family – let’s be honest, most new parents don’t know how to interact with a newborn, so these classes have really helped us know how we can play with the little one when at home.

As an added touch, a professional photographer came along for the session to capture the excitement, wonder and downright confusion etched across the little monsters’ faces. Since becoming parents, we’ve always got a phone or camera in our hands capturing moments of her early days, so it was really nice to get some photos of us all playing and being together as a family during the session:

Baby Pumpkin Baby Sensory Class Flash Cards


Baby Pumpkin Baby Sensory Class Baby In Arms


Baby Pumpkin Baby Sensory Class Playmat


Baby Pumpkin Baby Sensory Class Lights

What did you get up to for Halloween with the little one? Did you take the opportunity to dress up your kids? Have you ever been to Baby Sensory classes?