Push Present Ideas For Her

Ah, push presents.

If there’s anything as divisive when it comes to pregnancy and birth, I don’t think I’ve come across it yet…well, apart from maybe eating your own placenta.

If you’ve not come across the term ‘push present’ before, then let me enlighten you. It is basically a gift that you buy your partner to mark the occasion of her giving birth to your sprog. A sort of “you’ve pushed a human head out of your vagina so let me buy you something to say thanks and well done”.

Like many ideas which are designed to get you to spend money, the concept is believed to have originated in the USA and was probably dreamt up by a room full of marketing experts. In the same way that baby showers and gender reveal parties are becoming more popular, push presents are more than likely to follow suit and put even more pressure on blokes to be thoughtful, cute and sweet.

I wrote a post last August about how push presents are like Marmite – having raised the topic on Twitter, I had a lot of interaction and different thoughts on the topic. Some people hated the concept and wouldn’t expect a present, whilst others really liked the idea and secretly hoped that their partner would buy them a gift. Either way, people seemed to have some very strong feelings for and against the concept.

I’ll put it out there – I bought the missus a push present. I wanted to get her something which would be significant and mark the occasion. I did this because I wanted to, not because I felt pressured to do so. The value of the item didn’t matter to me, it was more about getting something which showed thoughtfulness, represented the little one and could stay with us forever.

buying wife a push present Hay's palladium ring with peridot gemstone

I decided to splash the cash and buy her a ring. I chose a palladium ring with a peridot gemstone to represent the fact that Baby L was born in August and had a message engraved on the inside of the ring. The plan was, and is, for Hay to have this ring until the sprog turns 18 or 21, then we can pass this down to Baby L as a nice little keepsake which comes with meaning. I was pretty chuffed with this idea and the missus seemed equally as pleased. Win win!

So what happens if you fancy following my example and buying your missus a push present, but you don’t quite know what to get her. Well, I’ve noted down a few fool-proof ideas, of varying prices, which all most women would like to receive to try and get your creative juices flowing.

Firstly, let’s start at the expensive side of the market with a piece of jewellery. Be it earrings, a necklace, a ring or a bracelet, most women are more than happy to receive something sparkly and shiny as a present. Like I chose to do, you may wish to experiment with birthstones or engravings in order to make things that little more special. You could even wait until the sprog has been born so that you could adorn a necklace or a charm for her bracelet with personalised jewellery with an imprint of your baby’s fingerprint, handprint or footprint. For jewellery, you could be looking at anything from £100 upwards.

review-hand-on-heart-jewellery-cut-out-heart-fingerprint-necklace-worn-around-neck push present

Next on the list is a spa day or some kind of pamper treatment. Your missus has just gone through a pretty traumatic experience emotionally and physically, therefore you may wish to consider treating her to a bit of relaxation. Plenty of hotels, resorts and beauty salons offer spa days and treatments, with some even specialising in postnatal treatments which are more suited for a newbie mum. If you’re not sure what type of treatment she’d like – there are literally thousands out there – then a gift voucher for treatments could also do the job. Depending on what you choose, treatments can start from £25, but you’re more likely to be looking at £100 plus for a full day.

Up next are flowers. I’m not talking about shitty petrol station flowers or ones you’ve picked up from the hospital gift shop, more like the nice, pretty ones online. Obviously if your missus prefers a certain type of flower, make sure you order some of these to show that you do listen to her likes and dislikes. If not, then going big, bold and expensive is always a pretty decent option. For a decent bouquet of flowers, expect to start at £30 and beyond.

Review Smart Men's Flowers white roses arranged in vase push present

The penultimate item on the list is a create your own food and drink hamper. During pregnancy, not only is your missus hit with sickness, a physically changing body, a hormone overload and generally being unable to get comfortable, but she is also forced to reduce or remove certain food and drink from her diet. So how about create your own awesome hamper for the missus which contains all of the food and drink she’s been unable to consume during pregnancy. Fill it with all of the soft cheeses, pate, shellfish, liver, cold cured meats, runny eggs and swordfish you can find, then swill it down with anything and everything alcohol based. Put this hamper of goodies together yourself for as little as £20.

Finally, a cheap, but still meaningful, idea could be what I’m calling Baby IOU vouchers. For the cost of some paper, a pen and your imagination, the idea is to write down a number of things you’ll do which your missus can ‘cash in’ when and where she wants. Write down things that you think the missus will appreciate that you may not normally do. I’m not talking about things like saying you’ll change the baby or do the washing up – as a modern man, I’m expecting that you do these things already! Instead, I’m just thinking about little things that put her before you – things like “let me have a lie-in”, “go to the shop and buy me junk food”, “give me the TV remote” or “leave me alone for an hour” could feature on your ‘vouchers’. An idea like this would cost you nothing at all, so you can’t even use money as an excuse!

So there we go – five ideas to think about if you’re contemplating giving your partner a push present. As a dad of a 9.5 month old daughter, becoming a parent is a pretty incredible gift and maybe the only thing your partner wants. However, I’m pretty sure that buying her something nice isn’t going to cause any harm!

Did you buy your partner a push present? If so, what did you get? For the mums reading, did you get a push present, and if not, did you want one? Let me know below!