Growing Up Too Quickly For Dad

The past week and a bit has seen some pretty big milestones in Baby L’s life. All of which have made me realise that time is going way too quickly. So quickly in fact that I’ve been browsing eBay for my very own magical time stopping pocket watch or a DeLorean time machine – strangely, I’ve not been able to find either yet.

The sprog is approaching six months old. That’s half a year of our lives that has just passed in the blink of an eye. We were always told that time goes quickly when you have kids, but I mainly thought that was said by parents who hated their offspring and were counting down the days until they shipped them off to Uni. That doesn’t seem to be the case though.

What’s strange is that I’ve been in a fortunate position to be with Baby L pretty much every minute of every day, but it still hasn’t been enough. In fact, I’ve recently been looking back and wondering whether I’ve made enough of her little life so far. Should we have gone out as a family more? Should I have gone with the missus to more baby classes? Should I have taken more photos? Should I have paid more attention when she’s on her play mat? Should I have changed more nappies? Well, maybe the last one is going a little far…

I’m not sure why these feelings have hit me recently, but I guess it could be to do with the monumental changes in her life which have transformed her from a newborn sprog into a real life little human baby. As I work from home, every day is very similar, so you aren’t hit by her massive developments until you have to physically do or change something. It just seems that a number of these things have all come at once – I therefore thought I’d share four of these recent massive changes which have made me realise that the little one is growing up way too quickly.

Carrycot to Pushchair

Baby carry cot to pushchair

Baby L hanging out with R2-D2 at Legoland in the carrycot (left), then asleep on a walk in the pushchair (right).

When we bought our iCandy Cherry in April last year, the idea of Baby L going into the pushchair part of the travel system seemed an alien concept. In fact, the idea of her being here and in the carrycot was enough to make my head spin. However, in the blink of an eye, the little one was able to hold her head up and outgrew the newborn part of the travel system. This culminated in a ceremony last Thursday which saw us retire the carrycot and unbox the pushchair. How did something so far away happen so quickly?


Moses Basket To Cot Bed

Baby in moses basket and cot bed

Baby L at a few days old in her Moses basket (left), then enjoying the extra space in her cot bed (right).

Baby L’s cot bed was one of our first big purchases around May. We didn’t want to tempt fate by buying loads of stuff early on, so we waited a good few months before we started to acquire all of the baby goods. We built the cot bed as soon as we got it, and since then, it has just become a bit of a dumping ground in the nursery for clothes, cuddly toys and nappy changing stuff. However, this all changed on Monday when we decided to graduate the little one from the SnuzPod in our room to the cotbed in her room. For the past two months, Baby L’s sleep hasn’t been great, so we wanted to try something a bit different – we therefore moved her to her own room in order to try and reduce any chance of us waking her in the night. Having seen her outgrow her Moses basket, then SnuzPod, it is now really weird to see her in a bed which is way too big for her – she definitely seems to be enjoying the extra space though as she often does a complete 360 degrees spin during the night!


Milk To Milk and Solids

baby drinking milk from bottle then eating food

One of the first bottles of expressed milk I gave the little one (left), and her munching on some food with a spoon (right).

We always wanted to wait until around the six month mark before we started weaning, so this was a marker which we knew was way off in the distance. As a newborn baby living purely off boob juice, it just doesn’t cross your mind that one day this little thing will be having a meal at the table next to you holding a knife and fork. But, just like that, Baby L is now at the age where she is interested in food and the messy weaning process has begun. Around Christmas time we started to give her the odd taste of fruit which felt weird, but now seeing her hold a spoon or chomp on a banana is both strange and amazing in equal measures.


High Chair Newborn to High Chair Baby 

Baby Tripp Trapp Newborn then Baby Set

Baby L chilling in the Tripp Trapp Newborn Set (left), then getting used to life in the Tripp Trapp Baby Set (right).

We were kindly sent the Tripp Trapp high chair, the newborn set and the baby set to review – as the baby set was for sprogs six months and over, we put it up in the attic and basically forgot about it as it seemed ages away until we’d need it. However, just like the other three things above, Baby L soon got to a point where she was ready to graduate to the next stage up. As she could support her head and as we started weaning, it made sense to move to the baby set. Seeing her sit upright and no longer need the padded comfort of the newborn set fills me with feelings of pride but also sadness – it is great she’s developing so well, but also unfortunate that she’s flying through life so quickly.

When did it hit you that your little newborn baby was no longer a newborn baby? Do you have any regrets about those first six months? Have you managed to find a solution to slow time down? Let me know below!

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