Inside The Murky World Of A Dad’s Changing Bag

Ok, so I’m going to try to make this post interesting, but the reality is that it’s not the most interesting of subject matters ever written about.

Sure, it has more depth than a Twilight film, more humour than anything with Jonny Vegas and is more insightful than any TV show featuring Harry Wallop, but for me, that’s a given.

This post is more practical in nature. After all, parenting isn’t just about tea parties, dressing up and merrily skipping through meadows. It takes more than that. If Cubs and Scouts taught me anything as a kid, which to be honest it didn’t as I hated every minute, then it would probably include the words ‘Be Prepared’.

I think this is a pretty decent motto for life, particularly when you are attempting to raise a little sprog of your own. Coming from a business consultancy background, there’s nothing that excites me more than a good Excel project plan and working out what needs to be done by when. Luckily, the missus is as boring as me, so we’ve inadvertently taken this philosophy into our first twelve weeks of parenting. ‘Plan for the unexpected’. ‘Fail to plan, plan to fail’. ‘Giggity, giggity’. ‘I have the power’. You get the idea.

So I thought I’d share with you the stuff that I carry around in my changing bag. A Dad is often labelled as the unprepared one in the relationship or the person more likely to wing it and see what happens. I really don’t fit into this stereotype though. Instead, I prefer to know that I’ve got everything with me that I might possibly need to cover all eventualities. For me, there’s nothing worse than being miles away from home when a poonami hits and I don’t have the right equipment at hand to stop it seeping onto everything.

I’m actually quite excited and proud of the fact that I have my Babymule baby changing bag and the missus has hers. It might sound sad, but I like knowing that my bag is mine and hers is hers. Everything has it’s own place in my man bag and all hell breaks loose if the wife dares to open it. That’s what her bag is for!

In no particular order, this is what I carry around with me when I’m on baby duty:

  • 1 x t-shirt for the missus: In case the missus is affected by a poo explosion, sick explosion or boob juice explosion.
  • 1x t-shirt for me: In case I’m affected by a poo explosion, sick explosion or boob juice explosion. Also in case I spill anything down myself when eating.
  • 2 x baby grows: A change of clothes if the baby is affected by a poo explosion, sick explosion or boob juice explosion, then a back-up in case lightening strikes twice.
  • 1 x thick baby blanket: When it’s very chilly.
  • 1 x thin baby blanket: When it’s a little chilly.
  • 1 x baby socks: In case of cold feet or in case a sock goes missing (which happens very often).
  • 1 x baby hat: In case of a cold head.
  • 1 x large muslin cloth: For mopping up any spit up and for covering up during breastfeeding if needed (the missus, not me).
  • 1 x bib: For protecting clothes from sick and for mopping up any mouth leakages.
  • 2 x packs of paracetamol: Because a headache always strikes when you don’t have paracetamol to take. Plus, chances are I’ll be around screaming kids (in a non-paedoey way).
  • 1 x GorillaPod camera tripod: Because we always end up with selfie style photos or are too scared to ask random strangers to take our photo.
  • 1 x anti-bacterial hand gel: Because this is the best thing since sliced bread. It actually is probably better than sliced bread.
  • 10 x nappy bags: Always dispose of nappies responsibly. Plus they double up as poo bags for the dog.
  • 1 x pen: Because you never have a pen when you need one.
  • 1 x notepad: Because you never have anything to write on when you need one. Plus, what use is a pen without paper?
  • 1 x pack of baby wipes: For nappy changes and cleaning up general sticky and ickyness.
  • 1 x umbrella: Because I don’t have anywhere else to put it and it *feels* like a responsible Dad should have one.
  • 7 x nappies: A baby’s got to poo.

Items in dad baby changing bag close up

What do you think to the contents of my man bag? Too much, too little or just right? What do you pack that you couldn’t live without? Is there anything else I should consider including?