Looking Back On 6 Months As A Dad

Baby L is six months old today. Six. Bloody. Months. If the word ‘bloody’ doesn’t give it away, I think it has gone pretty quickly.

It feels like just the other day that she made her gory entrance into the world as she was pushed through the missus’ genitals in super quick time. In what was a very different experience to what we expected, it took just 3.5 hours for her to be born and we were home a mere 8.5 hours later looking a bit confused as to what had just happened.

Baby L 0 and 1 month

Baby L wrapped up cosy at a few minutes old (left) and striking a pose at 1 month (right).

During her short lifetime, both the wife and I have learnt a lot – too much to think about and list here, but it has spanned the entire spectrum of learning to look after a baby through to the impacts a sprog can have on your marriage. We have seen our baby develop from a tiny thing which didn’t do much into the little person that is now sitting upright and eating solid foods.

When I look back, it is obvious that six months have passed due to the milestones both us and the sprog have accomplished, but this doesn’t make it any easier to accept that time is going too quickly. This has been made pretty real this week as the missus has been in touch with her work in order to arrange her return in May. That was always nine months away, but now it is less than three. Shit!

Baby L 2 and 3 months

Baby L at a baby sensory class at 2 months (left) and modelling some new clothes at 3 months (right).

Being a dad has really been one of the most awesome experiences. Being responsible for this little cute human is something very difficult to put into words. As are the feelings you experience as she develops – the way it melts your heart when she recognises your face and smiles, the immense proudness when she rolls over, or the joy it brings to see your parents being totally in love with something you’ve created. That’s not to say everything is easy – you need to redefine your relationship with your partner, you suffer the odd bit of sleep deprivation and sometimes other areas of your life need to take a back seat.

I’d not change any of it though. I’ve always wanted to be a dad and I hope that I’m living up to my own high expectations and those of the missus. My situation hasn’t always been easy – leaving full-time employment, starting a new freelance career, preparing to become a stay at home dad – and it has been difficult to come to terms with my new role at times, but I realise I’m in a very fortunate position that I’ve been able to share every moment of these first six months with my wife and baby.

Baby L 4 and 5 months

Enjoying a Christmas experience at 4 months (left) and laughing in the pushchair at 5 months (right).

Thinking ahead, I’m excited but also pretty scared about what the future holds. Being a stay at home parent will be hard work, particularly as I imagine I’m going to hit some pretty tough challenges being a dad in a mums world. Still, I’ve always been up for a challenge and I just need to deal with this for the benefit of Baby L.


Baby L 6 months

Baby L nearly sitting up unaided this morning on her half year birthday.

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