Mutton Dressed As Lamb: The Return Of An Old, Cuddly Friend

Firstly, let me apologies to any of you that clicked this post’s link expecting to see 50-year-old women wearing short skirts and high heels. I’m sure there are plenty of other sites on the web that cater for that niche, however unfortunately this is not one.

The tail (get it?!) I wish to tell however does involve something old masquerading as something young. The story in question consists of “Lamby”, a nearly 30-year-old, hand-made, woollen, cuddly toy which has recently re-entered my life.

The love story started in May 1985 when a little boy called Dave came into the world. At just a few days old, he was given a woolly lamb as one of his first presents from a great-aunt (not of the Ant and Dec variety) which had been knitted and stuffed by hand. Creatively called Lamby, the two became best of friends and always hung out with each other as Dave went from newborn to baby to toddler.

mutton dressed as lamb old knitted sheep cuddly toy lamby

Lamby became a shared friend as Dave’s little bro was born and became a mainstay of their early lives. As the boys reached their teenage years, Lamby was cruelly cast aside as different interests were found and developed that unfortunately did not include stuffed animals. Lamby understood though. Boys have to become men.

Fast-forward to September 2014 and Dave is no longer a child or teenager. He is now a married man. But not just a married man, he is now a Dad after Baby L came into the world in August. The circle of life.

Imagine Dave’s surprise when his parents and bro came to visit with a mystery guest just after Baby L’s birth.


After all these years, Lamby remained in the family, staying faithful to the lads that made her feel so welcome. The next chapter of Lamby’s life now begins as she is officially one of Baby L’s first cuddly toys. Lamby now takes pride of place in Baby L’s cot and has another 30 years to look forward to.

mutton dressed as lamb comparison of Dave and baby l with lamby

There may be a slight age gap between the two (5.5 weeks to 29 years) but I’m sure that Lamby will prove to be as good a companion to Baby L as she did to me and my bro all of those years ago. I can’t really remember playing with Lamby as a kid, but I remember it always being there and being a childhood memory.

I’m sure you’ll also agree that despite being mutton dressed as lamb, a nearly 30-year-old Lamby still looks in pretty good condition. Maybe not a MILF, but definitely a LILF. No, not THAT, a Lamb I Love Forever…

mutton dressed as lamb Lamby Baby L Lifting Head

Have you got any treasured childhood toys or memories that you’ve kept throughout the years? Has there been anything that has been passed down from yourselves to your kids to continue or start a tradition?


  • Tamarasue

    What a great story! My son became attached to one of my baby blankets and still has it at the age of 16. However, it no longer pictures a little puppy running across the blanket, but instead it littered with patches and little holes. He swears that when he is off to college it will still go with him.

    • Bless. I never had anything like that which is nice to give Baby L Lamby. Sounds like the blanket has seen slightly better days though 🙂

  • Lovely story – Lamby is doing well considering her age and Baby L looks very much like you did as a baby. I still have my rag doll from when I was a little girl – she’s in a bit too much of a fragile condition these days though so won’t be sharing her with my two little ones just yet.

    • Thanks Louise – yeah there is definitely a similarity between us which is strange as both Hay and I thought she’d take her dominant genes. Nice you still have your rag doll albeit not in playable condition 🙂

  • Zaz

    This is so sweet – I love the passing down of traditions. My old Snoopy sits in the kids’ bedroom on their top shelf – he’s a little too old for man-handling, but watches over them daily! Popping by from PoCoLo – would love to invite you to join my All About You linkup (live Tues-Sat)

    • Good that Snoopy can watch over them. He’s probably a bit old to play with them now anyway. Thanks for the linky details 🙂

  • Mummy Tries

    What a fab little story Dave! It’s great that Lamby has stood the test of time and baby is now enjoying him 🙂 #PoCoLo

    • Thanks. Lamby has stood the test of time surprisingly well. Still looks in mint condition. We washed it when my bro brought it over and it took 2 days to dry due to it being wool!

  • I love the post title! I had a childhood toy that was home made by someone in the family. I think it’s still at my mums somewhere actually. Thanks for linking again this week (again!) #FamilyFriday

    • Thanks mate. Maybe you should find it and start sleeping with it in your bed again! Cheers for the linkup.

  • Love this post! So cute, love the shots of lamby with you in your bouncer and with your baba in his bouncer. Just fab. Hubs’s parents kept a lot of his old toys too which Monkey has also inherited. Love the way you wrote this though, fab post! xx #familyfriday

    • Thanks Caroline. It’s nice when things can be passed down. At my parents home there is still loads of my Lego, Star Wars and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys which I hope to share in the future 🙂

  • Clairejustineo

    Aww lovely post, and how young and fresh lamby still looks 🙂 Thanks for linking up #weekendbloghop

  • MyLifeAsAMummy

    What a brilliant post! I had a mouse toy when I was a baby, 27 years later my son has it! I love it when toys get passed down!
    Thank you for linking up with the #WeekendBlogHop
    Laura x x x

    • Thanks. That’s great that you’ve passed it down – hope he’s enjoying!

  • Oh lovely, adore the pics, got a teddy with one eye I’ve had since a baby I will never part with! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts x

    • Thanks. Haha, bless sounds like your teddy has been through the wars!

  • Victoria Welton

    Oh this is SO gorgeous. I selfishly kept my bear, Albert (Victoria, Albert – my Mum’s sense of humour!). But I am hoping that Horace the horse is a keeper here and Grace passes him on 🙂 Thank you for linking to PoCoLo 🙂

    • What a great name for a bear! Well if you weren’t ready to pass Albert on, next best thing to do is buy something new 🙂

  • Cute! And yes, I have a HUGE teddy that I got for my (I think) 2nd birthday, and now my boys have it, so it’s 26 years old! #pocolo

    • That’s nice, cool that you were able to pass something on too 🙂