Pampers Premium Protection Active Fit Nappies #SagGoneGrooveOn

I’ve learnt a lot of different baby-related stuff since becoming a dad nearly 19 months ago. Once a novice when it came to what to do and how to do it, I’d like to think that I’m now capable of more than holding my own when it comes to kids – well, babies and toddlers at least.

One of the areas I have a lot of experience is nappies. Just to clarify, I don’t mean for myself, although even the best of us are prone to the occasional, accidental leak. I, of course, mean for Toddler L. A rough calculation would suggest that she’s probably had her nappy changed something close to 3,000 times during her lifetime. That’s a hell of a lot of nappies.

Unfortunately, pissy and crappy nappies are part and parcel of this whole parenting lark. Until babies are able to leave the womb fully potty trained, being knee-deep – sometimes literally, after a particularly bad poonami – is one of the occupational hazards.

As such, I’m always interested to hear and try out new innovations which can help with the whole nappy experience. Recently, I’ve had a chance to do just that by teaming up with Pampers as part of their #SagGoneGrooveOn campaign to test, demonstrate and share our experiences of their new, innovative Premium Protection™ Active Fit nappies.

Sag To Swag Pampers Premium Protection Active Fit Nappies #SagGoneGrooveOn Changing Mat

Now for a bit of marketing spiel. The Premium Protection™ Active Fit nappies are the first and only nappies with Magical Pods. Although these sound like something you’d expect to see on CBeebies, they are in fact absorbing channels that run throughout the core of the nappy to help distribute wetness evenly.

This technology means that the Active Fit nappy stays up to two times drier and doesn’t sag when compared to the next leading brand. Not only does this help to protect your little one’s skin from dampness, but it also means that they are free of a heavy, unsightly, saggy nappy, thus allowing your little bundle of joy to cause chaos around your house in whichever method they see fit – crawling, walking, running, wiggling, dancing, jumping, climbing, exploring, chasing or any other adjective ending in “ing”.

We’re big fans of Pampers – Toddler L used to wear the the New Baby nappies and she has now worn the Baby Dry nappies during the night for as long as I can remember. With a brand like Pampers, you know exactly what you’re going to get, which is really reassuring when Toddler L can be in these nappies for 12+ hours. During the day though, we tend to use a combination of supermarket own brand nappies and reusable cloth nappies as a way of saving a bit of money. I was therefore really interested to see how a more premium brand would do in terms of protection, leakage and the all important sag department.

Sag To Swag Pampers Premium Protection Active Fit Nappies #SagGoneGrooveOn Toddler Being Changed On Mat

I’ll admit, I’m pretty crap at frequently changing Toddler L’s nappies. I don’t know how often they *should* be changed, but as she’s not had any rashes, my current routine can’t be too bad. On a typical day, I’ll change her out of her night nappy at some point before she goes for her morning nap – by then, she’s probably had this on for upwards of 15 hours! She then usually has a crap at some point during the day, meaning that I change it again. She’s then changed into her night nappy before she goes to bed, so that’s usually three or four nappy changes on a normal day depending on how full her bowels are.

We’ve been trying out these new Premium Protection™ Active Fit nappies for the past few weeks now and I’ve got to say that the claims made by the bods at Pampers ring true. In our experience, the Active Fit nappies have done as good a job as our usual nappies in terms of absorbing liquid, but they have the benefit of no sag – thanks to the ‘Magical Pods’ – meaning that it doesn’t impact the little one’s daily fun. Toddler L is able to use our house like soft play – climbing stairs, scaling furniture and even chilling on the windowsill!

Sag To Swag Pampers Premium Protection Active Fit Nappies #SagGoneGrooveOn Baby Wearing Nappies

It’s also worthwhile mentioning that they have always remained in place thanks to the sticky tabs around the waist, they have a high back which gives additional protection and they are surprisingly thin for something so absorbent – like, really, really thin. All in all, we’ve enjoyed trying out these new Pampers nappies, have found them to be really good – particularly from a no sag perspective – and would definitely consider buying these again.

I’ve done a little video to accompany this blog post – have a gander below and you’ll see a demonstration of the nappies and see Toddler L enjoying the ability to move freely due to the no sag technology in the nappies.

You can check out the videos and experiences from the other bloggers involved in this campaign using the hashtag #SagGoneGrooveOn.

N.B. I’m working with BritMums and Pampers testing Active Fit nappies with new no-sag technology. I have been compensated for my time. All editorial and opinions are my own. Visit today for more information. 

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