A Poem About An Awake Baby In The Early Hours

Now this isn’t my usual type of post, and I’m not really sure where it came from, but just humour me and go with it…

Baby L decided to wake up at 2.45am last night. She was wide awake and nothing we did got her back to sleep. She wasn’t crying loads, but if she wasn’t bounced, swayed or moved, her little face would crumple up and she’d shed a tear and let out a whine.

During the early hours, my brain decided to get a bit creative (due to the lack of sleep I imagine!) and start rhyming words. Within half an hour, I had a full poem that I wrote down on my phone. Having reviewed this morning, it isn’t the worst thing in the world, so I thought I’d share!

This is my 3am poem about wanting Baby L to go back to sleep.

Baby, Baby…!

Baby, Baby, go back to sleep,

Close your eyes,

Don’t make a peep.

Baby, Baby, don’t you cry,

What is wrong?

Why? Why? Why?!

Baby, Baby, you’ve been fed,

Nappy’s been changed,

“Shhhhhh”, I said.

Baby, Baby, you’ve had a cuddle,

Are you cold?

I’m in a muddle.

Baby, Baby, rest your head,

Shut your mouth,

Go back to bed.

Baby, Baby, suck your dummy,

Lay on your back,

Stop waking Mummy.

Baby, Baby, let’s try a swaddle,

What’s the time?

This isn’t a doddle!

Baby, Baby, eyes so wide,

Clock reads 3,

Still dark outside.

Baby, Baby, don’t be bitter,

Pass you to Mum,

I’ll check Twitter.

Baby, Baby, starts to yawn,

Getting sleepy,

It’s nearly morn.

Baby, Baby, wrapped so tight,

Snuggle up safe,

Turn off the light.

Baby, Baby, I am beat,

So, so tired,

Don’t wanna repeat.

Baby, Baby, don’t you weep,

Baby, Baby, count those sheep,

Baby, Baby, dream so deep,

Baby, Baby, fast asleep.


Does this sound familiar? Does your head ever do random things like create a poem at 3am? Have I found a new calling in life (and be kind!)? Did my A-level in English Language and Literature pay off?