Preparing (Very, Very) Early For Christmas 2015

I know, I know, this is a post about Christmas in October. Please don’t hate me. I hate myself enough already…

Before you click off though, the slight difference with this post is that it is about preparing early (or very early in this case) for Christmas, so I kind of have to write something well in advance, or I’m not practicing what I preach!

It’s not just me who has an eye on December 25th though. I’ve already noticed that some shops are starting to bring out the Christmas stock, which makes me feel a little uneasy considering that we haven’t even had Halloween yet. It’s hardly surprising though – with YouGov suggesting that the UK’s total intended festive spend for Xmas 2014 was a whopping £22.5 billion, Christmas is pretty big business.

baby christmas outfit montage

With 86 sleeps left until the big day, I find myself reflecting on last Christmas. This was our first since Baby L popped into the world and was totally different to any of the previous ones we’ve had. I found that I had an added excitement and vigour because we wanted to make it extra special for the little one. After all, you can only have your first baby’s first Christmas once.

Last year I wrote about starting our family Christmas traditions, which consisted of a number of different things we wanted to do as a family in the run up to Xmas and on the actual day. As this is our second year with the sprog, it gives us the chance to actually turn them into traditions. Doing them once then forgetting about them isn’t much of a tradition, unless the tradition is to forget previous traditions. Anyway, I digress…

We were able to do a lot of the Christmas traditions that I wrote about, but some of them didn’t quite go to plan. This wasn’t the worst thing in the world though as the sprog was too young to realise that I’d spoilt Xmas for her – in a way, it has given us the chance to learn from our mistakes and get things right for when she is old enough to remember. As she’ll be 16 months this Christmas, by my reckoning, we have another two years to refine things even more so that we can deliver Xmas each year with no issues whatsoever.

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A big thing I want to work on this year is being more organised. I was pretty good at planning when I used to be a business consultant – mainly because I have a secret love for spreadsheets – but since leaving that job and subsequently becoming a stay-at-home dad, my organisational skills have waned. So I need to do a bit of preparation for Christmas to make sure I’m on the ball – or on the bauble.

The first thing I want to do is make sure we’re set when it comes to seeing festive things. Last year, we were unable to see the Christmas lights being turned on as the missus was away that weekend and we missed Santa riding on his sleigh (aka the back of a pick-up truck) through the town. Two pretty big fails because of poor planning and coordination. Had Baby L been a few years older, I’m certain that we’d have had a number of explosive tantrums on our hands, some of these not just coming from me.

I also need to get more organised when it comes to buying presents. I’ll admit, I’m pretty crap when it comes to both shopping and buying stuff for others. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s more that I struggle to think of things to get. After 10 years with the missus and the countless numbers of birthdays, Valentine’s days, anniversaries, just-becauses etc, my inspiration has run dry.

By looking online and browsing in real-life shops well in advance of December 25th, I’d be in a much better position to get what I want without a mad rush a few days before. I like to get one big present for each family member, then one or two little stocking fillers. For the latter, I personally find that heading into somewhere like The Works and looking at their huge range of products means that I’m always able to find a couple of small Christmas presents. I just need to make sure that I do this a lot earlier than the weekend before Xmas.

On a similar theme, we also need to be a bit more organised when it comes to Christmas dinner, particularly as we have probably the greediest baby known to man. As my brother will be joining us as well, we need to make sure we’ve got ample food to feed the clan and that we think about our timings. Where in previous years we’ve been able to eat whenever the food is ready, a demanding 16 month old toddler is unlikely to understand why her turkey and roast potatoes are still in the oven instead of in her belly.

baby christmas outfit montage 1

Have you started thinking about Christmas yet? Is there anything you’re planning on doing this year different to last? Let me know below!

N.B. This is a collaborative post written with The Works, for which I was compensated for my efforts.

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