Review: A Selection Of Baby And Toddler Clothes From Joules

Although I may not really give much thought and attention to what I look like on a daily basis, I do like Toddler L to wear nice stuff. In fact, at the tender age of 15 and a bit months, I’m pretty sure that she not only has more clothes which are better quality when compared to me, but her wardrobe also probably triples mine in value.

Much like a crack addict looking for their next fix, we’re drawn to getting more and more stuff for the sprog. Yes, she doesn’t need them, but let’s be honest, she looks pretty damn cute, so why not? With this in mind, I was excited to receive an email the other week from Joules asking if we wanted to try out and review some of the items from their baby / toddler clothing range. The answer was obviously “hell yeah”.

Toddler L already has a couple of Joules dresses which my folks’ have bought her – from recollection, she has a pink spotty one and two floral numbers. We’ve been really impressed with the quality, design and look of the dresses, so it was a no-brainer to try out some of the other stuff in the Joules’ baby range.

After spending ages narrowing down our selection from everything we liked, we decided to order five separate items, including a hoodie, a coat, a pair of trousers with feet, a cardigan and a dress. Four of these were the right size to fit the sprog now, whilst one was bought for the future as it was a sale item and only available in a larger size. Below are the funky items we ordered:

Joules baby toddler girl clothes1

Below you’ll find a more detailed look at each item and our thoughts about them so far:


Product Experience

Babycosette Reversible Sweatshirt / Fleece – Pink Dot

Keep your little girl as warm and cosy as can be with our new reversible fleece-lined sweatshirt. Colourful on the outside, super-soft on the inside and did we mention it’s reversible too! What’s not to love?

Joules baby toddler girl clothes babycosette reversible sweatshirt fleece Pink dot 1

Being a big fan of polka dots, it was no surprise that the missus wanted Toddler L to have this sweatshirt. I’m pretty sure that her philosophy when it comes to her own and the sprog’s clothes is that it has to be purchased if it features any kind of dots.

I’m glad though as this reversible hoodie has already become my go-to garment for Toddler L when we get up in the morning. With Winter well and truly upon us – particularly in our house as I’m yet to figure out how to get the heating to automatically turn on – a warm jumper-thing is a must to keep her toasty. And it definitely does that.

It is reversible, meaning that you can either have the light and dark pink polka dotted jersey side, or turn it inside out to reveal a light pink fleece. No matter which may you wear it, you’re easily able to fasten it up with the zip and use the hood for that extra bit of warmth. The reversible nature of the item in essence means you have two items in one, which is handy when matching with other items of clothes.

It’s also worthwhile mentioning that the hoodie is machine washable which is great, particularly as the light pink side does show stains. I’d have potentially thought it was hand-wash only due to the soft, fleece material used, so was chuffed to find out that it could just be thrown into the washing machine with the rest of her grubby stuff.

The sweatshirt is available in multiple sizes from 0-3 years and costs £27.95


Babymilford Classic Quilted Jacket – French Navy

We didn’t think country style could get much cooler (or cuter!) but then our eyes fell on this. A must for giving chills the cold shoulder.

Joules baby toddler girl clothes BABYMILFORD CLASSIC QUILTED JACKET French Navy

Let me start with a slight admission. This quilted coat was bought from the boys’ section and not the girls’ section of the Joules’ website. Shock horror! There was a pink version of the coat available, but we preferred the blue so plumped for that one instead. Who says girls can’t wear blue, eh?

We absolutely love this coat. Everything about it is so cute. From a practical perspective, it is padded, so works well as a protective layer in Autumn or Winter to keep the little one warm. It’s already had a lot of use when we’ve done things like been out to walk the dog, popped into town to pick up some bits or gone into the woods to play.

In terms of the detail of the coat, it has a cord collar and trims, a multi-coloured checked lining, two pockets on the front and four popper fasteners which allow it to be put on and taken off quickly – the latter being vital for when you have a tantruming toddler!

The coat is available in multiple sizes from 0-3 years and costs £32.95.


Babyhayley Jersey Dress – Marshmallow Stripe

Complete with hotchpotch styling and a new hand-drawn print, this little dress is all set to impress. Crafted from soft yet sturdy cotton, it’s perfect for endless amounts of crawling and exploring.

Joules baby toddler girl clothes Babyhayley Jersey Dress Marshmallow Stripe

When we saw this dress, both the missus and I agreed that we had to get it. There was something so striking about the different pastel colours and we could totally see Toddler L rocking this bad boy.

Since getting the dress, the sprog has worn it a lot as it works well as both a ‘being lazy in the house’ and a ‘dress to impress’ item. This makes my life much easier as I know she’ll look good no matter what we get up to…which is more than I can say about myself!

By all means use the photos rather than my convoluted description, but the dress has full length sleeves and is about knee height in length. It features continual thin white stripes set against thicker turquoise, yellow, dark pink and light pink bands, and also has one dark pink and one light pink pocket on the front of the dress. It also fastens with two poppers at the shoulder area to keep it in place. It is also really soft to the touch and surprisingly thick as it is made from 100% cotton.

The dress is available in a number of sizes from 0-3 years and costs £22.95.


Babydorrie Cardigan – Cream

Perfect to place over any of our dresses, this cardigan will be a favourite of any little one who loves to layer. Finished with character pockets – yes, they are as cute as they look – and crafted in a super-soft fabric for ultimate comfort.

Joules baby toddler girl clothes Babydorrie Cardigan Cream

Toddler L has seriously been lacking some nice cardigans since growing out of the ones we bought when she was smaller. Obviously the likes of the reversible hoodie mentioned above is great, but sometimes you need something which is a bit thinner and a bit smarter.

We were therefore really chuffed when we saw this cardie. It is very plain, which is what we were looking for, but still boasts quality. Described as cream – although I’d probably call it white – it has ribbed hem and cuffs, five pink buttons and two cute rabbit character pockets. The material is very soft to the touch and we’ve found it great to pair with something smarter like the Jersey Dress mentioned above or dress it down with a pair of trousers / leggings.

The cardigan is available in a range of sizes from 0-3 years and costs £24.95.


Babypatacakeg Jersey Crawlers – Marshmallow Stripe

As we’re sure you’ll know, when a little one learns how to crawl, they’ll be difficult to stop. So we crafted these crawlers from hardwearing cotton and added reinforced knees and non-slip soles.

These were a last minute order with the items above, but as they were on sale, we had to buy a much bigger size than what would fit Toddler L now. We’ve therefore not been able to try them on, but they are safely tucked away for when she’s bigger.

We’re big fans of trousers with feet – as it means that you don’t need to faff around with socks or put tights on underneath trousers – so we really liked the look of these. Not only do they look cool with the pink and white stripes, but they are soft to the touch, have an elasticated waist, and cleverly, have reinforced knees and non-slip soles, which sound pretty perfect for a crawling or walking toddler.

The trousers are available in sizes from 0-24 months and cost £7.95 (on sale from £16.95)




We’ve been really chuffed with each of the Joules items we ordered and I’m really struggling to find anything negative to say. Each item screams quality – they are nicely designed, they stand out, they look good, they are made from quality materials, they wash well and appear to be durable. You can’t really ask for more than that.

My favourite item is probably the quilted jacket – I’m not jealous in the slightest that she gets to wear it and I don’t! I also really like the jersey dress and the reversible hoodie. Oh, and also the cardigan. And the trousers, although she hasn’t worn them yet. See what I mean? All great items and very little to say that isn’t glowing.

If I’m being picky, the only slight negative thing I’d mention is price. I’m going to massively caveat this by saying I’m a tight Northerner, but the items do appear to be on the more expensive side, probably due to coming with the Joules name. For instance, for me, £25 for a cardigan feels quite pricey for a toddler who may only get a few months out of it. However, as mentioned, it is obvious that the garments are of a premium quality, so if you want top quality stuff, then you expect to pay a higher price.

Taking everything into account, I’d definitely recommend checking out Joules’ baby and toddler stuff – I expect that we’ll be visiting their website again ourselves in the not too distance future!



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4.5 stars out of 5

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N.B. This review was written by me (Dave) and represents my honest opinion of the products. The toddler clothes were sent to me by Joules with the purpose of writing an honest product review in exchange for the products.

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