Review: Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer (NTF3000)

I was never really a worrier prior to the missus getting preggers last January, but since finding out that there was a bun in the oven, I’ve gone into worry overdrive. That nine or so months saw me living in a constant state of fear, nervous that something could happen to the sprog at any second. Luckily, Baby L disembarked the mothership without any issues and I naively thought that the worry would subside.

Oh how I was wrong!

If anything, my fret levels have gone through the roof since Baby L came into the world. In the last six months, I’ve been more on edge than a tightrope walker, cliff jumper and mountain goat all combined. This could be due to age as I approach the dreaded big 30, but I reckon it’s more likely to do with the fact that I’m now responsible for something that is too useless and lazy to look after herself – just to clarify, that’s the baby I’m talking about, not the missus…

Anything which can help to give peace of mind is a massively welcome addition to my parenting artillery. I was therefore delighted to be contacted to review Braun’s new no touch + forehead thermometer (NTF3000), which is one of their range of just launched high precision thermometers designed to give peace of mind for the whole family. With colds, the flu, infections and even Ebola running rife, being able to identify early signs of illness is a pretty vital way of protecting your little ones.

Below you’ll find my review of the Braun no touch + forehead thermometer:

Product Description

The product is described as:

Braun’s new No touch + forehead thermometer (NTF3000) is the only thermometer available that offers a combination of ‘touch’ and ‘no touch’ technology. Measuring forehead temperature in less than two seconds, the NTF3000 features an ultra-sensitive sensor with an innovative optical system; just place it directly on your child’s forehead in ‘touch’ mode or hold it up to 5cm away in ‘no touch’ mode. Safe for the whole family, including newborns, the ‘no touch’ function helps to limit the risk of spreading germs and eliminates the possibility of cross contamination amongst family members, whilst using the non invasive ‘no touch’ function with ‘no sound mode’ enables you to take a reading without disturbing a sleeping child. The simple colour indicator makes interpreting the results simple. The screen displays green if no fever, yellow if the temperature is elevated and red alert for a possibly high fever. Key features:

  • No touch mode
  • Touch mode
  • Colour coded display
  • Backlight for night time reading
  • Breakthrough technology: ultra-sensitive sensor and optical system, with clinically proven accuracy
  • Silent mode for sleeping baby
  • Fast, gentle and easy to use
  • Positioning guidance system
Braun no touch + forehead thermometer NTF 3000

The box includes the thermometer, batteries, sensor cap, instruction manual and quick start guide.

Product Experience

Before we start, let me confront the elephant in the room. I know you’re all thinking it. No, the NTF3000 is not a robot from The Terminator film series. It may look slightly futuristic in appearance, but I can confirm that it is not a shapeshifting robot assassin made from liquid metal sent from the future. Now that’s clear, let’s move on…

The thermometer came nicely boxed along with batteries, a sensor cap, a quick start guide and a detailed instruction manual. I had a look at the quick start guide and the thermometer seemed pretty easy to use. I simply put in the batteries, pressed the on button, then I was ready to go. Like a kid with a new toy weapon, I made it my mission to scan everything that I could in order to see what the thermometer would do. That included testing myself, the missus, the baby and the dog – I personally found saying “Zap” when I pressed the blue thermometer button added to the realism of having some type of space laser.

The thermometer was very simple and quick to use, both in ‘touch’ and ‘no touch’ mode. Within no more than 10 seconds, you can have an accurate temperature reading of whatever you’ve scanned. In ‘touch’ mode, you simply place the thermometer against your chosen target’s forehead and press the blue thermometer button – within two seconds, the temperature is shown along with a colour coded display on the large panel at the top of the thermometer. In ‘no touch’ mode, guided by the yellow light (proximity sensor) you hold it approximately five centimeters away from the chosen forehead – again, within two seconds, the colour coded display and temperature are shown for your viewing pleasure.

Braun no touch + forehead thermometer NTF 3000 colour and temperature display

The proximity sensor shows where it is pointed and the colour display indicates temperature.

I found the colour coded display to be a great feature. I personally don’t know much about what temperature is regarded as OK and in what situation you should panic and dash to the hospital, so having something that guides you via the green, yellow and red system is very useful. As you’d expect, green signifies that everything is normal, yellow indicates an elevated temperature, whilst red suggests a high temperature – if yellow or red displays, this indicates that it is advisable to contact a doctor, particularly if there are other symptoms too.

The thermometer also allows you to change the temperature scale from Celsius to Fahrenheit via a switch in the battery compartment and allows you to turn the volume on and off via a switch on the side. Having an audible beep whilst you take the temperature of a sleeping sprog is likely to wake them up, so turning the volume off and using the ‘no touch’ mode ensures that your little one is undisturbed. This obviously means that the Braun thermometer is more non-invasive if compared to a more traditional thermometer which requires contact or insertion.

Braun no touch + forehead thermometer NTF 3000 sleeping baby

The ‘No Touch’ mode allows you to take the sprog’s temperature whilst they sleep without disturbing them.

It’s only a small thing, but it was refreshing that the batteries were included with the thermometer. I’m pretty sick of buying stuff that doesn’t include batteries, meaning that I’ve got to rummage around in drawers attempting to (a) find some batteries and (b) hope that they aren’t dead, before (c) making a special trip to the supermarket to buy some. The fact that most of the clocks dotted around our house have all stopped working doesn’t bode well for any battery operated appliances, so the fact that batteries are included is an added bonus. Anyway, I digress.

I was able to test the thermometer whilst the little one was awake and when she was asleep. I found that ‘touch’ mode was better than ‘no touch’ mode when the sprog was awake because she became transfixed on the yellow light and tried to look at it, meaning that it was difficult to keep her head still and get a reading. At night, ‘no touch’ mode was fantastic as you were able to get an accurate reading without needing to interfere with your sleeping bundle of joy.

Whilst testing, I found a couple of slight variances in temperature. It appeared that ‘no touch’ mode resulted in a reading of a few points of degree Celsius lower than ‘touch’ mode – for example 37.3 degrees Celsius versus 37.0 degrees Celsius. I also compared the Braun thermometer against the readings of an oral digital thermometer and found a 0.5 degree Celsius difference in each reading. Neither of these particularly bothered me, it just seems important to make sure that you use the same thermometer and the same method in order to ensure your comparisons are as accurate as possible.

Braun no touch + forehead thermometer NTF 3000 sausage dog

The thermometer displayed an error when used on the dog due to his hair – keep that in mind people with a unibrow!


The Braun thermometer is priced at £52.99 and is available from a number of retailers including Amazon, Asda and Boots.

My initial reaction was that £50 was pricey for a thermometer, however having looked online at other brands, the Braun no touch + forehead thermometer looks to be reasonably priced considering some retail at £100. Cheaper options are available obviously, however these don’t seem to be as ‘clever’ as the NTF3000 or provide the dual ‘touch’ / ‘no touch’ functionality. Having tried this thermometer, I’d personally have no qualms in spending a little more for something much better which can stay with your family as it grows.


I was really impressed with the Braun no touch + forehead thermometer and it will definitely continue to be used in the DADventurer household – and that’s not just for zapping things with my laser and pretending I’m a superhero! It is very simple to use and produces an accurate reading in two seconds, which is phenomenology quick compared to our usual oral thermometer method.

I also really liked the colour coded display which tells you whether you need to worry or not, whilst the fact it uses just two buttons makes it pretty much idiot proof. The thermometer also gave us a lot of reassurance – the little one had just had her third set of vaccinations, so it allowed us to keep an eye on her temperature when she seemed a bit ‘off’.

The DADventurer Star Rating 

5 out of 5


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  • Gym Bunny Mummy

    A fab review, I’d be a bit worried it wouldn’t be accurate as it’s no touch so I’m glad you compared it to another thermometer as it removes that worry altogether. It looks fab, especially for small babies

    • Thanks 🙂 Yeah, I had to be thorough and compare it against another thermometer as I wouldn’t know whether it was accurate or not. Despite it not having contact with the skin, the readings were pretty similar. Definitely helps when the little ones are sleeping. Thanks for commenting.

  • Lisa

    Great review and it looks like a great product. I’ve always used just a normal thermometer but it’s
    always been a bit impossible to get the reading from wriggling toddler who doesn’t like having his armpit interfered with and the mouth is a no go zone! Will have to save up some pennies for this! Love the dog photo!! #TriedTested

    • Exactly! Babies / kids seem to move around the most when you need them to be still! As mentioned, it’s better to touch to their skin when a baby, but at least you don’t have to disturb them when asleep. Haha thanks, had to include the dog in there somewhere 🙂

  • Great review, seems like a great investment. There is plenty of times I’ve had to wake my boys up to check temperature so being able to get an idea when they are asleep would be so useful. My husband would definitely be treating it as some kind of laser gun too! But you did need to thoroughly test it 🙂 #triedtested

    • Thanks – yeah I think it is a good investment – can be used on the entire family (as I’ve done every day since getting it as I try to beat my previous temperature score!) and is a good, solid bit of kit. Yeh, the no touch feature is really good when they’re sleeping. Haha, get your husband one then we could have a laser gun war together 🙂

  • mommyslittleprincesses

    Great review on what sounds like an absolutely brilliant product. I so need one of these in my life!xx

    • Thanks and cheers for stopping by! Yeah it is – I don’t hand out 5 stars too often, but I think this is worth it 🙂

  • What a great review….This looks and sounds fantastic! I know my girls hated having their temps taken when they were little….This would have been ideal x

    • Thanks Kim – yeah I can’t fault it in anyway. Simple to use and a great idea which is executed really well! Definitely helps when it comes to temperature taking as it is so quick and has the 2 different modes 🙂

  • Stephanie

    Great review, I have an old Braun thermometer that I got when my son was born, that was 10 years ago and it is still going strong now! It has been worth it’s weight in gold and been used for 3 kids, I love the idea of the no touch one though as I hate disturbing them whislt they are sleeping.

    • Good stuff, sounds like you got a pretty good purchase back in the day. Almost like a 4th kid in a way?! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • Amy

    It is quite hefty on price but Braun is such a trusted brand I can imagine it’s pretty faultless. What will they come up with next!

    • Crazy isn’t it, always something new coming out. I thought £50 was pricey at the start, but I wouldn’t mind paying that now having seen how easier and quicker it is, plus it will last for years. But having said that, £50 is a lot when money is tight and this isn’t a necessary purchase, more of a nice to have 🙂

  • Your opening paragraph really made me think of my husband – he was never much of a worrier till I fell pregnant either 😉
    I keep meaning to invest in one of these thermometers – they sound great. Lovely to see you linking up with #TriedTested this week 🙂 x

    • Maybe I am your husband but have just been blogging under a different name….
      I’d definitely recommend it. Thanks for stopping by and for the linky 🙂

  • Steve Smith

    What if you pointed it at the inside of your dog’s ear, or the belly, where there is no hair? I am veterinarian and I’m looking for a noninvasive thermometer. Seriously.

    • Funny you say that – we did try it on Dax’s belly where there isn’t as much hair and it did provide a reading! Just for you, I’ve tried it on the inside of his ear just now and that works too. Could be a good option if you’re looking for a non-invasive thermometer (and weren’t just joking!) 🙂