Review: Cuddledry Cuddleroar Toddler Dress-Up Bath Towel

Bathtime with a baby can be, erm, let’s say interesting.

It can be truly awesome as you see your little one splash around in the water and giggle with delight, but it can also be a pretty stressful affair with crying, screaming, or worse, floaters in the bath.

We’ve always tried to make bathtime fun for Baby L in the hope that she’ll love the water. We therefore jumped at the chance to bring even more enjoyment into our bathroom antics when we were offered for review a Cuddleroar towel from award-winning baby bath product experts Cuddledry.

The Cuddleroar is basically a hooded towel for your little one. BUT, it is not just a towel. Designed to look like a dinosaur or lizard, you can turn your sprog – or yourself – into an extra from Jurassic World. Below you’ll find my review of the Cuddleroar towel:

Product Description

The product is described as:

We think this is the most fun that can be had after bathtime – a towel for your little dragons or dinosaurs that is big, soft, warm, fun and downright gorgeous! Made with our signature blend of incredibly soft bamboo and cotton towelling, which will always stay soft however often you wash your Cuddleroar.

Something special to use every day with your tot – or to give as a perfect present. Loved by kids as well as mums and dads – your little ones will bundle the towel around them to keep them snug, and then charge around your house until its time to get dressed! Features include:

  • contains bamboo fibre and cotton – silky soft, 60% more absorbent than just cotton, with a natural antibacterial quality
  • let their imagination run wild with ‘dress-up’ design to make bathtime fun
  • super fluffy and warm – keep your little one cosy and snug
  • sensibly big – tons of fabric to wrap them right up
  • cosy hood – superabsorbent bamboo to dry hair and keep warmth in
  • from walking age to 3 years

Cuddledry Cuddleroar toddler bath towel in box

Product Experience

The Cuddleroar towel comes nicely presented in a box with a sneaky ‘gloryhole’, allowing you to cop a feel of the goods before revealing the full package. And, oh my, what a sensory experience it was as I stroked that big, soft, warm and, erm, green towel.

Cuddledry do a number of other animal themed towels – such as deer, cow, giraffe and snow leopard – however I knew that the dinosaur / lizard was the only one that I – I mean Baby L – would want. Out of the box, the Cuddleroar was as awesome – or dinoawesome – as I’d hoped with the dark green spikes, tail and ears adding something that bit cooler to a normal hooded baby towel.

Cuddledry Cuddleroar toddler bath towel folded and on radiator

We’ve been using the Cuddleroar for a few months now and have absolutely no complaints at all. It is marketed at toddlers, but we’ve found that it is great for older babies too, particularly when they can sit up on their own. Not only is it huge, which is fantastic for ensuring your little one is fully-wrapped, cosy and snug after a bath, but the material used is also really soft, warm and absorbent.

The large hood on the towel is also great for drying the little one’s hair, whilst a handy press stud means you can keep it secure as little attempts to pull it off. What’s more, the quality and softness of the towel has not been impacted by regular washing in the washing machine, which we’ve actually found with other baby items and garments.

Baby L wearing Cuddledry Cuddleroar toddler bath towel crawling

The truly awesome thing about the Cuddleroar though is the appearance. Call me immature or childish (many do), but there’s something amazing about seeing your little one looking like a dinosaur, particularly when they crawl slowly out of the bathroom to the soundtrack of my giggling. I don’t know for sure, but I’m pretty positive that this is how they created the action scenes in Jurassic World – CGI is soooo 2014.

The good thing though is that this enjoyment is only going to get better as the sprog gets older. I can’t wait to see an upright Baby L running excitedly from room to room making growling noises as she lets her imagination run wild. To be fair, I’ll probably be chasing after her with my own hooded dinosaur towel!

Baby L wearing Cuddledry Cuddleroar toddler bath towel dad


The Cuddleroar towel costs £34.99 and can be bought directly from Cuddledry or from retailers such as Boots and Amazon. I personally think that this is a little on the pricey side for a towel, however it does feel like most baby products have a slight mark-up these days. Combine this with the fact that it is great quality, super soft, long-lasting and incredibly cute, I could probably just stretch my miserable, tight Northerner wallet to cover the price of buying one for Baby L or as a gift for a friend’s little human.


We really like the Cuddleroar and have absolutely no complaints about the actual product – my only slight reservation is the price as I feel £35 is a bit expensive for a towel – that could just be me though. Although a simple concept, I think Cuddledry have done an excellent job when it comes to their range of animal-themed towels. Not only are they fun, but the quality of the towels are exceptional due to the materials used.

We’ve found the towel to be a great size so the little one can continue to use it as she gets older, as well as super soft and absorbent which are the fundamentals of good baby and toddler towels. With the Cuddleroar, there is no possibility that your little one will be cold or damp after their bath, which goes a huge way to ensuring they are content prior to bed.

I also love the look of the Cuddleroar – the dinosaur spikes, tail and ears are a great touch and totally transform it from a boring hooded towel into a cool dress-up item to help their imagination. The Cuddleroar is definitely a product I’d recommend for any household with a baby / toddler or a big kid like me.

The DADventurer Star Rating

4.5 out of 5 stars

N.B. This review was written by me (Dave) and represents my honest opinion of the product. The Cuddleroar towel was sent to me by Cuddledry with the purpose of writing an honest product review in exchange for the product.