Review: Konfidence AquaNappy and NeoNappy Baby Swimwear

As a kid, I fondly remember going swimming. Most Sunday mornings, my dad, bro and I used to head to a local pool to get our swim on and frolic in the water (when I say ‘frolic’ it was more likely to be trying to emulate wresting moves in the pool).

The thing though is that I’ve never been a massive fan of swimming. For me, it used to be about spending some ‘guy time’ together and just doing something a bit different to the norm. I can take or leave the verruca infected floors, the lack of decent changing facilities or the tepid water that gives you goose-pimples and nipples that could cut ice.

Still, this hasn’t stopped me from wanting to go swimming with the sprog – partly to introduce her to water at an early age and partly to have someone else to frolic with. Since she reached around six months old, we’ve been swimming in the local pool each week, recently started a Water Babies swimming class and gone in the pool whilst on our recent holiday at Bluestone Wales.

I was therefore delighted to hear from baby and child swimwear specialists Konfidence about reviewing and testing some of their award winning range, particularly as I’d got a bit confused trying to figure out what kit we’d need. We were sent four items by Konfidence – the AquaNappy, NeoNappy, Babywarma Wetsuit and Roll & Go Baby Changer – which are arguably the essentials required when swimming with a tiny human.

This review will cover the AquaNappy and NeoNappy, which make up the double layer nappy system required by most swim schools, whilst a future post will cover the other two items.

Product Description

The products are described as:

AquaNappy – If you’re taking your baby or toddler swimming, then the first thing you need to make sure is that they’re hygienically safe and sound. The Konfidence AquaNappy provides the all-in-one total solution, with its one-size-fits-all design making it superb value.

Incorporating a triple layer design, the AquaNappy comprises of a soft polyester outer layer, recycled PVC middle barrier layer, and soft inner mesh layer. The reusable and eco-friendly swim nappy is made doubly secure with an adjustable Velcro sash and poppers, allowing it to be sized up from 3 months to around 30 months in age.

No other layers or inserts are required – the AquaNappy IS the swim nappy. Just pop it on and you’re ready to go swimming. Tested and endorsed by swim schools since their launch almost 10 years ago, this multi award winning swim nappy has time and again proved the most effective solution for preventing little accidents from spoiling swimming days. And of course; they’re machine washable. 

Konfidence AquaNappy Pink Polka Dot

NeoNappy – We also recognise that many Baby Swimming Classes require a double layer nappy system to provide the maximum protection from leaks, and to allow for this we offer the Konfidence NeoNappy. Designed to be worn over the top of the AquaNappy, the NeoNappy is swim school approved and is the perfect solution for those schools that require this double layer protection.

With its soft and supple neoprene shell and high quality nylon lycra waist and leg hems, the Neonappy nappy cover forms part of the ‘double layer system’ insisted upon by many baby swim schools. The neoprene shell provides a soft and flexible but most importantly impermeable barrier to keep little accidents inside.

The Lycra waist and legs hems form a seal around little legs and waist and help to keep what’s inside, inside! With no rubbing or chaffing leaving red marks the Neonappy nappy cover is ideal in conjunction with our eco-friendly reusable and adjustable one size Konfidence AquaNappy.

Konfidence NeoNappy Navy Polka

Product Experience 

As the name suggests, the AquaNappy is basically a nappy that your sprog can use in the water and is an alternative to a disposable water nappy. Compared to the disposable variety though, the AquaNappy is reusable as it can be washed, comes with an adjustable waist meaning it can grow with your baby and, in my opinion, looks much nicer. Depending on the regulations at your swimming pool or swimming school, you can technically just pop your little one into an AquaNappy then throw them into the water.

Before we go any further, let me just explain something that I didn’t know. Water nappies, be it disposable or reusable, are not designed to contain your little human’s wee, only their poo. It is therefore pretty much a sieve, meaning solids will be contained but liquids will escape. Remember that when you’re next in the pool around babies and accidentally swallow water. Anyway, I digress…

In terms of colour and design, we chose the Pink Polka Dot AquaNappy for Baby L which we really like. If pink isn’t your style, there are another eight designs available for you to choose from. The AquaNappy is put on just like a regular nappy – by this, I mean that you open it up, put your baby in the centre, then bring the front section up and affix around the waist. This makes it pretty simple and effortless to get on, if you ignore the fact that Baby L is pretty bloody annoying and decides it’s fun to kick her legs everywhere!

The AquaNappy has been created with three different layers in order to stop contamination in the pool (AKA your baby’s crap escaping into the water). This includes a polyester outer layer, PVC middle barrier and a mesh-like fabric on the inside. Luckily, and I mean luckily as I don’t really fancy scraping crap out of the AquaNappy, we’ve not had any pooey experiences or incidents when swimming. I therefore cannot say first hand that the nappy would keep everything contained and how easy it is to clean, however I’m more than happy to trust that the AquaNappy does the job. I do take my product testing seriously, but I unfortunately can’t get Baby L to crap on demand and the AquaNappy was a bit too small for me when I needed to go!

Konfidence AquaNappy Pink Polka Dot baby

The AquaNappy has been designed to fit babies of different sizes – three months to 30 months according to the product description. It comes with Velcro and poppers around the waist band to allow you to adjust it based on how big your little bundle of joy is. This is great in theory because it means the product will last for a few years and grow with your kid, but there’s obviously a massive difference between a three month old baby and a nearly three year old toddler.

We have actually found that the AquaNappy is pretty baggy on Baby L (nearly eight months old, although she is on the small side), both around the waist and legs, even when fitted to its tightest setting. We’ve therefore not risked just going into a pool with an AquaNappy in case of seepage from one of the gaps where cloth meets skin. Longer Velcro straps or additional poppers could potentially make it more snug for littler babies.

Instead, what we’ve done is use the AquaNappy in conjunction with the NeoNappy, which is often advised by most swimming pools and swimming schools. The NeoNappy is basically a water resistant cover which you put over the AquaNappy to create a double layer nappy system. This means that what happens inside the nappy, stays inside the nappy, much to the relief of any parent. The NeoNappy is made from neoprene, which is the material normally used to make wetsuits. As you’d therefore expect, this means that it fits snugly around the waist and around the legs of your sprog to create a tight seal to stop anything escaping. However, it is still flexible enough to ensure that the sprog is comfortable even when wearing two layers.

Konfidence NeoNappy Navy Polka baby wearing

Our NeoNappy design is called Navy Polka – this feature a dark blue front and back, with an even darker blue trim with white polka dots around the legs and waist. It also has the Konfidence brand name and logo in white on the front. There are another five designs available should you prefer something that isn’t blue. The NeoNappy is available in numerous sizes which range from 0 to 24 months in age – we went with a small (3-6 months) as Baby L is a bit on the small side. At nearly eight months old, these still fit her but are looking a little tight now so we may need to upgrade soon.


The AquaNappy costs £9.99 and the NeoNappy is priced at £8.49, with both available to be purchased directly from Konfidence or Amazon. I personally think that both items are priced really well. At a penny less than a tenner, the AquaNappy provides huge value for money as it can be used on your sprog for the best part of two and a half years – it also doesn’t require anything else to be worn with it (depending on where you swim) and is much cheaper than disposables in the long run. The NeoNappy is also decently priced at less than a tenner, however you would need to buy a new one of these every three months or so due to their snug fit.


We love the Konfidence range of baby swimwear and would definitely recommend. They look nice, are great quality, do the job well, are competitively priced and wash well in the washing machine (30 degree Celsius with no fabric conditioner, by the way).

We are really pleased with the AquaNappy overall. We like the fact that it is reusable, can be worn on its own and lasts a long time, however it is a little big around Baby L’s waist which means that we haven’t risked it as the sole item of swimwear just yet. A bit longer Velcro and additional poppers could maybe help achieve that snug fit. Still, we’ve not had any embarrassing accidents or leaks so it must still be doing its job!

The NeoNappy cover fits snugly over the AquaNappy to create a double layer nappy system which was required for our local swimming pool and on the Water Babies class that we’ve recently started. It has also given us the added reassurance that we won’t be walking to the pool with piss trickling down our arm as the neoprene material ensures what is in the nappy, stays in the nappy. I have no complaints whatsoever about the NeoNappy – the only slight annoyance is that a baby could grow out of them quickly, however this makes sense because they need to fit snugly to ensure they do what they are designed for.

The DADventurer Star Rating 

Konfidence AquaNappy –  4.5 out of 5 stars

Konfidence NeoNappy – 5 out of 5 stars



N.B. This review was written by me (Dave) and represents my honest opinion of the products. The AquaNappy and NeoNappy were sent to me by Konfidence with the purpose of writing an honest product review in exchange for the products.