Review: Konfidence Babywarma Baby Wetsuit and Roll & Go Baby Changer

Earlier in the year, we were sent a few swimwear items from the fab guys at Konfidence so that we were kitted out with all of the essentials we needed to take the sprog swimming. This included the AquaNappy, NeoNappy, Babywarma Wetsuit and Roll & Go Baby Changer.

I reviewed the AquaNappy and NeoNappy a few weeks ago – together, these create a double layer nappy system required by many swimming pools and swim schools. We’ve used these every time that we’ve been to the pool and can honestly say that we’d be lost without them. Not only are they great quality and look good, but they have stopped many a turd escaping and floating in the pool…

The other two items we received were the baby wetsuit and a baby changing mat. The purpose of the wetsuit is to keep the baby warm when in the pool, whilst the baby changer gives you a safe place to plonk your sprog when changing them before and after swimming.

Here’s my review of these two baby swimming products.

Product Description

The products are described as: Babywarma Baby Wetsuit – Babies love going swimming but one of the most common safety concerns for parents is that even in heated pools they can get cold quickly. With this is mind we have created our baby wetsuit using the perfect blend of quality, design and safety. Made from a flexible 2mm-thick soft neoprene, our Babywarma Baby Wetsuit enable babies aged 0-24 months stay warmer in the swimming pool for much longer than would be possible without it.The neoprene also provides a higher grip surface for parents when carrying baby around poolside / changing rooms as compared to bare skin.

When worn outdoors it is also 100% UV protective, and features clever design techniques that ensure a snug, “huggable” fit, for maximum safety, comfort and performance – it also opens flat to allow quick nappy changes. Its multi award winning design also offers fantastic value for money. As baby grows and his/her shape naturally changes as they start crawling and walking, the generously sized, soft and ‘snag-proof’ Velcro fasteners on the baby wetsuit offers parents the flexibility to adjust the suit in or out to create a comfortable snug fit every time.

Konfidence Babywarma Baby Wetsuit Polka Dot

Roll & Go Baby Changing Mat – Changing babies at public pools is never the easiest task, not least when confronted with wooden slat benches in the changing rooms and wet floors. Our award winning Roll & Go Baby Changing Mat helps solve this age-old problem. Made from soft cushioned Neoprene with a treaded non-slip back, and finished with close knit, warm laminate cover, the Konfidence Baby Changer provides a comfortable and secure mat that’s hygienically clean for your baby.

  • Available in a choice of 4 colours to co-ordinate with the rest of your baby swimwear 
  • Chlorine resistant, easy to clean
  • Designed in a practical extra-large size; 41.5cm x 70 cm
  • Lightweight and portable Roll & Go design 
  • Multi-use – in the changing room, at the poolside to aid safe entry, or simply use whilst out and about 
  • Awarded Gold for Best Travel Product in the prestigious 2012 Mother & Baby product awards

Konfidence Roll & Go Baby Changing Mat Red

Product Experience

As Baby L is a little on the small side, we were a bit conscious of throwing her into a large, cold pool and potentially giving her hypothermia – that probably wouldn’t have been the best way to introduce her to swimming. Although it is fine to go swimming with just the AquaNappy and NeoNappy, we wanted to have the extra protection that an additional layer brought. After all, it is better to have the option of taking off a layer if she’s too hot rather than just grinning and bearing it.

The Babywarma is made from neoprene, meaning that it provides a water repellent layer whilst keeping the heat trapped inside to protect your sprog’s vital organs. This has been a lifesaver – OK, maybe not literally – when we’ve taken her swimming at our local pool. For some reason, they’ve decided that -10 degrees Celsius is the optimum temperature for their pool – I just wish I had one for myself as my nipples could probably cut glass when in there.

Konfidence Babywarma Baby Wetsuit Polka Dot Bluestone swimming

In addition to the warmth, the wetsuit also gives you a better grip when carrying your sprog. Babies can be slippery little bastards, particularly when wet, so having a bit of something else to hold onto definitely helps. The last thing you want when walking pool side is to slip and launch your baby half the length of the pool like some You’ve Been Framed clip that’s gone horribly wrong. Unless you had a camcorder, you wouldn’t even be able to collect your £250 from Harry Hill either.

Putting on the wetsuit is pretty easy, particularly when compared to the ball-ache that is a traditional adult-sized wetsuit which requires plenty of sucking in at the stomach and wriggling. The Babywarma opens up fully, which allows you to place your little one flat on the wetsuit then stick it together with Velcro. This is achieved by fastening a Velcro bit which goes between the legs, another Velcro strip which goes down one side, as well as two Velcro straps which go over the shoulders and fasten at the back.

The fact that the Babywarma attaches via three separate bits of Velcro has the added benefit of meaning that the wetsuit is flexible and can be adjusted when it comes to sizing. If your sprog is a little tubby around the belly or has weightlifter-esque guns, then you have plenty of give in the Velcro and material to allow you to get a snug, but comfortable fit. For instance, Baby L has warn hers for over three months now and we’ve had no issue with it fitting despite her incessant growth. In fact, there is still a fair bit of room available for her to grow into.

Konfidence Babywarma Baby Wetsuit Polka Dot back

We chose the Polka Dot design, mainly because the missus has a fetish for all things spots – as the photos show, it is mainly dark blue in colour, has a polka dot band around the chest and between the legs, as well as red piping along the edges / seems. It is also nicely adorned with the Konfidence logo on the front and “Babywarma” on the back. Five other colours are available if you’re looking for something different, including the funky Clownfish or Strawberry designs.

I don’t know about you, but we’ve struggled a bit when it comes to changing Baby L at the swimming pool. Our local pool has a family change area with a sort of curved baby table which you can put your sprog on when removing and dressing the little one. However, the mens changing room doesn’t, neither does the hotel swimming pool where we go for swimming classes. This makes things a little more challenging and dangerous when getting your baby ready for a swim.

I once tried to change Baby L on the wooden benches and that nearly ended in her throwing herself off onto the floor. The other options include balancing her on the sink area, changing her whilst she’s in your arms, or putting her down on the verruca infested floor – none of which are particularly appealing. This is where the Konfidence Roll & Go Baby Changer comes in useful.

Konfidence Roll & Go Baby Changing Mat Red Swimming floor

It is basically a neoprene mat which you can put onto the floor then lay your baby on top. This means that she’s not going to fall off a high surface onto the floor, or alternatively isn’t laying in and licking old swimming pool water that has trickled off a fat, hairy bloke’s body. The mat is slightly cushioned and it has a treaded non-slip back which is pretty important when water is around.

The cool thing about the Baby Changer is that it rolls up into a tube-like shape, meaning that it doesn’t take up much room when in a bag. It also can be opened and folded up in seconds which is a massive bonus when you’re dripping wet and juggling with a baby – this is achieved through the Velcro wrap around which securely holds the mat in its rolled up form.

One of the slight annoyances I have is that it retains water , which isn’t ideal – when Baby L comes out of the pool and we put her on the mat prior to drying, it soaks up the water and remains wet when we try to dress her – this might be us being stupid, but if feels like you shouldn’t just be able to use it when your baby is dry.

We have the red Baby Changer, but it is also available in three other colours. The red one features blue piping around the edge and a Konfidence Baby Changer logo at the bottom in white. The mat can be machine washed which is great as it is placed on pretty unhygienic changing room floors, however we’ve personally found that washing it has affected the aesthetics – the red material is now puckered in areas, although this hasn’t affected its functionality.

Konfidence Roll & Go Baby Changing Mat Red Swimming


The Konfidence Babywarma Baby Wetsuit costs £18.99 and the Roll & Go Baby Changer will set you back £9.99 – both items can be bought directly from Konfidence as well as a number of other retailers such as Amazon. I think both items are very reasonably priced, particularly as they make life so much easier when swimming with a sprog.

We currently go swimming once a week, so already feel like we’ve got our money’s worth out of the products. What’s more, the Roll & Go Baby Changer is of a decent size so it can be used for a number of years, whilst the Velcro on the Babywarma gives your sprog room to grow in it, meaning that it lasts a reasonable amount of time.

The Babywarma is comparable in price to other products on the market, whilst the Baby Changer appears to be pretty unique to the market when I had a quick search.


We really like both the Konfidence Babywarma wet suit and Roll & Go Baby Changer – not only do they do the job really well, but they are also reasonably priced, particularly if you go swimming regularly. Definitely two good products which make life easier when at the pool.

The Baby Changer gives you a secure and hygienic place to put your sprog when you are dressing and undressing them in the changing room. With few safe places to put your little one before and after swimming, the neoprene mat ensures you can put them down without worrying about the consequences. However, as mentioned it does retain water which isn’t ideal as it can wet your sprog’s dry clothes post-swimming.

The wetsuit ensures the little one is warm no matter what temperature the water is, whilst it also provides a better grip for the parent when juggling with a slippery little human. I also really like the design of the Babywarma, both from an aesthetics and ease of putting on perspective.

The DADventurer Star Rating

Konfidence Babywarma Baby Wetsuit – 5 out of 5 stars

Konfidence Roll & Go Baby Changer – 4.5 out of 5 stars



N.B. This review was written by me (Dave) and represents my honest opinion of the products. The Babywarma Baby Wetsuit and Roll & Go Baby Changer were sent to me by Konfidence with the purpose of writing an honest product review in exchange for the products.