Review: Routes To Reading’s Baby Book Club – Month 3

November marks the final month of our three-month trial and review of the excellent Routes to Reading’s Baby Book Club. *sobs*

This is a subscription service from Education Umbrella which sends two expertly chosen books to your door each month which are tailored to the age and development of your baby. We have now received six books as part of our membership. We’ve used these daily with the little one and have enjoyed the experience of  seeing her interactions with the different books develop as she’s got older.

The first month of our membership saw us receive Snuggle and The Usborne Little Book of Nursery Rhymes, whilst the second month delivered Hello Baby and Black & White. For the third, and final, month of our subscription, Baby L was sent two more books; Baby’s Very First Little Book of Little Babies and Black and White! (not to be confused with Black and White).

Book 5: Baby’s Very First Little Book of Little Babies by Usborne

“A gorgeous book full of photos of babies playing, eating and sleeping. Your baby will love sharing this delightful book with you.”

Baby's very first little book of little babies

Baby’s Very First Little Book of Little Babies features photos of babies and descriptive text.

Of the six books we’ve received, this seems to be the one that gets the best reaction out of Baby L. Whenever we show her this little book, we are pretty much guaranteed to get a smile or little giggle out of her. In fact, when we unpackaged this book, she smiled and giggled instantly at the first page. That’s the sign of a good baby book for me!

Baby L is interested in faces at the moment and loves looking at herself in the mirror, so this book taps directly into her fascination as she gets to look at photos of other babies doing various things.On the 10 pages there are photos of babies along with the occasional illustration, a simple text description of what the baby is doing and a colourful, patterned border. The book is made with thick cardboard and has a padded cover. It is also relatively small in size, which makes it ideal for throwing in a bag and taking out with you to keep the little one entertained.

The book is of great quality and, at £4.99, seems well worth the price. Although, to be fair, can you really put a price on a little baby’s smile and giggle?! We’ve found this book to be a great way of introducing Baby L to other sprogs, whilst describing and talking about what the other baby is doing, be it playing, giggling or sleeping.

Baby's very first little book of little babies reading with mum and dad

Baby L fascinated by the faces in Little Book of Little Babies.

Book 6: Black and White! by Amazing Baby

“Amaze baby and have some fun with this funky little book of bold and beautiful patterns.”

amazing baby black and white book

Black and White features bold patterns and shapes along with catchy rhyming sentences.

This is the most ‘interactive’ of the books that we’ve received as part of the membership, mainly because it has holes in the book and a wheel on the back that you can spin – I don’t know whether me or Baby L had the most fun spinning and watching the patterns on the wheel! As the name suggests, this book is themed around the colours black and white, which help babies differentiate between the contrasting colours.

The book contains a number of different images and patterns to keep the baby’s attention, be it spots, lines, frogs, snails or stars, which are tied together with a catchy, rhyming sentence. It also has a central hole in the book which gets smaller as you progress through the book, allowing you to look through the book or wave a finger in the little one’s direction. The last page sees the pièce de résistance, which is a starry spaceship zooming off on a starry space trip, which is brought to life with a cardboard wheel that turns to create pretty patterns and blow the baby’s mind.

The books costs £5.99 and consists of 14 pages of thick cardboard, which seems pretty reasonably priced. Although we now have a few different black and white books, this one is more interactive, mainly due to the rhyming sentences and spinning wheel, so I feel it does a different purpose to the more softer feel books.

baby and mum reading amazing baby black and white book

Baby L enjoying some Black and White reading time with mummy.

In addition to the books, we received a personalised email for Baby L telling her what books would be arriving. This also includes a few reading tips specific to the books being sent as well as more generally. As always, I found these tips useful, particularly around the fact that colours are now of interest for babies, and the personalisation of the email is always a nice touch.

We’ve really enjoyed the Routes To Reading Baby Book Club during our three months of subscription. We have found all of the books to be relevant, high quality and suited to Baby L’s development needs. Each month we have been sent two great books which have been well packaged and addressed to Baby L for that extra personalisation. These books have arrived the day before or on the day that we have also been sent a personalised email with reading tips and a preview of the books which gives you something to look forward to.

Being new parents, we’ve wanted to get the little one into books from the start, but it is a little overwhelming with the number of them on the market. Therefore a subscription service such as this is a fantastic idea to ensure that you are getting the best books available for parent and child. I would definitely recommend the Baby Book Club to any new parents to subscribe to, or alternatively as a present to a friend or family member who has a young kid. We look forward to sharing these books with Baby L as she continues to grow and thanks Routes To Reading for helping set us on our educational journey!

Routes to reading baby book club books

Baby L showing off the book she’s received from the Routes To Reading Baby Book Club.

N.B. This review was written by me (Dave) and represents my honest opinion of the product. The books were sent to me by Routes to Reading as part of the Baby Book Club with the purpose of writing a product review in exchange for the product.

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