Review: Routes To Reading Baby Bookshop

Ever since Baby L was born, we’ve been keen to develop a love for books from an early age. On the whole, this has gone pretty well as she’s been very interested in looking and touching the books which we’ve put in front of her cute little face during the day.

Reading a bedtime story hasn’t gone quite so well though, as this is usually the time that she likes to have a melt down – not quite the nice, relaxing, bonding activity that we believed it would be!

That doesn’t mean we’ve given up though. Far from it. I’ll wear her down over time, just like I did with the missus…

What we’ve found is that having age appropriate books definitely helps. Reading Pride and Prejudice or 50 Shades of Grey probably won’t get your baby’s attention as much as a black and white shape book would. This was one of the reasons why we loved the Routes To Reading Baby Book Club subscription service which we reviewed during Baby L’s first few months (you can read more about the Book Club and see what titles we got in Month 1, Month 2 and Month 3).

We were therefore chuffed to be sent a few other books for the sprog from their Baby Bookshop which were aimed at the age of 6+ months as the newborn books we’d been sent were now a bit young. The Routes To Reading Baby Bookshop is basically an online library with hundreds of baby and children’s titles – these are grouped by age and book type to make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for on behalf of your little ones.

The books we received were Clare Beaton’s Farmyard Rhymes, Amazing Baby’s Rainbow Fun and Peter Rabbit Finger Puppet Book. We’ve been reading these to Baby L for a few months now and she’s enjoyed them all, particularly the Peter Rabbit book. Check out what we thought about these titles and how we got on with them.

Clare Beaton’s Farmyard Rhymes

Small children love to identify animals in simple rhymes. These lively poems also develop language and relationship skills. Name and count the animals to make learning and sharing fun. 

Routes to reading baby bookshop farmyard rhymes

Farmyard Rhymes is a hard-backed book with seven different animal-themed jingles. Each rhyme is decorated with accompanying pictures of the story which are stitched / sewn in appearance which is a nice touch – for example, the Six Little Ducks rhyme has a brightly coloured picture of, you’ve guessed it, six little ducks (although they don’t look so little compared to the pond they’re swimming on)!

I’d only heard of three of the seven rhymes before, however this didn’t really matter as the great thing about rhymes is that the rhythm is already dictated for you. This makes me look like a farmyard rhyme expert when reading to Baby L. Her favourite, by which I mean mine, is Horsie, Horsie as it allows me to bounce her up and down on my knee whilst reciting the verse.

The book costs £4.99 and would last from birth through to a few years old as your spog would get something different out of it as they grow. It is a decent book which I’m sure Baby L will continue to like as she develops.

Rainbow Fun by Amazing Baby

Amaze baby with the bright and beautiful colours of the rainbow! Perfect for curious babies, with bold images designed for baby and to introduce them to colours.

Routes to reading baby bookshop books rainbow fun

Rainbow Fun is a great little book. It consists of 16 hard-backed pages which use a bright and bold design to intrigue your little one’s curiosity. What’s more, each page has a cut out circle which gets smaller as you make your way through the different rainbow colours and has a nice, catchy rhyme to accompany it.

This allows the baby to get to know the different colours of the rainbow and interact with the book by grabbing at and holding it due to the holes. The final page is an explosion of delights – it recaps the entire book by showing a rainbow (with some nice shiny silver detailing) and the different items (e.g. red flower, orange fish etc) which were associated with each colour on earlier pages.

The book costs £5.99 and is targeted for sprog’s of 6+ months. We really like the Amazing Baby range of books, having already got the Black and White book for newborns which works along the same lines with cut out sections. A great buy which your little one is sure to love.

Peter Rabbit Finger Puppet Book

Wiggle your finger, and count with Peter. Push your finger through the hole to make Peter Rabbit wiggle his way through the pages.

Routes to reading baby bookshop peter rabbit finger puppet

We were excited to try out this Finger Puppet Book with Baby L as it is the first one we’ve had which is this interactive. The book consists of 12 hard-back pages and a little cute, soft Peter Rabbit which pops through a hole in the book (although obviously you need to use your finger… he’s not alive). This helps to ensure that the book comes to life for your sprog as you make Beatrix Potter’s famous creation wiggle around the page when you read the line “But where’s Peter? Here he is!”.

The book is also designed to help your little one when it comes to learning numbers. Each page is based around a particular number with animal(s) associated, such as 2 busy mice or 5 hungry squirrels. As you’d expect, each of these pages are nicely decorated with Potter-esque drawings of the story. The final page sums up each of the different things you’ve seen within the book with the appropriate number so your sprog can recognise the number and the animal.

This book costs £7.99 and has proved to be a favourite with Baby L. She enjoys grabbing the finger puppet before attempting to put it into her toothless mouth. I’ll admit that it has also become one of my favourite books too – it’s crazy how simple things such as a finger puppet rabbit can create so much enjoyment all around!

You can check out these titles and see what other titles are available in the Routes To Reading Baby Book Shop.

Do you read with your little one? What is your / their favourite book(s)? Let me know below!

N.B. This review was written by me (Dave) and represents my honest opinion of the product. The books were sent to me by Routes to Reading from their Baby Bookshop with the purpose of writing a product review in exchange for the product.

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