The Many Sounds Of A Talented Baby

I reckon Baby L is a bit of an impressionist with some of the sounds she makes.

I wouldn’t quite say that she’s the standard of Michael Winslow just yet – you know, the man of 10,000 sound effects who played Sgt. Larvelle “Motor Mouth” Jones in the Police Academy movies – but she’s definitely impressing and adding to her repertoire each and every day.

Not an hour goes by without her uttering a weird sound from her toothless mouth. This is quite endearing during the day when she’s playing or reacting to our faces, but it’s pretty bloody annoying at 3am when she decides to screech and kick around!

It would be impossible to note down each and every one of these noises, but a few stand out for me, mainly because they are memorable as they sound like something else.

Here’s a run down of some of my favourite noises she makes – you’ll have to use your imagination a bit (OK, a lot) but I’ve been as onomatopoeic as possible in order to vividly paint the picture:

  • Creaky Door: An easy one to get us started – Baby L often makes a bit of a creaky door sound prior to crying – “CREEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAKKK”. I’m still trying to figure out what it means and why she uses it as it’s not every time she wails, but it often reminds me of the noise you hear in a horror film prior to a bloody murder. With this in mind, it is pretty pant-shitingly scary when she makes the noise at night when you’re half asleep!


  • Brian Badonde: OK, this is a slightly weird one and something that you probably won’t get unless you’ve ever seen Facejacker. There is an art critic character who suffers from a speech impediment which means he puts the letter B in front of certain words. If he is flustered or cannot figure out what to say, he often makes strange noises such as “Buh”, “Bwah” or “Boh”. Well, Baby L does an awesome impression of this which often makes it sound like Brian Badonde is actually in the house. She did this a bit more when she was a couple of months old, but now at six months, it still occasionally is uttered to my delight. Buh!

Ariel at the LouvreCreative Commons License Matt Biddulph via Compfight


  • Baby Pterodactyl: Remember how I said you’d need to use your imagination for some of this post – well it is definitely needed for this one! Baby L likes to bring this impression out when she is in bed late at night. The noise is a high-pitch squeal, a bit like “EEEEEEEEEEEE” – I know that doesn’t give you much to go on, but that’s the best I’ve got I’m afraid! I don’t know whether this is because of Jurassic Park, Land Before Time or that Friends episode where Ross does an impression of a dinosaur to his class, but I’ve always likened her noise to that of a baby pterodactyl. Strangely, the noise is often associated with flailing legs and arms when she’s happy – almost like she’s trying to fly for the first time like the extinct bird like creature!

PterodactylCreative Commons License Quinn Dombrowski via Compfight


  • Porn Star: I hate to compare my six-month old daughter to someone from the adult entertainment industry, but I’m going to do it anyway. Baby L makes some pretty x-rated sounds when she’s feeding, be it via the boob or bottle. It’s kind of like a “mmmm…ahhhh…mmmm…ahhh” as she gulps down ‘Mummy’s Finest Organic & Natural Booce‘. These baby noises come from a place of enjoyment and pleasure which is fantastic, but the worrying thing is that the same can also be said for a porn star.

Porn Star?Creative Commons License Global X via Compfight


  • Old Car: This is probably my favourite of Baby L’s noises. When she’s tired, fighting sleep and sucking on her dummy, she sounds like an old car that is struggling to start – a bit like this “eheh…mgghh…eheh…eheh…mgghh”. My mum used to have an old Volkswagen Jetta when we were growing up and the sound just takes me back to my youth – whenever the weather was cold, the car would struggle to start and I’d have to listen to this annoying soundtrack until the engine got hot enough!

VW Jetta Mk1 Eurodubs .com via Compfight


Do any of those noises sound familiar for your kid(s) or is Baby L just a hugely talented impressionist? Does / did your kid(s) make any weird sounds that reminded you of anything?