Tips For Surviving A Wedding With A Baby

I’ve written a guest post for the awesomely awesome Vicki over on her blog Honest Mum as part of her ‘Who’s The Daddy’ blogger series. This shares some of my most ‘useful’ tips on how to survive a wedding when you’re on your tod with a baby.

Check out the extract below and read the full post on Honest Mum.

“The last thing I wanted was to be ‘that parent’ incapable of looking after ‘that baby’ at the wedding. You know the one I’m taking about – the uncontrollable crying which drowns out the vows, the massive poonami which puts everyone off their salmon starter or the projectile vomit which adorns the bridesmaid’s dress. Weddings are filled with traditions which dictate what you should wear, what you should say and how you should act – therefore introducing a little bundle of joy into a situation such as this can open up an entire Pandora’s Box of uncertainty and evil.”


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