Toddler L Gets Her Heidi Klum On For Snugtums

Back in September, two pretty exciting things happened as Toddler L continued her journey into the world of modelling.

Firstly, after submitting her details to a number of child modelling agencies, she was accepted onto the books of ten out of the twelve we applied for, which is pretty awesome. Although, obviously having the cutest kid around, I was disappointed we didn’t hit all 100%! We weighed up all of the options, decided on our favourite and can now officially say that the sprog is represented by an Agency.

After doing photoshoots for both Lilly And Sid and Honey and Archie earlier this year, signing her up to an Agency felt like the next logical step. She really enjoys being in front of the camera – I blame the fact that she’s the daughter of a blogger for this – so we kind of thought nothing ventured, nothing gained. It may come to something, it may not. Either way, we’re viewing it as a bit of fun and something she could potentially do as long as she wants to (or until she’s paid off our mortgage for us!).

The second exciting thing was that Toddler L was invited along to model for a new kid’s clothing company who were looking for publicity shots. Arranged by Rachel at Lightmonkey Photography – who we’d met back in August when she did the sprog’s awesome 1st birthday cake smash photoshoot – we were told it’d be for a newly designed clothing item, so were keen to get involved.

Armed with a few pairs of different coloured trousers and skirts to compliment the tops for the photoshoot, the missus, sprog and I headed over to the Lightmonkey Photography studio. Here, we were greeted by Rachel and met Kate from Snugtums who introduced us to her new baby and toddler tops.

The concept of the tops was really simple, but not something I’ve seen before. It’s like a body suit or baby grow as it fastens with poppers between the legs to keep the nappy in place, but there’s an extra bit of material around the waist which hangs over the trousers to make it look like a t-shirt. The tops are made from 100% cotton, come in long-sleeve or short-sleeve options, are available in three different sizes (6-12 months, 12-18 months and 18-24 months) and five different colours (cream, grey, navy, white and pink).

Rachel and Kate had already had a busy morning doing publicity shots for the tops with two other kids, so I was hoping that Toddler L would go easy on them. Having had a good nap in the morning and stuffed her face with homemade banana bread, the sprog was on good form, albeit a little clingy and more difficult to shoot now that she’s properly mobile.

We were there the best part of an hour and the little one was photographed in three different Snugtums tops with different props. Here’s a selection of some of my favourite photos from the shoot:












For more information on Snugtums, check out their website and follow on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest).

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