Getting Ready For Toddler L’s 3rd Birthday

And just like *that*, it’s Toddler L’s 3rd birthday. During the early hours of Friday morning, it will have been 1,097 days, 26,328 hours, 1,579,680 minutes or 94,780,800 seconds (depending on your time measurement of choice) since she disembarked the mothership. I’m not quite sure where that time has gone – I can still remember so clearly that eventful night when she was born in super speedy time to our bewilderment.

I’m not sad though – far from it. I see so many parents lamenting the fact that their baby is no longer a baby, but I just don’t have that mentality. Every day she becomes even more like a little girl with what she says, how she acts and what she does. For me, the toddler years have been far more exciting and interesting than the baby ones, so I have no desire whatsoever to slow down time or return her to a baby-like status – not that I have the power to do so, but you get what I mean.

Getting Ready For Toddler L's 3rd Birthday posing at wedding

For her 3rd birthday this year, Toddler L will experience a first and a last. It will be her last birthday as an only child after our recent pregnancy announcement and it’ll be her first ever proper birthday party. We’ve made sure we’ve done something for her 1st birthday and 2nd birthday, by which I mean we’ve had a bit of a family get together, but I wouldn’t call either a real kid’s birthday party.

We ummed and ahhed about whether to organise something for her 3rd birthday but decided ‘what the hell’. So, this year, we’ve hired a local soft play cafe for a couple of hours and invited a load of her friends – or should that be other kids her own age who she vaguely knows? Do three year olds actually have friends or are they just other people who they share space with? Either way, I digress.

In order to reduce the stress even more, we’ve booked one of their party packages which includes pretty much everything – invites, exclusive venue hire, soft play, a host, music, party bags, food etc. Literally all we need to do is turn up and bring the cake. Lazy? Sure. However, I’ve now got to the point where I’d much prefer to pay someone to do something properly rather than attempt to save a few quid by doing something myself.

We could go down the route of hiring a hall, preparing food, bringing decorations and putting on our best children’s entertainer voices, but, truth be told, I just can’t be arsed. I don’t want the stress and I want to enjoy seeing Toddler L play with her ‘mates’ on her special day. I’m probably still all-planned-out from our wedding five years ago, so I’m more than happy to dip into my pocket to make it someone else’s problem this time.

It hasn’t been fully stress-free though. I’ve worried about plenty of things along the way, such as (a) who do we invite, (b) are there any ‘parenting politics’ I’ve not discovered yet, (c) what if people can’t make the party, (d) are we bad parents by not doing the party ourselves, (e) what if people don’t like the food, (f) will there be enough room for all kids and all parents, (g) what if my beautiful singing voice leaves me half way through “happy birthday”, etc etc etc. Toddler L hasn’t helped either. In fact, I think she’s done everything she can to make me appear more stupid than I am – example below:

That aside, I’m hopeful it’ll go well and the kids will have fun. After all, what can go wrong when you let a dozen three-year olds loose in soft play…? How did you celebrate your kids’ 3rd birthday? Did they have a party? Any lessons to warn me of before the big day? Let me know below!