8 Random Things I Learnt From Attending BritMums Live (BML16)

BritMums Live 2016 – or BML16 for the cool kids – took place this weekend at The Brewery in London. As one of the biggest parent blogging events in the UK, this gives us the opportunity to learn, meet, network, be inspired, get pissed and pick up free crap.

This was my second BritMums Live – after attending last year – and my third blogging event since I started putting fingers to keyboard back in 2014. In a revamped format, BML16 was a one day event rather than the previous two – this basically meant less stuff for the same price, which was a bit annoying. Still, I think it worked, although I did like last year’s format better.

For me, going along to these events is all about the social aspect. I’d love to say that attending the sessions teaches me loads of new stuff or listening to the speakers inspires me, but that’d make me a big fat liar. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy it though. I had a really good time – chatting, laughing and hanging out with friends, old and new.

Rather than write a big post about the event, I thought I’d share 8 random things I learnt. Here we go:

  • Plan your travel carefully. No matter how cool you look, no event is worth an 18  hour journey into central London via the M25 whilst crammed inside a Little Tikes Dino Cozy Coupe.


Britmums live bml16


  • It’s a good job I decided to change my clothes at the last minute. It could have been pretty embarrassing for the Bollox boxer shorts fella if I’d have turned up in my original outfit which consisted purely of tight, black boxer shorts, too much baby oil and the facial expression of someone who had died inside.

BML16 Britmums Live half naked Bollox man

Photo by Sadie (Tiaras And Wellyboots)


  • I’m putting a quid on Tim (Slouching Towards Thatcham) to win X-Factor 2017 after his scintillating performance of Pretty In Pink. If Leicester City can defy the 5000-1 odds to claim the Premier League title, I’m pretty sure that a man armed with his own parody lyrics, no shame and the biggest balls in the world would have a shot at becoming Simon Cowell’s ‘next big thing’.

Well done @thatchamdad – and your singing was great @britmums #BML16 blogger keynote

A photo posted by Victoria Welton (@vicwelton) on

Photo by Victoria (Verily Victoria Vocalises)


  • Even when you’re a loser, you’re a winner. I may not have lifted the mighty BiBs ‘Family’ category trophy above my head, but knowing that people read, enjoy and like what I do enough to put my blog forward for an award in the first place, is all the validation I need. Plus, I think the title ‘four times blogging award loser’ has a certain ring to it.

So this is happening soon. Wish me luck, I’ll need it! #BML16 #bibs2016

A photo posted by The DADventurer (Dave) (@the_dadventurer) on


  • When Emma (Me, The Man And Kids) goes to the bar to buy you a drink, it’s best to make a request rather than saying “I don’t mind, get me whatever”. Her choice of a Peroni Spritz – Peroni, Aperol, pink grapefruit juice and prosecco – tasted like death in a glass.


  • Parents are not allowed a lie in. Ever. Even when you’re away from the family and have the opportunity to sleep in late, the universe is likely to screw you over. This time, it was a 5am fire alarm at the Travelodge.

BML16 Britmums live Outside Travelodge

Photo by Sarah (Forget Me Knit)


  • Remember to double check what’s in the BML16 goodie bag before giving it to your kid(s). Otherwise, you might regret it.


So those are 8 of the more random things I learnt from BML16. What would you add to the list? Let me know below!

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  • Donna Wishart

    YES to the whistle! I got 2 goodie bags…. TWO WHISTLES! x

    • 2 goodie bags – greedy! Just think, a poor blogger somewhere will be without a bag because of you.

  • Charlotte Oates

    Made the mistake of letting my boys help me to unpack my goodie bag and they immediately took the whistle and used it to wake my hubby up – he was not impressed!

  • I think one of my most uncool moments of Britmums was “hi Dave, nice to meet you. I need a wee” first impressions and all that. Omg that 5am wake up call was harsh. And continuing the theme, I spent the whole time outside desperately wishing i’d been for a wee before I evacuated my room. I am however very smug about the fact that those sodding whistles were left in the travel lodge as they appear to like loud noise

    • Haha! And I didn’t see you again after that! That’s what I’m always going to remember you as. Shame we didn’t get to chat a bit more. I actually had a quick wee before I left the room as I knew that I’d be gagging outside – my bladder isn’t what it used to be.

  • Yes to the bloody whistle, but only because it’s being used as a weapon against everyone, including the dog.

    Although I wish I’d looked up for the photo, it’s makes a change to see my face doing something relatively normal!

    • Haha sounds ‘fun’! I literally took 4 photos at the event and this was the best! Sorry 🙂

  • CorneliusBlog

    That 5am wake up call was not cool. I had even less sleep than I do at home with a one year old!
    Great post – Aria loves the whistle – yay (really need a sarcasm font!).

    • Haha I know – just when all parents were rubbing their hands together thinking they’d have a lie in!

  • School boy error….I left the whistle in the hotel lol

  • Haha I LOVE the whistle!! I think I may be in the minority there though! x

    • Definitely in the minority! Although, to be fair, it’s more fun when blowing it yourself than listening to a kid do it.

  • Tom Briggs

    Great to finally meet you and cheers for the mention! We went to the Clangers launch last year and they insisted on giving all four of us goodie bags – complete with whistles, of course – so now we have five of the bloody things!

    • And you mate 🙂 Jees, that sounds rough. You can’t escape them!

  • Always a pleasure dude!
    You know you were my winner, was gutted you didn’t win.
    Also – that drink? What the…. (I realised I still failed to buy you last year’s promised gin… We need to rectify this)

    • Ah, bless ya, thanks 🙂 Tell me about it, it was surely some kind of sick joke. Ah yes – let’s do it at BlogOn!

  • What a nightmare you all had at the hotel! It was a really hectic day, but I enjoyed most of it. Must remember to socialise more next time! The guy in the boxers did look uncomfortable didn’t he?! Apparently he was just a random guy they’d nabbed from the gym – probably wasn’t what he was expecting at all! 😂

    • Really? A random guy? “Oi you, we have a great opportunity for you to become a model….” – he didn’t know what was coming. To be fair, the hotel wake up was a surprise, but I’d prefer that to being burned alive in bed 🙂 Pleased you enjoyed (most of) it 🙂

  • mummyofboygirltwins

    Ahhh so sad you didn’t win! We can be losers together 😉 Glad you had fun and SO good to meet you!!!!!!!! 🙂 Jess xx

    • Yeah, really nice to meet you too Jess. Sorry you didn’t win either. I’ll set up a losers FB group or something for us 🙂

  • “Although the concept of meeting up with a load of randoms – who you’ve either never met or have only seen once or twice before – is…” is fricking frightening! You’re a braver man than I. Which is obvious considering your first choice of outfit.
    Thanks for sharing all of that for those didn’t go, and are darn curious.

    • Haha. It can be a bit frightening, particularly when you are obviously different to the rest of the crowd. But I’d really recommend people come along. It’s not for everyone and there’s some gender stereotype crap you have to get over, but I enjoy it.

  • TheBrickCastle

    Mine much preferred the small box. “Buh. O. Lox.” said my 6 year old before realising what he’d read and spending the next half hour with his 7 yo brother writhing on the floor giggling.
    Proud to say I DID manage my annual lie in – until 8.30am no less!
    Good to be able to talk to you 🙂

    • Hahaha, I bet! Oooh, good work – I got up at 10.45 so was VERY refreshed 🙂 Nice to chat too 🙂

  • The whistle is awesome! I have been enjoying playing all kinds of nursery songs with it for my little one. Hubby might disagree though!

    • Haha, I’m sure he does. I expect to see you on Britains Got Talent next year with those kind of mad skillz.

  • RachelSwirl

    I bet TravelLodge are dreading their reviews lol

  • New Mum Online

    That totally sucks that fire alarm and so great that you got a refund of one night’s stay thanks to Martyn. I love your format of just saying 8 things you learned. It’s really readable – that Little Tikes car snap made me LOL when you posted it on IG and once again seeing it here x

  • So good seeing you Dave, you are a winner to me. Meant a lot you came to my sesh-I used that Clanger whistle to create order in the house yesterday. ‘Get to dinner’ Toot! Wish I’d gotten to hang out with you guys more. Annoying about TL!

  • Sounds like you had a great time, it’s a shame I didn’t see you there. That poor bollox guy. I couldn’t believe that you guys were all up at ridiculous oclock for the firealarm. Sounds like it was badly managed too. I loved Tim’s song haha it was epic!

  • What a great post – I love the 8 things that you’ve picked here. I’ve never read your blog before but I will be returning 🙂