Winning The Best Daddy Blog At The Vuelio Blog Awards 2018

Christ on a cracker! If you missed the news from a few weeks ago, I found out that I’d scooped the Best Daddy Blog award in the Vuelio Blog Awards 2018. Surprised. Humbled. Proud. Shocked. Ecstatic. Sick. Hungry. Randy. Just a few of the feelings I had when I heard the news.

Vuelio (formerly Cision) is a hugely recognised and respected company within the media / PR / journalist / influencer industry and one of the few authorities whose opinion genuinely carries weight. For me, awards and rankings are a by-product rather than the end goal, however I’m happy to admit that I’ve always aimed to get on Vuelio’s radar, which makes this award even sweeter.

They actually named me as No. 1 Dad Blogger in their Top 10 charts back in July, however I was well aware that this didn’t guarantee that I’d win this gong. Rather than it being based on stats, algorithms and loads of other magical elements which make up their rankings, each winner is selected by a judging panel which puts all finalists on a level playing field.

I hoped to win, but wasn’t expecting it. There were five other fantastic dad bloggers in my category, and on another night, it could have gone to any one of them and I’d have had no complaints. As it happens, I was lucky enough to have my name read out and scoop the Best Daddy Blog award for 2018.

Sadly, I was unable to attend the actual event at Bloomsbury Big Top, so I watched things unfold on social media. Thankfully, my blogging chum Donna (What The Redhead Said) did her best surrogate mum impression by kindly accepting the award on my behalf then looking after it for a few weeks until she could get it to me. Thanks Donna!

Winning The Best Daddy Blog At The Vuelio Blog Awards 2018 donna

As I couldn’t attend, that did mean I was unable to get my ego-boosting 30 seconds of fame on stage and the obligatory holding the award photo. However, with a little bit of creativity and a tiny bit of computer software knowhow, I’ve been able to essentially rewrite history to make it appear like I was there.

Winning The Best Daddy Blog At The Vuelio Blog Awards 2018 photoshop head

I know, seamless, eh?! The particularly weird thing is that I actually have the same dress as Donna and was planning on wearing it on the night. Luckily, we didn’t make the fashion faux pas of wearing the same outfit to the same event, which would have inevitably led to questions about ‘who wore it better?’.

Like waiting for that proverbial bus, it took four years to win a blogging award and now I’ve scooped two in a matter of weeks (the first being best Family & Lifestyle blog in the BritMums BiBs). I’m not really sure why it’s happened like that, but I’m not questioning it! To win two big awards from two established organisations is more than I ever could have hoped for and I truly appreciate it.

So, as way of thanks – cheers to Vuelio for deeming me worthy, the other dad blogger finalists for continually raising the bar, Donna for collecting and babysitting the award, my friends and family for always being supportive, and you guys for following and reading the stuff I write. Peace and love.

It genuinely means more than I can put into words, which is kind of ironic considering I’m now a multi-award winning blogger. Booya!

Winning The Best Daddy Blog At The Vuelio Blog Awards 2018 Bibs and Vuelio awards

(and yes, I do realise how dusty my desk and computer are – it just goes to show how little time I have to spend working these days)