The BritMums Brilliance In Blogging Awards (BiBs) Family & Lifestyle Winner Is…Me!

Well slap me with bread and call me a sandwich! Why? Well, I got some exciting news a few weeks ago – I was named the winner in the Family & Lifestyle category of the BritMums Brilliance In Blogging Awards (BiBs)! And here’s the official tweet just to prove I’m not (even more) full of bullshit:

I was – and still am – genuinely shocked by the news. This year’s awards were all done on Twitter, and after being named a finalist the previous month, I obviously had one eye on the announcements. However, not for one minute did I think I was going to win. That’s not me being modest or self-deprecating though, it’s 100% true.

I genuinely didn’t think I had a chance for a few reasons – (1) dads very rarely win parent blogging awards, let alone in parenting categories, (2) I’d become content in my role as ‘always the bridesmaid, never the bride’ after losing eight previous blogging award finals (including this one in 2016), and (3) there were seven other fantastic finalists in my category who were all deserving of being crowned the winner.

But, for whatever the reason, this ‘ere blog was chosen and I’m chuffed to bits. Perhaps my tardiness in sharing the news on the blog suggests otherwise, but that’s really not the case. It’s just that the blog has taken a bit of a back seat recently with L starting school, the missus going back to work after maternity leave and a couple of other things I’ve been working on.

Plus, BritMums said that they were having “special awards trophies” made for us, so I thought I’d hold my horses until that arrived in the post and I could share a proper celebratory photo. After spending a couple of days hanging out at the sorting office after I missed the delivery (that’s the award at the sorting office, not me!), we were finally acquainted over the weekend.

I’m genuinely made up about winning this. I’m not in this blogging lark for awards, fame and to boost my ego, but it’s nice to be recognised and be given a pat on the back. This is particularly true when it’s from peers and organisations such as BritMums who are synonymous with the parent blogger community.

The thing that makes this even more special for me is that I won in the Family & Lifestyle category. We all know that the parenting world is still very mum-focused and this is particularly true of the parent blogger world – I don’t know exact numbers, but 8-10% is mentioned quite often when it comes to the proportion of dads in the parent blogger space.

This makes it hard enough for dad bloggers to get recognition in the first place, let alone to go on and win awards when up against mums. I always thought it’d be impossible for a dad to win the Family & Lifestyle BiBs award as this is the category most closely related to parenting. So, for a dad to win is great and shows that things may be changing – for that winner to be me is just a nice, added bonus.

Whether I best reflect this category or whether I deserve to win is open to debate. I’m not going to sweat that too much. Other than a severely delayed mistake like at the Oscars in 2017, I was named the winner, now have a trophy in hand and I’m not letting it go – even if they’re willing to reimburse postage and packaging as that thing is heavy!

I don’t want this to turn into an acceptance speech, so I’ll end it here. However, I do want to say thanks to friends and family for being supportive and thanks to everyone out there who reads my stuff. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but without you guys reading and engaging with my blog and social media, I’m just a weird fella shouting about his family and life to random strangers who pass by.

You can check out the full list of winners from the BiBs 2018 here.