BiBs 2016 Shortlist, Family, Whores and Leicester City

Friday morning started out pretty well. Not only did Toddler L not wake up until 8.25am which gave me a decent lie in, but I also found out that I’d been shortlisted in the ‘Family’ category in the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Awards (BiBs). Woop woop! If you’ve not heard of the BiBs, they’re one of the UK’s most popular blog awards which highlight and celebrate the best in parent and lifestyle blogging.


I’m genuinely surprised and thrilled. To be recognised alongside all of the other shortlisted bloggers is pretty overwhelming, particularly as I didn’t put myself forward for any awards this year. My thinking was that people will vote for me if they like my blog, rather than whoring myself out begging for votes. Incidentally, if I did choose to whore myself out, it’d cost more than just a vote – my rates would start at a tenner for a hand job and £25 for a blowie.

The fact that people have voted for me without me asking, means a huge amount – particularly in the ‘Family’ category which I guess is pretty hotly contested seen as the majority of parent bloggers write about family in one form or another. So, thanks to everyone who took a few (or twenty!) minutes to complete that pretty mammoth BiBs2016 nomination form and a special thanks to those who stuck down my name – even if that was just my mum and the missus.

I didn’t expect to make the shortlist, so I have no preconceptions about going any further in the process. That’s not me being bashful, modest or self-deprecating – that’s just how it is. Not meaning to play the ‘penis card’ but it can be tough being a dad and dad blogger in circles which don’t always recognise our contributions, so it’s nice to be included in a category which is traditionally mum-focussed and one where I am the only bloke. Dads matter too.

I’m not going to lie though, it would be awesome to be a finalist, and who knows, even win the ‘Family’ category award. I’m not getting carried away, but I guess if Leicester City can go from relegation certainties to champions-elect in a year, then anything is possible. If there’s two things I have in common with Leicester, it’s that I’m used to having my balls kicked by Toddler L and I’ve had to deal with a fair amount of dribbling. Sorry, they’re the best football puns I can come up with at short notice.

The next stage of the BiBs2016 awards sees people vote for their favourite bloggers in each category, with voting closing on 18th May. This takes the shortlist down from the current 10 to the five finalists. I’m not going to beg for votes, but if you like what I do and how I do it, it’d be awesome if you’d consider voting for me in the ‘Family’ category please. You can do this here.

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