Looking Back On 2016 And Forward To 2017

In less than nine hours, 2016 will be done. For many, this will be a welcome goodbye. Remembered for Brexit, Trump and the passing of numerous high-profile celebs, 2016 has been akin to some kind of weird horror film or an alternative timeline somewhere within the DC Multiverse.

I’m going to go against the grain though. For us as a family, 2016 has been pretty good. This missus moved jobs (and has thrived), Toddler L started nursery part-time (and has thrived) and I’ve only gone a bit crazy from being a stay-at-home parent (and have survived). We’ve had a few short family breaks, we landscaped our garden, we updated our family cars and have some fab memories from meet-ups with the extended family. All in all, not too shabby.

From a blog perspective, things have all been a bit mental. With over 210,000 page views and 152 posts published – whilst looking after Toddler L, might I add – it’s been pretty busy. Since the start of the year, the blog has gone from strength to strength, so much so that I’m now (laughably) ranked as no. 2 UK Dad Blog and no. 4 UK Parenting Blog by Vuelio and making a good part-time income from my random ramblings.

In addition, I’ve been a finalist in the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Awards (BIBs), Closer Dad Blogger of the Year awards and Vuelio Dad Blog awards – we’ll just gloss over the fact that I lost all of these. Still, it took Leo numerous attempts to win that Oscar… I’ve also had some pretty awesome experiences through the blog this year – most notably getting to use an Audi TTS as our family car for a week and doing a skydive.

So, in time-honoured tradition, I thought I’d share my top five my most viewed posts of 2016. These are some of my favourite posts of the year too, so I’m pleased that they resonated. I’m particularly happy to see which post is in top spot as it’s probably the most random (and genius) one I’ve ever written! Check them out below:

5) I’m A Daddy With Mummy Guilt – I explore the phenomenon known as ‘mummy guilt’ (which I rename parenting guilt) and share some of the things that make me feel guilty on a daily basis as a stay-at-home dad.

4) The Lonely Life Of A Stay-At-Home Parent – I reflect on how life as a stay-at-home parent can often be a lonely and isolating experience. Not many laughs here I’m afraid!

3) Sharing My Top 5 CBeebies Hotties – I’ll admit, I don’t just watch CBeebies for Toddler L’s benefit. There’s also a fair bit of eye candy on the screen. Here’s my top 5 Cbeebies fitties.

2) 4 Mistakes Not To Make When Swimming With A Toddler – I’ve been swimming with Toddler L for 1.5 years. During that time, I’ve made a few mistakes. Here, I share 4 of these so that you don’t make the same cock-ups as me.

1) A Transcript From A Night Out With The CBeebies Presenters – Do you reckon that the CBeebies presenters go out on the lash together? I like to think that they do and this is the kind of crap that goes on.

As always, I’m going to give a nod to Drinking The Wife’s Breast Milk which continues to attract a certain type of person to the blog. In fact, the last year has seen over 18,000 page views of this post via search terms like “can I drink my wife’s breast milk”, “how to milk your wife” and “is it safe to drink my wife’s milk”. Ah, the internet.

So that’s 2016. A huge thanks to anyone that’s visited the blog, followed on social media, had a chat or sent abusive messages. They are all appreciated. I hope 2016 has been good for you and wish you all the best for 2017. See you on the other side.