Sharing My Parenting Super Powers

In the world of Superheroes, something that strikes me as strange is that not many seem to be parents. You might think that this is because they’re too busy saving the world and generally putting their lives at risk. But I have another theory – is it actually because they lack the specific Super Powers […]

Remembering Her First Proper Halloween (Even If She Doesn’t)

It’s without question that things are getting more exciting and interesting the older Toddler L gets. Sure, having a baby is pretty cool, but they don’t really do much – you can take them places or show them stuff, but you get very little reaction, interaction or feedback. Let’s be honest, they don’t even remember […]

11 More Things You Will Do And Think When Potty Training A Toddler

A few weeks ago, I posted about things you will do and think when potty training a toddler (read here). I wrote it, pressed publish, stuck it on social media then got on with my day – probably something potty training related like washing piss-soaked knickers. However, although that post was done and dusted, I […]

Shhh…I’m Pretty Sure Toddler L Is Now Potty Trained

OK, so I’m going to say it quietly – Toddler L is potty trained. I realise that there’s a HUGE chance that writing this post is going to jinx us, because, you know, sod’s law. I’ve held off publishing this for a number of weeks, but I reckon I’m as sure as I’m ever going to […]

Childhood Memories, Music And Car Journeys

It’s funny the things you remember from your childhood. For me, I have so many memories of trips in the car. I can’t remember specifics as everything has merged into a mangled mess, but being in the car is something that comes to mind when I think back to being a nipper. There’s a distinction […]

Water Confidence Outside Of Toddler Swimming Lessons

I’m a huge advocate of encouraging your kids to love – or at least not fear – the water from an early age. I guess that’s hardly surprising as someone who has done swimming lessons with their kid for the best part of 2.5 years. For me, knowing that Toddler L is confident, happy and […]

Having A Toddler Who’s A Fussy Eater

We all know that we should eat a healthy, balanced diet. Let’s be honest though, how many of us actually do that? It’s all well and good being told that you should eat 10 portions of fruit and veg per day, but it’s another thing actually doing it. Life isn’t as simple as saying “we must […]

Crap, We’ve Hit The ‘Isn’t Poo Great’ Toddler Phase!

Being a parent is all about successfully navigating your kid through various phases and stages in their development. As a once naive dad, I assumed that these phases were pretty simple – your child learns to roll over, crawl, walk and talk, then they leave home at 18 years old (16 if you’re lucky). The […]

11 Things You Will Do And Think When Potty Training A Toddler

Unless you’ve unfollowed me on social media and stopped reading my blog – which I wouldn’t blame you for – you’ll have noticed that Toddler L is potty training at the moment. We started back in mid-July and have been on the roller coaster ride that is potty training ever since. We’re not quite there […]

Looking Back On (A Wasted?) Summer

With October imminently arriving, summer is long gone. Obviously we have exciting stuff like Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas to look forward to, but the disappearance of the warmer months leaves me a little glum. I don’t have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – well, as far as I’m aware. Instead, the source of my downhearted […]