Looking Back On Our First Family Trip With A Baby To The Seaside

The other day, I was attempting to organise our photos. At the start of the year, I had a disaster and lost loads of our digital data – I dropped my laptop when playing with Toddler L and subsequently broke the hard drive. Bugger. To make things worse, when I went to get a backup […]

Baby Swimming Versus Toddler Swimming

In a few weeks time, it will be Toddler L’s two-year anniversary since she first went swimming. Sure, it may not be up there with other special events such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries and Christmases – I doubt that Hallmark are busy creating “Happy Toddler Swimming Anniversary” greetings cards, for instance. Although if they do, […]

Competitive Parents And The Inaugural Parenting Olympic Games

In case you haven’t realised, parents can be pretty bloody competitive. Below are just some of the ridiculous things that may – or may not – have been said by competitive mums and dads. “Oooh, I’m better than you because I breast fed.” “I see your baby is still crawling – mine had a degree at that […]

Things You Miss Out On As A Parent At Christmas

We all know that becoming a parent changes things. Being solely responsible for the safety, security and upbringing of a tiny human has an impact on your outlook, your interests and your bank account. For me, becoming a dad wasn’t the “shit, my life is over” feeling that can often be bandied around, but it […]

Things You Can Do As A Baby But Not As An Adult

I hate to come across as jealous, bitter and spiteful – although I’m sure I will – but I reckon babies have it pretty good when compared to us parents. Not only do they have a really easy life due to people doing everything for them, but they can do anything they want without repercussion. If you compare […]

5 Tips When Planning A Babymoon

The things I’ve learnt since becoming an expectant – and then an actual – dad are staggering. Nipple confusion, anyone?! Parenting opens up an entirely different world of terms, concepts and knowledge that you don’t comprehend until you know there’s a bun in the oven. Take something like a ‘babymoon’. You may think that a babymoon happens […]

4 Things Reminding Me That I’m A Parent Even When I’m Childfree

In her nearly two years of life, there’s only been a handful of days and nights when I’ve failed to see Toddler L. The odd stag do, the occasional blogging conference, an infrequent night out with mates or when the missus has gone back with the sprog to her folks’. A rare few hours of childfree life. […]

Touching Cloth: Our Experience With Reusable Nappies

Over the last year or so, we’ve used a combination of disposable nappies and cloth / reusable nappies for Toddler L. This has included premium disposable nappies like Pampers, supermarket own brand disposable nappies such as Tesco, and a range of cloth / reusable / hybrid nappies like Tots Bots, gNappies, Close Parent, Charlie Banana, Daisybirds Kids and […]