Thinking About My Daughter’s Growing Digital Footprint

I’ve been thinking recently about L’s digital footprint. As someone who shares a big part of my life online – by association – a lot of her 3.5-years on the planet have also been publicly documented. This is something I’m increasingly worried about. By putting her out there, have I inadvertently impacted her future life? […]

Looking Back On 2016 And Forward To 2017

In less than nine hours, 2016 will be done. For many, this will be a welcome goodbye. Remembered for Brexit, Trump and the passing of numerous high-profile celebs, 2016 has been akin to some kind of weird horror film or an alternative timeline somewhere within the DC Multiverse. I’m going to go against the grain though. For us […]

(Nearly) On Top Of The (Parent Blogging) World

OK, so I hate writing posts like this. I wasn’t going to bother because (a) I don’t like to brag, (b) I’m writing about blogging which I rarely do, and (c) I’ll probably sound like a right prize twat. Still, I’ve decided to put these three reasons behind me and write a quick post to share […]

8 Random Things I Learnt From Attending BritMums Live (BML16)

BritMums Live 2016 – or BML16 for the cool kids – took place this weekend at The Brewery in London. As one of the biggest parent blogging events in the UK, this gives us the opportunity to learn, meet, network, be inspired, get pissed and pick up free crap. This was my second BritMums Live – […]

An Evening Away From The Toddler For Father’s Day

“What do you want for Father’s Day?” Much like for birthdays, Christmases and anniversaries, it’s a question which greets the inquisitor with silence and a flummoxed expression. You see, I have everything I want and don’t really need anything else. Sure, there’s probably some gadgety tat I could ask for or replace my holey socks and skidmarked […]

BiBs 2016 Shortlist, Family, Whores and Leicester City

Friday morning started out pretty well. Not only did Toddler L not wake up until 8.25am which gave me a decent lie in, but I also found out that I’d been shortlisted in the ‘Family’ category in the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Awards (BiBs). Woop woop! If you’ve not heard of the BiBs, they’re one of […]

Making My VERY First Magazine Appearance

I hate to sound self-indulgent, but I think it’s sometimes important to celebrate your successes. So, in my least boastful tones, I quickly wanted to share with you some pretty cool news as I’ve recently featured in a magazine. I know what you’re thinking. Yes, it’s about time I got that call from Playgirl, but unfortunately […]

My Post-BlogFest15 Thoughts About Gender Stereotypes

OK, I don’t really know where I’m going to go with this post and I don’t often write in a ‘mind dump’ fashion. However, after attending the Mumsnet BlogFest blogging conference yesterday – with big thanks to online customised products retailer Zazzle who sponsored me to attend – there’s a lot of stuff going on in my head […]