Mugging Off Dads: “It’s Not Easy Being A Mother…”

The missus WhatsApp’d me a photo the other day out of the blue. I’ll admit, it shocked and surprised me as she’d never sent me anything like it before. Her snap was dirty, rude, obscene and pure filth. After a few seconds of trying to comprehend what I was looking at, the image had the affect […]

Stereotyping Kids: Not Wearing Pink Doesn’t Make My Girl A Boy

Over the last few months, there’s been an increasing number of people referring to Toddler L as a boy. It never really bothered me when she was a baby, as, you know, most babies look pretty similar. But now that she’s approaching her third birthday and is a proper little girl, I’m getting a little frustrated at […]

Baby Swimming Versus Toddler Swimming

In a few weeks time, it will be Toddler L’s two-year anniversary since she first went swimming. Sure, it may not be up there with other special events such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries and Christmases – I doubt that Hallmark are busy creating “Happy Toddler Swimming Anniversary” greetings cards, for instance. Although if they do, […]

Marketing For Dads: “Give Mum Some Time Off”

I haven’t had a rant in a while, so I thought it was about time to buck that trend. Today, I’m going to talk about marketing to dads, with an example from my local Children’s Centre. The target of my annoyance is a particular poster seen on Facebook promoting a weekend playgroup for dads (or other male […]

Sharing My Childhood Disney Memories With Toddler L

N.B. I am a DisneyLife Brand Ambassador and this post was created in partnership with DisneyLife who have provided me with a free 12 month DisneyLife membership.  At just over two, Toddler L is now at an age where she’s understanding things that bit more. Each week, her comprehension, vocabulary and memory are improving at what […]

Entertaining A Toddler When You’re On The Toilet

I’m not going to lie. The topic of this particular blog post is probably going to make one or two of you a little uneasy. It shouldn’t – as it’s completely normal and we all do it – but I’m pretty sure that the more prudish among you probably prefer to keep your private habits exactly […]

The Lonely Life Of A Stay-At-Home Parent

I’m not someone who usually feels lonely. In fact, I’m more than happy – and often prefer – being on my own. As a stay-at-home dad, the question of whether I ever feel lonely is something I’m asked relatively often – hardly surprising considering that my company comprises of the toddler, dog and TV. My usual answer is […]

A Transcript From A Night Out With The CBeebies Presenters

Considering that the CBeebies’ kid’s TV presenters have to spend the majority of their day hanging out with annoying kids, being on their best behaviour and putting on the happiest of acts, I reckon that they’d be pretty wild when not filming. If you’ve ever wondered what the presenters do to let their hair down, then […]