Entertaining A Toddler When You’re On The Toilet

I’m not going to lie. The topic of this particular blog post is probably going to make one or two of you a little uneasy. It shouldn’t – as it’s completely normal and we all do it – but I’m pretty sure that the more prudish among you probably prefer to keep your private habits exactly […]

The Lonely Life Of A Stay-At-Home Parent

I’m not someone who usually feels lonely. In fact, I’m more than happy – and often prefer – being on my own. As a stay-at-home dad, the question of whether I ever feel lonely is something I’m asked relatively often – hardly surprising considering that my company comprises of the toddler, dog and TV. My usual answer is […]

A Transcript From A Night Out With The CBeebies Presenters

Considering that the CBeebies’ kid’s TV presenters have to spend the majority of their day hanging out with annoying kids, being on their best behaviour and putting on the happiest of acts, I reckon that they’d be pretty wild when not filming. If you’ve ever wondered what the presenters do to let their hair down, then […]

Overcoming Water Wobbles During Baby Swimming Lessons

It only feels like the other day when we started swimming lessons with Water Babies, but we’re actually approaching the end of our fourth Chapter in the pool. To date, we’ve done Chapters 1 and 2, the underwater photoshoot, and Chapter 3 on two occasions. In a few weeks time, we’ll then move on to […]

I’m A Daddy With Mummy Guilt

I’ve seen quite a few posts by mum bloggers talking about the phenomena known as ‘mummy guilt’. In a nutshell, this is the negative thoughts that many mums feel and experience because of what they do – or what they don’t do – for their little ones. Reading through these posts though, it strikes me how ‘mummy […]

13 Random Thoughts From Watching Kids’ TV On CBeebies

I like to think that the missus and I are doing a pretty good job of raising Toddler L. During her 16 months of life on the planet, we’ve somehow managed to create an incredible daughter who is healthy, happy, inquisitive, adventurous, cute and only sometimes a tad annoying. Plus, most significantly, there’s only been a couple […]

4 Things I’ve Learnt From Baby Swimming Lessons

After participating in the best part of 30 baby swimming lessons with Water Babies, I like to think that I’ve come up with a few shortcuts, hints and hacks to ensure that Toddler L is as happy as can be when it comes to pre, during and post swimming. Although the majority of the time she’s loved […]

How To Dress Like A Stay-At-Home Dad

I see many fashion-related parent blogger posts. Things like ‘my baby’s outfit of the day’ or ‘what I wore to BritMums’ share the clothing choices, style and dress sense of mums all across the globe. I don’t recall ever seeing much from dads on the same topic though. Yes, there’s the odd Instagram baby outfit photo […]

I’m A Dad And Dads Don’t Babysit (Unless We’re Paid)

“So, are you babysitting today then?” A question which hadn’t been posed to me until today when an ignorant woman working at a high-street bank uttered this sentence. Maybe she was trying to acknowledge the fact that I had a baby strapped to my chest. Maybe she was trying to deliver ‘exceptional customer service’ by engaging […]