5 Tips When Planning A Babymoon

The things I’ve learnt since becoming an expectant – and then an actual – dad are staggering. Nipple confusion, anyone?! Parenting opens up an entirely different world of terms, concepts and knowledge that you don’t comprehend until you know there’s a bun in the oven. Take something like a ‘babymoon’. You may think that a babymoon happens […]

Review: Baroo Ellefunk Cot Coverlet And Bump Pods For Nursery

Finding out that you, or your partner, has a bun in the oven is a pretty pant-wettingly exciting time. By this, I obviously mean that she is pregnant, not that she’s just done some baking – although that can be pretty exciting too. One of the great things about pregnancy is being able to plan […]

Scrapbooking Pregnancy, Birth And Baby’s First Year

I’ve always enjoyed capturing memories so I’ve got something to look back on. Nothing too loserish or weird like saving ketchup-stained napkins from our first date or holding on to the first condom we ever used, but more in terms of taking loads of photos of places we’ve been and things we’ve seen. This has become even […]

Words I Discovered During Pregnancy – Part 2

A few weeks ago, I wrote the first of two posts about words I didn’t know the meaning of until the missus became pregnant. Part 1 covered A to M in the alphabet and included some bobby dazzlers like Episiotomy, Hyperemesis Gravidarum and Mucus Plug. After the shock of Googling the latter and being greeted with images of […]

Words I Discovered During Pregnancy – Part 1

2014 has been a year in which I’ve learnt a lot of new stuff. Having never really been around pregnancy and babies before, my knowledge was pretty sparse. But fast-forward just 10 months and I can pretty confidently say I know quite a bit about what happens, why it happens, when it happens and who […]

Review: The Original Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow

Pregnancy can be pretty uncomfortable, exhausting and demanding. Then there’s the problems that the missus has to deal with too! I jest of course. Having a baby can be hard work. Trouble getting comfy, zombie-like exhaustion and constantly needing to get up to the toilet during pregnancy soon turn into trouble getting comfy, zombie-like exhaustion and […]

A Dad’s Experience of Mumsnet’s Bumpfest 2014

Rather than a normal Saturday of lazing around the house watching football and generally being a slobby pain for the missus, I actually left the house today and travelled into London for Bumpfest 2014 organised by Mumsnet. Not only was this my first trip to the Capital for a few months which brought back unwanted memories […]