5 Tips When Planning A Babymoon

The things I’ve learnt since becoming an expectant – and then an actual – dad are staggering. Nipple confusion, anyone?! Parenting opens up an entirely different world of terms, concepts and knowledge that you don’t comprehend until you know there’s a bun in the oven. Take something like a ‘babymoon’. You may think that a babymoon happens […]

Review: The Little Green Sheep Twist Cot Bed Mattress & Protector

One of the major milestones to show that your tiny, little newborn is now a baby is when they leave the comfort of your bedroom to move into their own room. Obviously, when I say “leave” and “move” this is because you’ve put them in there – they’re not quite at the stage of making that decision for […]

Buying The Wife A Push Present After Giving Birth

Ah, push presents. If there’s anything as divisive when it comes to pregnancy and birth, I don’t think I’ve come across it yet…well, apart from maybe eating your own placenta. If you’ve not come across the term ‘push present’ before, then let me enlighten you. It is basically a gift that you buy your partner to mark […]

5 Tips For When Your Partner Goes Into Labour

To celebrate Baby L’s ‘nine months in, nine months out’ anniversary, I thought it’d be good to look back on that eventful evening when she disembarked the mothership and share some of the things I learnt. We can just gloss over the fact that she was actually in for eight and a half months and it […]

Review: Baroo Ellefunk Cot Coverlet And Bump Pods For Nursery

Finding out that you, or your partner, has a bun in the oven is a pretty pant-wettingly exciting time. By this, I obviously mean that she is pregnant, not that she’s just done some baking – although that can be pretty exciting too. One of the great things about pregnancy is being able to plan […]

Supporting The Lullaby Trust’s Safer Sleep Week (16-23 March 2015)

If you asked me what my main fear was when it came to having a newborn baby, without hesitation, I’d have replied that it is the fear of her not waking up. So much of mine and the missus’ time was spent checking that Baby L was breathing or listening out for signs of life for fear […]

Scrapbooking Pregnancy, Birth And Baby’s First Year

I’ve always enjoyed capturing memories so I’ve got something to look back on. Nothing too loserish or weird like saving ketchup-stained napkins from our first date or holding on to the first condom we ever used, but more in terms of taking loads of photos of places we’ve been and things we’ve seen. This has become even […]

Review: The Little Green Sheep’s SnuzPod Bedside Crib And Bedding Set

I like to think that Hay and I were pretty prepared for the little one’s arrival. We’d been to the classes, we’d read the books and we’d bought the stuff. But one of the areas that we were a bit unclear about was the sprog’s sleeping arrangements. We’d bought her a cot bed which was […]

Words I Discovered During Pregnancy – Part 2

A few weeks ago, I wrote the first of two posts about words I didn’t know the meaning of until the missus became pregnant. Part 1 covered A to M in the alphabet and included some bobby dazzlers like Episiotomy, Hyperemesis Gravidarum and Mucus Plug. After the shock of Googling the latter and being greeted with images of […]