Review & Giveaway: Win 4 Boxes Of Fruit Heroes Natural Fruit Snack Bars

At just over six months into Baby L’s weaning journey, we’re always on the lookout for new food products which are tasty, healthy and convenient for our little one. Step forward Fruit Heroes, a healthy fruit based bar, with no added sugar, which can be eaten as a snack in-between meals or used to make fun recipes and can count […]

Review: Ella’s Kitchen Baby Finger Food Range

I find it incredible how quickly babies develop. With every single day that passes, Baby L seems to be getting cleverer, stronger and more kid-like. Prior to six-months old, she was a newborn in my eyes, yet once she passed that milestone there’s been no stopping her. Now, at just over nine-months old, she’s developed […]

Baby L’s Favourite Foods After 6 Weeks Of Weaning

Six weeks into the messy process that we call weaning, I’ve had chance to reflect on how far Baby L has come. Once a milk guzzling, boob loving terror, she now has transformed into a milk guzzling, boob loving, food chomping terror! We’ve really enjoyed weaning so far. Seeing her suss things out whilst watching her […]

Review: Munchkin Click Lock Cup and White Hot Safety Spoons & Bowls

Weaning can be a bit of a minefield. There are so many different schools of thought and products available that the newbie parent can feel a little overwhelmed. After going to a really useful talk on weaning, we decided that we wanted to try baby led weaning – i.e. give bits of different food for them to […]

Review: Hippychick Bumkins Sleeved Bib and Splat Mat

If you’re not aware, babies can be VERY messy. I’m also learning that the older they become, the messier they get. In between the poonamis that explode out of their nappies and the projectile vomit that reaches you on the other side of the room, there is the ‘fun’ of weaning. Weaning basically translates as “I’m going to put […]

Review: Stokke Storm Grey Tripp Trapp Chair & Newborn Set

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I disagree. With my newbie dad hat on, I believe that ALL meals are equally as important as it gives you the chance to get together as a family and spend some quality time with one another. In a world nominated by technology and limited […]

Review: The Original Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow

Pregnancy can be pretty uncomfortable, exhausting and demanding. Then there’s the problems that the missus has to deal with too! I jest of course. Having a baby can be hard work. Trouble getting comfy, zombie-like exhaustion and constantly needing to get up to the toilet during pregnancy soon turn into trouble getting comfy, zombie-like exhaustion and […]

Review: Medela Breastpump & Nursing Pads and Bravado Nursing Bra

Since we had Baby L just over seven weeks ago, we (or should I say Hayley) have exclusively breastfed. We’re not against formula feeding and would have done it if the little one hadn’t taken to the boob so well, but as she did, it has made sense to feed her as naturally as possible […]