Review: Live And On-Demand Sport Via Eurosport Player

One of the biggest changes to my life since becoming a dad is the lack of control I have over my own TV. That’s right – my own bloody TV. In the past, I used to watch anything and everything I wanted. My weekends often comprised of back-to-back football games – it wasn’t uncommon to watch […]

Eating As A Family At Dinner Time #DinnerTimeChallenge

Before we go any further, I need to clear something up. I eat ‘tea’, not ‘dinner’. Actually, that’s a lie. I eat ‘dinner’ too, but my ‘dinner’ is more likely to be your ‘lunch’. As everyone from the north knows, people eat ‘breakfast’, ‘dinner’ and ‘tea’. Now that I live in the south though, I […]

Review: Philips ADR810 Dash Cam Automotive Driving Recorder

The last few years has seen a rise in a new kind of car tech – the dashboard camera, aka dash cam. Something once reserved for the Police and Sci-Fi films, improved technology, rising insurance costs and ‘crash for cash’ scams – which is worth £400 million a year in fraudulent claims – has seen […]

Review: Ebac 3650e 18 Litre Portable Home Dehumidifier

We’ve always had a bit of condensation on the windows in our house. It’s not really been something I’ve worried about – I’ve usually just wiped it, or more likely, left it. I noticed earlier this year though that we’d started to get a bit of damp / mould on the ceilings of both our bedroom […]

Review: Xbox One S Games Console With Minecraft Favourites Bundle

These days, technology forms an integral part of family entertainment. We play with toys, engage in messy play, go to toddler classes and spend time outside, however tech is pretty crucial too. When we’re in the house, it’s not uncommon to have the TV on (live, catch up or streaming), be listening to music (radio, […]

Review: O2 Home View Smart Home Technology Monitoring System

Last month, I wrote a post about protecting the home with smart technology. This shared my security concerns about our house and my initial thoughts about the O2 Home View package we’re currently testing out. Well, I’m back again with a full – and pretty detailed – review of the entire smart home solution. From […]

Review: Sengled Pulse Pair LED Bulbs With JBL Wireless Speakers

Smart home technology is slowly starting to become more mainstream. We’re not quite at the point of having our own consciousness implanted into a Cookie to control our homes – as per the White Christmas episode of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror – however, we’re probably not too far away. I’ve dabbled in smart home tech […]

Review: Johnson Cleaners Click Clean Deliver Service

As a stay-at-home dad, modern man, househusband, kept man or whatever else you want to call me, the majority of the domestic tasks fall firmly at my feet. Whilst the missus is out earning the money, I *should* be looking after the sprog whilst doing all of the household chores. The truth though, is that with […]

Review: Silentnight Bedding – Duvet, Pillows, Protectors And Bed Linen

I love sleep. In fact, alongside things like breathing and eating, my association with sleep is one of my longest relationships. Including my time in the womb, you’re looking at a good 32 years worth of being in the Land of Nod. As a rough estimate, that’s got to be around 140,000 hours of sleep – 100,000 […]

Landscaping Our Garden: Furnishings And Accessories Part 2

It’s been a while since I wrote about the garden after our recent landscaping project, so I thought I better put that right. After all, I imagine you’ve been wondering about how my wood is doing and how big my bush has grown… The last garden-related post I wrote mainly talked about the furnishing and […]