Review: Little Tikes Lil’ Ocean Explorers Baby And Toddler Toys

A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to be invited along to a launch event with children’s toy company Little Tikes to check out their new Lil’ Ocean Explorers range. Armed with a youthful exuberance, a bag full of baby stuff and, of course, the sprog, we got on the train and headed to Maggie & Rose […]

The DADventurer’s SmarTrike #SwapYourStroller Challenge

I love a challenge. Well, within reason. I don’t want to do something too strenuous or difficult – where’s the fun in failing?! Still, I find it pretty difficult to turn down a challenge. Whether it’s my personality or some kind of macho thing inside me, saying no and turning away can be hard. I […]

Review: Penwizard Personalised ‘My Daddy’ Peppa Pig Book

What’s better than a book? (Don’t say the TV) A personalised book which features you and the fruit of your loins, of course! Being somewhat of a connoisseur of baby-related items since Baby L popped into the world nine months ago, I was very intrigued when I was contacted by the guys and girls at […]

Review: Routes To Reading’s Baby Book Club – Month 3

November marks the final month of our three-month trial and review of the excellent Routes to Reading’s Baby Book Club. *sobs* This is a subscription service from Education Umbrella which sends two expertly chosen books to your door each month which are tailored to the age and development of your baby. We have now received six books as […]

Review: Routes To Reading’s Baby Book Club – Month 2

Last month, I wrote about how we hope to instil Baby L with a love of reading from an early age and that we are being helped to achieve this through a three-month trial with Routes to Reading’s Baby Book Club. This is a subscription service which delivers expertly-picked books to your door each month which […]