Having A Kickabout With The SSE Wildcats Girls’ Football Team

Never has women’s football been so popular. The FA Women’s Super League continues to go from strength to strength, England’s women are putting the men to shame on the internationals stage and the stars of the women’s game – Karen Carney, Toni Duggan, Ellen White, Fara Williams etc – are increasingly high profile. As a […]

Seven Seas Omega-3 Experiment: Introduction, Test And Results 1

Something slightly different from me today. You see, the missus and I are putting our bodies on the line in the name of science. Over the next few months, we’re working with vitamin and supplement specialists Seven Seas on an experiment to see whether we can increase the omega-3 in our diet. I don’t wish to […]

Celebrating Real Dogs For Being Real Dogs (Plus Wagg Foods Giveaway)

He may not take centre stage that regularly on the blog, but our miniature sausage dog Dax is always on the periphery. I’ve never been one of those people to call him a “Furbaby” or say that we’re his “HuMum and HuDad” *shudders* but he’s an important part of the family nonetheless. If you’ve ever […]

A Toddler-Free, Dads-Only Trip To Topgolf In Watford

I may be stating the obvious, but having a kid changes things. Take something like hobbies. Over the years, the number of activities I’ve done has slowly declined. This hasn’t been on purpose, but a mixture of things – moving out of London, having a kid, friends getting partners, becoming older etc – just makes your […]

Sharing My Favourite Holiday #DadMoments (Plus Win £1,000 Thomas Cook Gift Card!)

With Father’s Day approaching, it’s time to celebrate all things dad – although I’m sure you also do that for the other 364 days of the year too! With this in mind, I’ve teamed up with travel agent Thomas cook to not only share some of my favourite holiday memories of my dad, but also bring […]

Taking Part In The ‘No Morning Coffee Challenge’ With Berocca

It’s pretty well-known that having a baby is knackering. I don’t think anyone goes into parenthood without an inclination that their sleep will be majorly impacted. What people don’t tell you though is that this doesn’t get any better as your kid gets older. Sorry to ruin any hope for you newbie parents. Even though Toddler […]

Raising The Steaks With Iceland’s Churrasco BBQ Meat Range

With summer approaching, I’m already salivating at the prospect of BBQ after BBQ after BBQ – the amount of times I’ve had to wipe my chin already is ridiculous. I know it’s a proper British cliché, but I love those days when the sun is out, there’s meat on the grill and you’re hanging out with […]

Summary: How Does Our Garden Grow? #SowAndGrowUK

Over the last few months, I’ve been involved in the Sow And Grow campaign (#SowAndGrowUK) with innocent and GIY (Grow It Yourself). This has been a national project to encourage kids to grow their own veg to help them better understand where their food comes from. By growing it themselves, ‘food empathy’ is created, which means […]

A Beginner’s Guide To The Confusing World Of Toddler Playdates

When your kid reaches the age of two, it’s time to start embracing toddler playdates. This isn’t always as easy as you might think. Sure, you might be willing, but where do you start? What are the rules? What’s the social etiquette? How does the whole thing work? That was never taught in your NCT […]

Visiting Innocent Fruit Towers and #SowAndGrowUK Update

As you may remember, I’m currently working with drink aficionados, innocent, and veg growing champions, GIY (Grow It Yourself), to promote the Sow And Grow campaign (#SowAndGrowUK). This is a pretty cool project which is all about getting kids to grow their own fruit and veg. The idea behind it being to educate children in where […]