My All-Day Breakfast Warburtons Giant Crumpets Experiment

Although regarded as the most important meal of the day, I must confess that my breakfast is pretty boring. Each morning, I have a bowl of Cheerios, a glass of juice and a coffee. Occasionally – and I mean very occasionally – I might have a bacon butty or pancakes, however these are reserved for the most important of events like a birthday or Hell freezing over.

My eyes – and belly – therefore read with great interest when Warburtons recently got in touch with me about an ‘experiment’. As part of a wider competition, they are challenging people to get inventive with their Giant Crumpets (not a euphemism) and share their favourite recipes using #GiantCrumpets. Cue loads of dancing Muppets singing:

“It’s time to grab the toaster, it’s time to take a bite, it’s time for ‪Giant Crumpets‬ on the Crumpet Show tonight!”

Not being one to back down from a challenge – unless it involves people bigger and tougher than me – I literally stepped up to the plate. My goal? To create an awesome Giant Crumpets based meal. Something so spectacular and saliva-inducing that I’d not be able to look at another breakfast for at least 48 hours.

So that’s what I did. Warburtons Giant Crumpets covered in Nutella have often been my snack in the evening, however I didn’t quite fancy polishing off all of that chocolatey goodness at 9am. Instead, I decided to make a cooked breakfast and encase it within crumpets, to make a kind of All-Day Breakfast Giant Crumpets Sandwich. Here’s what I needed:

Warburtons Giant Crumpets Experiment All Day Breakfast Ingredients

And here’s what I did:

1) Lightly toasted two Warburtons Giant Crumpets in the toaster

2) Cooked 1 hash brown in the oven

3) Cooked 2 slices of bacon, 2 sausages and a handful of mushrooms in a frying pan

4) Fried 1 egg in another pan

5) Heated beans in a saucepan

Warburtons Giant Crumpets Experiment All Day Breakfast Cooking

6) Assembled the beast of a breakfast in layers – Giant Crumpet, bacon, sausage, mushroom, hash brown, egg, beans, Giant Crumpet.

Warburtons Giant Crumpets Experiment All Day Breakfast Assembling

I then tucked in. I’d hate to think about the number of calories, but man, it tasted good. Although I was so full that I couldn’t move from the settee for the rest of the day. All off the awesomeness of crumpets with all of the awesomeness of a cooked breakfast – what’s not to like?! A word of warning though – there’s no way you can eat it like a sandwich, so a knife and fork is a must.

Warburtons Giant Crumpets Experiment All Day Breakfast Assembled 1

Warburtons Giant Crumpets Experiment All Day Breakfast Assembled 2

So what are you waiting for? Why not join the Giant Crumpets Experiment too and enter the competition by creating your very own recipe? You could win the main prize of a Giant Crumpets Hamper – which includes a £200 shopping voucher – or be one of a hundred runners up who each claim £50 vouchers.

Simply share your photo / recipe with Warburtons on their Twitter or Facebook to be in with a chance of winning – check out the full T’s & C’s on their Facebook page.

N.B. This is a collaborative post written with Warburtons, however I am not involved in any aspect of the competition apart from helping to promote it.

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