Celebrating Beetle’s First Birthday

Today ‘Beetle’ is one. Happy birthday little dude! I’m not quite sure where the last year has gone. On one hand, it feels like he’s been with us way longer than 365 days, whereas on the other it seems like it was just yesterday when he was born.

Either way, it’s been awesome since he came into our lives and we wouldn’t have it any other way – although I’ll admit I’ve occasionally questioned it, particularly when I’m on the 9th shitty nappy change of the day or the 15th time of going into his room in the middle of the night!

As it’s his first birthday, we don’t have much planned. It’ll be a low-key day with a few presents, cake (but no cake smash this time!) and balloons. As with most birthdays when your kids are young, it’s more about the parents and wider family than the child themselves as they won’t remember!

That being said, the missus has booked it off work so we might do something baby-focused – a local soft play cafe and a bite to eat, for instance. L will be at school, so we’ll also need to do something when she gets home. L keeps talking about a surprise birthday party – if he has one, it’ll be a major surprise as we’ve not organised anything.

Celebrating Beetle's First Birthday playing with toys

We also had Hay’s folks down last weekend for a pre-birthday celebration, then will hopefully see mine at some point soon for a post-birthday celebration. Although it’s a shame that the grandparents don’t live close enough to celebrate on his actual birthday, it does mean thrice the cake.

So what’s the one year old Beetle like? Well, he’s crawling, cruising, standing on his own, and as recently as yesterday, made a couple of lurching steps forward. He’s got two teeth fully through on the bottom, then about four or five which are poking through – hence all the dribble!

Celebrating Beetle's First Birthday standing at sofa

He’s very smiley, likes to giggle and has recently discovered the wonders of clapping. His favourite activities are chasing the dog, copying his big sister, licking the sofa, stealing the remote control and emptying every drawer / cupboard / box that he can find in the house. Oh, and eating – he loves his food, devours pretty much anything and we’re yet to find something he turns his nose up at!

Celebrating Beetle's First Birthday eating banana

He’s cheeky, inquisitive and barely stops moving. However, when he’s in the mood, he’s more than happy to cuddle and fall asleep on the sofa – I regularly fall asleep too as it’d be rude not to. He’s pretty placid and chilled most of the time, however he can be demanding and doesn’t particularly like being separated which can be all kinds of ‘fun’.

He absolutely idolises and adores his sister – as does she with him. He’s constantly watching what she does, often with a ‘WTF is she doing’ expression. He has a certain giggle and laugh which only comes out when he’s playing with his big sis – it’s adorable. I say “playing”, but that usually consists of climbing on her, pulling her hair or being dragged around.

As I did with L when she turned one, I decided to create a collage comprising a photo of Beetle every month. Babies change every day, but when you’re with them 24/7, it’s pretty impossible to recognise those changes – be it facially or developmentally.

So, a collage like the below, really hammers home how much your little one changes during that first year. I remember Beetle looking like he does in every photo, but he’s unrecognisable now compared to when he was a newborn. (February 2018 is top left, then it goes from left to right through to January 2019 in the bottom right).

Little dude, it’s been a pleasure. Happy first birthday and here’s to many more!