From Dad Bod To Rad Bod (Hopefully)

There’s loads of ways that becoming a dad has changed me as a person – more loving, added patience and kinder are just some of the positive attributes I’m yet to acquire. The most obvious actual change is probably my deteriorating general appearance. Not only do I now resemble a tramp, with my unkempt beard, unstyled hair and poor wardrobe choices, but I’ve also developed a bit of a dad bod.

My rounder belly and moobs aren’t a conscious decision. It’s not like I woke up one day and thought that flab radiates more sex appeal than muscle. It’s just kind of happened over time. Since Toddler L left the mothership, I’ve had less energy, I’ve been more tired, my snacking has increased and I’ve done less exercise – the culmination of which has resulted in a kind of doughy appearance. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters would be proud.

I wouldn’t say that I’m ‘fat’ as I’m still a pretty lean fella, but I’m definitely not as ‘firm’ as I once was. The guns are more like pistols and the six-pack is probably best described as a one-pack. Action is required. I need to turn things around, otherwise I may be too much of a fatty to do anything about it.

I know that Jabba the Hut was a bigger guy and had the sexy Princess Leia with her gold bikini by his side, but I’m pretty sure that keeping someone against their will would result in a prison sentence – at least that’s the warning the judge gave me last time.

So, my friends, this post is designed to give me the kick up the arse and reminder that I need. By making a declaration in writing, I’m hoping it’ll mean I’m less likely to go back on my word – although the beauty of writing an online blog means I can delete it if I so wish. Here’s what I plan to do:

  • Cut Out Snacking: Being at home all today with the Toddler can be dangerous. Not only does she like to share some of her snacks with me, but I also find myself heading to the ‘bad cupboard’ more often than I used to. Compared to when I worked, I now get through more chocolate, crisps and spoonfuls of Nutella than I once did, which has surely contributed to the dad bod. We eat pretty healthily at our mealtimes and try to ensure everything is nutritious for Toddler L, so it’s this extra daytime snacking which I need to stop.

things I regret buying before becoming dad sofa dad bod

  • Get Back Into Football: For nearly three years now, I’ve been part of a 6-a-side footy team with Champion Soccer. Usually, I play every Monday night, but I’ve majorly slacked off over the last season – since Christmas, I think I’ve played three times. I’ve not had a good reason for this – mainly laziness and the cold weather. This obviously means I’ve been doing less physical activity, so I plan to get back involved as the new season starts next week to fight the dad bod. Well, as long as I’ve not been demoted to the reserves by the manager for my lack of commitment.
  • Resume Exercise At Home: Prior to Toddler L, the missus and I used to have gym memberships, but this was one of the first things cut when we needed to save money. It was fine though as we have a lot of exercise stuff already at home – weights, treadmill, yoga mats, exercise DVD’s etc – which means that we don’t need a gym to work out. The only thing I’ve been lacking recently is the motivation, which to be fair, is quite difficult to find after a knacking day of looking after the sprog. What I need to do is get back into the habit of going for a run or doing some weights during Toddler L’s naptimes or in the evening.

things I regret buying before becoming dad treadmill dad bod

  • Consider Liquid Calories: I’m no dietician so I’m sure someone will correct me, but I’m under the assumption that what you drink can add calories. I normally have a glass of juice in the morning then squash throughout the day, however fizzy drinks are becoming more frequent in the house. Sometimes there’s nothing better than a cold can of Coke, but I’m aware that this is just drinking calories. Similarly, to escape life with a toddler, I’m drinking more booze than I used to – not in an “I’m Dave and I’m an alcoholic” way, just the odd bottle of cider or IPA in the evening. Watching what I drink can only help as I fight the flab.

So those are four of the main things I’ve identified I need to do in order to get rid of the dad bod in time for summer. Have you found yourself getting a little ‘less lean’ since becoming a parent? How do you manage to balance keeping fit and raising kids? Let me know below!