An Evening Away From The Toddler For Father’s Day

“What do you want for Father’s Day?”

Much like for birthdays, Christmases and anniversaries, it’s a question which greets the inquisitor with silence and a flummoxed expression.

You see, I have everything I want and don’t really need anything else. Sure, there’s probably some gadgety tat I could ask for or replace my holey socks and skidmarked boxers, but what’s the point? The missus works hard to keep me a kept man, so the last thing I want is for our savings to be spent and result in me going back to work. I jest. Partly.

When it comes to Father’s Day, I’d much prefer to sack off gifts and have a simple day. Something that involves a lie in, a big breakfast, a bit of time to myself and then spending a few hours together doing something as a family. Relaxed, no pressure and stress-free.

As a stay-at-home dad, I spend the majority of my time with a toddler keeping her entertained, happy (ish) and, most importantly, alive. Although challenging and fun, it doesn’t really give me that much conversation, mental stimulation or adult interaction. Although Toddler L’s vocabulary is growing, there’s not that much I can say to her when she’s uttered “mine” for the 387th time that day.

So, for me, having a bit of time to switch off my brain, change focus from looking after someone and have an adult conversation, is a luxury I rarely enjoy. It was therefore with a childlike enthusiasm that I jumped at the chance to have a toddler-free, relaxing evening out ahead of Father’s Day.

Warner Bros Evening Away For Father's Day Creed

I’d been invited along to an exclusive blogger only screening of Creed at Warner Bros. HQ in Holborn. As the missus had to stay at home with the toddler, I instead invited my brother to join me. Being the classy ‘lads’ that we are, we headed to a nearby pub first for a couple of drinks and a catchup, before making our way over to the #WBFathersDay event.

On arrival, we were treated to some snacks and drinks, before being invited into the screening. Creed is a spin-off and sequel to the Rocky film series, promoted as reviving the Rocky franchise for the Millennial generation. It follows promising boxer Adonis Creed’s journey into the professional boxing ring under the training and mentorship of former World Heavyweight Champion Rocky Balboa – despite having reservations about returning to boxing, Rocky agrees to help the son of his late friend and former rival Apollo Creed.

Warner Bros Evening Away For Father's Day

Although it wasn’t a film either my bro or I were *that* interested in watching beforehand – particularly as Andy hasn’t seen a Rocky film before – we both really enjoyed it. There were plenty of nods to the original Rocky franchise, but the film also stands alone in its own right – it has interesting characters, a good storyline, brutal fight scenes and Sly Stalone was actually intelligible. It’s not often you can say the latter.

After the film, we were given a goody bag packed with Warner Bros. DVDs, then headed off for a sneaky McDonald’s before getting the train home. I’d had a really nice evening catching up with my bro, watching a good film and having a bit of a ‘break’ from parenting in the name of an early Father’s Day treat.

On actual Father’s Day this year, we’ll be away for the weekend as I’m reviewing a short family break for the blog – more on that at a later point. Fair to say, I probably won’t get my lie in, big breakfast or bit of time alone, but that really doesn’t matter when you can spend quality time together with your clan.

What are you plans for this Father’s Day? What do you want to get for Father’s Day this year? Have you seen Creed yet? Let me know below!

N.B. I was invited along to the Warner Bros. #WBFathersDay event and provided with a DVD goody bag in exchange for writing this post.

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