Landscaping Our Garden: Furnishings And Accessories

Having recently completed our garden landscaping project – which you can catch up on herehere, here and here – the next step was to get the finishing touches. All of those odds and ends needed to turn our brand spanking new outdoor space into an actual liveable and usable area.

It may sound a little pretentious, but our garden can now be thought about as three zones (I did warn you it’d sound pretentious!). We have Zone 1, otherwise known as the top level of decking, which overlooks the rest of the garden and is accessed via the bi-fold doors. Zone 2 is our bottom level of decking which takes up about three quarters of the lower level and includes integrated bench seating, and Zone 3 which is the new grass – the latter being pretty self-explanatory.

When thinking about how to furnish and accessorise the garden, we wanted there to be a difference between the top and bottom levels of decking. The lower level was designated as our dining area because it’s secluded, spacious and already has seating along the fence. The top level was going to be more of a relaxing, chill-out space. As our bi-fold doors open up the back of our house onto this raised decking, this area is basically an outside extension of our living room.

The only garden related stuff that we plan to keep is the Bosch lawnmower and Outback BBQ – for the time being we’ll also keep hold of our dining table and chairs until we’ve saved up enough money to spend on a better set – probably a Rattan set or something. This means that we were literally starting with a blank canvas when it came to furnishing the garden and deciding what was required. Pretty exciting.

Landscaping our garden furnishings and accessories in homebase

To help us in our quest to make the most out of our outside living space, home improvement aficionados Homebase kindly offered us a voucher to spend on kitting out the garden with some of their products. When it comes to doing DIY and furnishing the house, Homebase is always one of the first places we check, so it was great to have the chance to collaborate with them through the blog.

Having looked through hundreds of their goods online, we narrowed down our wishlist then headed in store to check them out in the flesh. What we decided to do was focus on furnishing the top decking plus get a few other odds and ends needed around the garden. The fact that Homebase has all of this stuff under one roof is a huge bonus as I’m pretty lazy and don’t really like going from shop to shop.

As our lower decked area was to be the dining space, we wanted to keep it pretty simple up top when it came to seating. We were really tempted to get a bench or bistro set, but was a little concerned that the former wouldn’t be comfy enough and the latter would duplicate the dining area downstairs. We also wanted to look out of the bi-folds onto the garden and beyond, not necessarily be focussed on the furniture sat on the top decking.

Landscaping our garden furnishings and accessories toddler in deck chair

We therefore decided to go with two of Homebase’s Modern Simplicity Chevron deck chairs. We loved the blue, grey and yellow design on the fabric of the chairs, whilst the dark brown wooden frame looked like it would go perfectly with our decking. The bonus of getting deck chairs was that they could easily fold up and go into our integrated shed – this would mean that they wouldn’t be sat on the decking, thus giving less to distract when looking out of the bi-folds. These were simple to put together, are really comfy to sit in and have been an awesome addition to our garden so far.

If felt like we needed something to go in the corner of this top decked area in order to accessorise it. As we’d got deckchairs predominantly blue in colour, it made sense to colour co-ordinate with some kind of blue pot or ornament. When looking around Homebase, we found the perfect thing – a large blue metal lantern, which we also got a large pillar candle to sit inside.

Landscaping our garden furnishings and accessories homebase solar light and candle

To finish off this top decked area, we also got two black solar spotlights. We have four mains powered spotlights around the garden, but none of these are on the top level. We therefore got a couple of these solar spotlights to sit in the flower bed and provide a bit of light. These charge up during the day then produce light at night, plus they look pretty similar to our other spotlights so fit well into the garden. They’re also a bargain at less than £2 each.

There were also a few more practical odds and ends we needed for the garden which we got from Homebase. This included a 3.5L galvanised watering can which is both functional and looks nice, a braided polyester rope for use as a washing line which wraps around three previously fitted cleat hooks and a Master padlock to secure the shed. Although not the sexiest of items, all are pretty essential for the maintenance and usability of the garden.

Landscaping our garden furnishings and accessories 2

I mentioned earlier that we already owned a lawnmower which means I can still cut our new grass. However, something I’ve never owned is a strimmer, so we’ve always had really long bits of grass bordering the garden – I could have used sheers, but I could never be bothered. Having spent a big chunk of money on getting our garden landscaped and looking nice, the last thing I want is for the grass to be a mess. So, I decided to finally get a Bosch electric grass trimmer to keep the edges of the grass looking tidy with minimal effort.

Landscaping our garden furnishings and accessories strimmer

To fully finish the garden, all we need to do now is purchase a new dining set and a parasol to go in the lower decked area. We also have our eye on a patio heater for the colder, Autumnal nights, however there’s not much point in getting one of these just yet as we approach a (fingers crossed) hot Summer. We’re obviously really chuffed with the Homebase products and love how they have turned our empty garden space into a proper liveable outside area.

Landscaping our garden furnishings and accessories top decking 2

N.B. This is a collaborative post written with Homebase.

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